Monday, July 4, 2022
Latest Health Situation of Sheikh Zakzaky and his Wife PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Monday, 12 March 2018 08:28

Sheikh Zakzaky is still in serious need of treatment from Professionals, his eyes need surgeries, there is also a bullet pellet in his left wrist, and he's currently suffering due to the stroke. Lawal Daura (DSS Boss) did nothing practically since the staged interview.

Lawal Daura is torturing Sheikh Zakzaky by not allowing him to get treatment from Professionals, instead of freeing the Sheikh to get medical attention, he's instead providing semi professional DSS physician to treat the Sheikh without any good equipments.

His wife Malama Zeenat's condition is also worsening she still have bullet in her stomach which requires surgery to be removed, her knees also need surgery to be replaced, her vision is also going bad, she's hit by the Soldiers on her nose as a result it breaks she wasn't treated

The last blood tests shows she have "impaired sugar", which means she's at the risk of becoming diabetic. And her cholesterol level is higher than normal. All this courtesy of Lawal Daura's illegal detention of the due, and @MBuhari criminal silence.