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The Revolutionary wave is coming to Nigeria – Malam Turi at Gusau PDF Print E-mail

By Dauda Nalado On Saturday, 19th May 2012, the topic: ‘State of the Muslim Ummah’ was presented by Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi at the 23rd

annual National Conference on Islamic thought organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement. The event took place at Sambo Secondary School Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State.

Malam Turi noted that the Current revolutionary waves in the Middle East and North Africa are as a result of the global Islamic awakening, an offshoot of the Islamic revolution in Iran. He, however, cautioned that there are tendencies for the revolutions to be hijacked. In Egypt for example, the Military is still in control. Before dispersing from Tahrir Square, Egyptians could have insisted on the formation of an interim Government. Revolution has two pillars: Leadership and System. In Iran they had a concrete leader with unflinching loyalty and they opted for an Islamic System.

In continuation of his speech, Malam Turi observed that the World is divided into two: Hizbullahi and Hizbusshaitan. The apartheid and illegal Israel, USA and other World Kufr are desperate to destroy the ONLY Islamic Republic. So they are in dire need to get a stooge Government in Syria in order to paralyze the Iran-Syria-Lebanon (Hizbullah)-Hamas connection.

The speaker summarized the current happenings in the Muslim Ummah as follows: That

·         Current revolutionary waves have their roots in the Islamic Republic in Iran

·         There are attempts to hijack these trends

·         The revolutionary wave is coming to Nigeria

·         There is tendency to impose a pseudo-revolution on people yearning for change (Libya is a typical example)

He noted that history repeats itself. He recalled that before the said independence in Nigeria, people were of the belief that the global wave of nationalist calls for independence from the colonial arrogance would not reach Nigeria. Alas! It came with all the vigour and by 1960 Nigeria was there!

Under this assertion, therefore, Malam Turi cautioned that there must be a leadership and a System. We are lucky we have Sayyid Zakzaky (H) and the unarguable system is the Islamic one. He observed rightly that the tyrants and tyranny in Nigeria keep on coming down while Islam continuously goes up. The Shayateen keep on dreaming on how to extinguish the light of Islamic Awakening. So they set anarchy and rampant killings as the order of the day. Our weapon, admonished Malam Turi, is to strive and be close to Allah (SWT).