Wednesday, October 27, 2021
How gunmen killed brother Muhammad Ali- Witness PDF Print E-mail

By Muhammad Sakafa, Kano  In the early hours of the morning, last Friday, unknown gunmen stormed the house of Alhaji Muhammad Ali, a highly respected member of the Islamic Movement

 in Nigeria in Gadon Kaya, demanding to take away his car and motorcycle to execute what they called “God’s Work’, but ended up taking his precious life away.

Malam Mukhtar Dan Hijira, who lived in the same house with the deceased told our reporter that, “Around nine o’clock in the early hours of Friday morning, i heard a knock on the door. As i opened the door, three gunmen busted in and asked if i were Alhaji. I told them i was not. They forced me into the house to call him. As we proceeded, i asked them to wait outside so that i inform him. They obeyed, and i went in and called him out. They demanded for his car and motorcycle keys, saying they were going to do God’s work with it. Alhaji asked them how legitimate it was to do God’s work by attacking his house with his family. He however gave them the keys. They also demanded his phones and that of everyone in the house, which he did. They could not start because of the security installed. They came back and demanded that he start the car for them. It was at this instance that he asked what more they wanted from him, having met all their demands. One of the gunmen pointed the gun at him, and Alhaji boldly said to him, ‘we do not fear death. We are always expecting death’. One of them shot him on the shoulder and the bullet went through his chest, proclaiming the Kalimatus Shahadah as he fell down. When the gunmen saw this, they took to their heels, falling down, bumping unto themselves as they tried to escape. People in the neighbourhood pursued them, but the sound of gun shot by the assailants forced the people retracted”
 Alhaji Muhammadu Ali died of the bullet wound on the way to the hospital. He was therefore taken to Markaz at Kofar Waika, where Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi performed the funeral prayer with thousand of Muslims in attendance. He was buried at Kofar Mazugal cemetery. Speaking after the burial, Sheikh Turi said, “We are not blaming any known individual or group for this atrocity. However, those who killed him were overzealous, as he was ordained to die this day; whether they killed him or not. The killers should however know that, they will surely pay for this here or in the hereafter”.
Neighbours of the deceased at Gadon Kaya, Malam Abbas and Rabi’u Chanhu, testified to his good conduct. They described him as God-fearing gentleman who minded his business. He is also described charitable, always attending to the demands of the needy.
Before his death, Alhaji Muhammad Ali was an assistant director at the Kano State Board of Internal Revenue. He left behind a wife and eight children.