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Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Speaks on Enemies' Plot to Associate IMN with Terrorism: PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 24 August 2017 08:22

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Sheikh Yaqoub Yayaha Katsina, Ameer, Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has debunked an old-aged scheme to associate Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) with terrorism.

The scholar disclosed this today, Tuesday, 22nd of August, 2017, after a weekly Ta'lim session being held at centre for brothers and sisters(Markaz) in Katsina.
Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya debunked that, there was an unfounded wind circulating from a mainstream social media implying a mischief against IMN and its faithful members.
According to him, "IMN has selected some faithful members from the Movement, tasked with a clandestine assignment. The unfounded wind continues that, the selected sects are just sent to oversees to master terrorism, and they are to spend 3 months in abroad".
Sheikh Yaqoub Yayaha belied this baseless circulating news, adding that, it is just part of their old-aged scheme to associate the peaceful Movement with terrorism.
He added that, "This plot might stand as one of the reasons for disposition of combined armed security forces in ' in and outskirt' of Katsina couple of weeks ago.
The cleric called on these enemies mouthpieces such special adviser to the President on security matters, to fear God and remain just in their administration. He added that, all and sundry of the Nigerian citizens could testify the peaceful existence of Islamic Movement in Nigeria for over 35 years since its advent. "IMN had never resorted to arms; and would not ever resorted to it. The aims and objectives of IMN needs no arms; and there is not a single individual or entity that could stir up the Movement to violence or terrorisms through arms. The 2015 coordinated hideous attack on IMN that left shocking massacre is resorted to God. We implore God the Most Just for judgement and we strongly believed that He will." He explained.
While commenting on the recent Vice President Osinbajos's Judicial Committee of Inquiry on human right abuses in Nigeria, which also included the 2015 deadly Zaria massacre, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya acknowledged that, we are completely left at arm's length regarding the participation during the exercise. Non of the IMN members or its mouthpiece is included among the committee members. We have no concern regarding the inquiry committee. Above all, all the committee members were the ethnique members of the Zaria massacre culprits. The setting out of this deceptive inquiry committee has no meaning, rather than a view to acquitting the testified culprits of the massacre.
According to Sheikh Yaqoub, they planned to setting a committee of inquiry on human abuses been committed by their security personnel in northern and southern part of the country in order to acquit themselves from their already recorded crimes so that, they could achieve their targeted aims from their Western arrogance Masters.
At the end of his brief address, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya lamented over how renown militants, insurgents, kidnapers, looters, Proudstars, corrupts personnel in this country, Nigeria, couldn't become a threat and matter of national
discourse on security except Islam and Muslims.
It is only those, that choose to practice their religion according to the stipulated rights as enshrined by the constitution become a menace to Nigeria and its leaders, not the aforementioned retrogressive bad-eggs of the nation.
Conclusively, the cleric called on the entire members of the Movement to intensify on their timely supplications over the temporal trials and tribulations that befall the Movement. He also reminded the members over the voluntary relief and assistance rendered by able ones to less fortunate ones and family of martyrs, a time like this(last year's Eidil Fir).
He said, "monthly tasked fee for family of martyrs, food, rams, animal-skins, are all highly in need at this special period of feast to upkeep the affairs of family of martyrs." Explain Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya.