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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 08:45

By Yusuf M. Abdullahi 
In the name of Allah who states “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves” Q3:103. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His chosen servant, our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.

Being in the month of Rabi'ul-awwal in which the holy prophet was born, most important aspect of all educative/enlightenment programmes is the issue of unity which is very paramount to the progress and stability of the Ummah. To this end, conferences, rallies and other relevant programmes are organised at local and international levels. The most disheartening problem facing the Ummah is disunity. Based on this, Imam Khomeini introduced the Unity week to debunk Takfiri trend whose mission, on the dictates of their Western masters is to mock Islam and intimidate Muslims. Allah stated “Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs; for them is a clear chastisement” Q3:105. George Curzon, the British secretary of state for foreign affairs, 1911-1921 was vividly reported as saying "we must put an end to anything which brings about Islamic unity between the sons of the Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the caliphate, so we must ensure that there will never arise again unity for the Muslims, whether it be intellectual or cultural unity"
The event is commemorated annually in Rabi'ul - awwal. History is a living witness on the commendable support given to the Imam by the great Sunni authority Sheikh Mahmud Shaltut (may Allah have mercy on him) leading to closer tie in this direction. The rationale behind declaration of the day was to express unflinching support and solidarity to oppressed Palestinians by the Zionist occupiers. Declared in 1979 as the last Friday of every Ramadhan, the day is marked through processions, rallies and conferences across the world.
The Muslim awakening campaign is on the dangers detrimental to the entire Ummah especially on doctrinal bases promoted by the enemies beside physical attacks and conspiracies for the control and domination all over the world. The campaign is continuous and organised periodically by the Islamic authorities in Iran which Muslim scholars and intellectuals across the world attend. For a number of decades, many Muslim countries were besieged in artificially created problems that led to bloodshed. They include Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Bahrain and Yemen. Most recent victim is Myanmar, formally Burma, renamed in 1989. The persecution of Rohynga could be the most barbaric human rights violation in this century. These atrocities are unabatedly committed against the defenseless Muslim minority in the country. In the recent UN summit, a number of world leaders have pointed accusing fingers on Myanmar government though it denied. But the extent of humanitarian crises is beyond denial considering the media coverage and the effects in the neighbouring countries.
Other forms of human rights violation on racial, political and religious grounds are also witnessed in different parts of the world. More disheartening is the fact that Muslims are mostly the victims of these atrocities. In addition to that, they cannot exempt themselves of blame directly and otherwise. Beside the huge arms deals transactions some Arab nations engage with the West which ultimately end in the hands of sponsored terrorists that shed Muslim blood, most of the disasters are avoidable if these nations were sincerely determined to stop. Look at the decades long massacre of the defenseless Palestinians in their legitimate soil. What of the years of persecution of innocent people of Bahrain and Yemen, added to the more catastrophic massacre and destructions in Syria and Iraq? Even though, I cannot be graphical on the Muslim lives and property destroyed on baseless reasons in such crises, the important thing is could the bloodshed be averted? If yes how? And who will be responsible for this act that will no doubt please Allah the Most High? It is very clear in the light of the verse above that the essence of the heavenly mission -book and balance- was that people may act with justice. So if justice were applied, the earth would be a better place to live. On the ongoing genocide and other forms of human rights violations, solution could be offered on internal and external bases respectively.
Firstly, the Ummah must approach its predicament with its abundant resources wisely. Unity is the most important tool for the attainment of all organizational goals. Hence, International and local organisations such as the United Nations -UN, European Union -EU, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, -NATO, African Union -AU, Economic Communities of West African States - ECOWAS, Gulf Cooperation Council -GCC, and lots of others including the Organisation of Islamic Conference -OIC, were formed. Then, on what basis Muslims divide? How do they manage their human and material resources to defend their interest? And what role does OIC play in protecting the religion and its adherents? To what extent may we asses OIC vise a vise other organisations in the actualisation of objectives? Allah states “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves” Q3:103. The prophet (S) has said “the believers are like one man; if his eyes suffer his whole body suffers; and if his head suffers his whole body suffers”. Lamentably, the Ummah is besieged with increasing problems that are not unconnected with the way it ignores the honorable message brought by the Holy Prophet. The most disturbing challenge it faces is the Takfiri movement which blackmail the religion and fight it entirely. As such, the persecution, humiliations and extreme poverty experienced are nothing but repercussion of its action. Allah states “Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs; for them is a clear chastisement” Q3:105.
In the 6th Intifada conference, leader of Islamic revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamne'i said "Muslim countries have a responsibility to support Palestinian resistance which should be a source of unity in the Islamic world. The issue of Palestine can and should be the pivot of unity for all Islamic countries. The top priority of the Islamic world and all those fighting for freedom across the world is the Palestinian cause and unity to support that cause". The placement of the issue of Palestine and creation of atmosphere of harmony and unanimity as the first priority of the Muslim world and freedom fighting cross the world to ascertain justice were parts of the apparent achievements of the conference.
Allah states “Indeed this community of yours is one community, and I am your Lord. So worship Me” Q21:92. He also states “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves” 3:103. In the light of the above verse, Imam Suyuty in mentioned in Durrul Manthur as narrated by Musnad Ahmad the prominent hadith “O people, I leave amongst you two things which if you follow you will never go astray. They are the book of Allah and my Ahlul-bait - family”
History is a living witness on the commendable role played by late Imam Khomeini and Sheikh Mahmud Shaltut (may Allah have mercy on them) in this direction. Ruhullah always maintained, those sowing discord along the Sunnah/shi’a are neither Ahlus Sunnah nor Shiites! Allah states “And if two parties of believers fall to fighting, then make peace between them. And if one party of them doeth wrong to the other, fight ye that which doeth wrong till it return unto the ordinance of Allah” Q49:9
Working in the interest of the Ummah must be given priority provided we need to change its deplorable situation. And the change must start from ourselves “… verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves with their own souls …” Q13: 11
The IMN organises the programme under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky at Zaria. Similar programmes were organised in most northern cities to remark the events. Generally speaking, Muslim scholars are invited to deliver talks to the all invited events. Most importantly, the topic discussed is always the much needed Unity. Attention of the Muslims is also drawn the worldwide conspiracies meant to blackmail Islam and shed the blood of its followers. We remind the Ummah in particular and the world in general of greaest human model that ever lived in whose regard Allah states "Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah An excellent exemplar For him who hopes In Allah and the Final Day, And who remember Allah much" Q33:21
While urging the diverse communities to live in peace with one another at all levels, we emphasize the need for absolute unity and solidarity, and unconditional release of Shaikh el-Zakzaky and his disciples.
Wassalamu alaikum.