Monday, October 23, 2017
Activist Deji Adeyanju On His Meeting With Nigerian Security On #FreeZakzaky PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 24 April 2017 10:21

Comrade Deji Adeyanju (@adeyanjudeji) tweets on what happened to him when had a security meeting over @ConcernedNIG planned  #freezakzaky and #freekanu protest

I want to share with you Nigerians what happened when I had a security meeting over @ConcernedNIG planned protests in FCT. Follow the thread

1. The Commissioner of Police for FCT said he wanted to see Convener of @ConcernedNIG , so I decided to go with a witness: @Shalomttheo

2. When I got there, I found the Brigade Commander of Brigade of Guards there and the Director of SSS FCT & 2 other officers. We were 7

3. The commissioner chaired the meeting and did the introductions. He began thereafter by saying “Mr. Adeyanju, we called you to warn you”.

4. I replied and said “Warn me over what”. He said: for dabbling into things that does not concern you. I immediately interrupted him.

5. I said: “Did you actually call me to your office sir & made me leave everything I was doing to threaten me”? He said No ooo. I said okay.

6. He now said: its concerning your letters about protests for Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra & ZakZakky. He said they do not approve of such rallies

7. I said: “Sir, it seems you did not read the letters very well. You have no such powers to give approval for rallies.

8. We never wrote to you to give approval for our rallies because you have no such powers. We wrote to you for police protection. Simple

9. If you decide to come & protect us which is the job you swore to, protest will go on; if you don’t come, protest will still go on sir.

10. Then the Brigade Commander interrupted me saying everyone here is older than me & over 50yrs, etc. That they are Elders blah blah blah.

11. That I should not get myself involved with the Shiites. That they are deadly and dangerous group. That ZakZakky is very dangerous.

12. He then started to make comparison between BOKO HARAM and Shiites, etc saying Boko HARAM have killed many of his colleagues in the NE.

13. He said he will not allow the sect to do what they want to do that they are a violent group. I said really?

14. He said I should be very mindful of the kind of people I show support to. That YES, pressure groups are good in a democracy but ….

15. I interrupted him immediately saying: “You guys killed over 1,000 of these people & claimed they are a violent group.

16. You lock up their leader and his wife. They have not retaliated till today. They have not killed one soldier or civilian in retaliation

17. All our Org @ConcernedNIG is asking is for this Government to charge Sheik ZakZakky to court. Is that too much to ask sir?”

18. He interrupted me saying: “Do I think I can hold a rally for ZakZakky in Kano or Kaduna. That I will be killed by the other group, etc.

19. That there are people in Kaduna & Kanu who will kill anyone holding a Shiite flag and they are not afraid of arrest by the police.

20. That there are Emirs who are anti Shiites and pro-Shiites; who supports the killings of Shiites, blah blah blah. That I shd be careful

21. That he is only giving me a friendly warning. Then it was the turn of the FCT Director of SSS to talk.

22. The Director of SSS started by saying: “Deji, you were part of the last Govt, you were not protesting”. Why are you protesting now?

23. I interrupted him saying: “We ran that government with you people. You know me & I know you. Even during that Govt, I organized protests

24. I said: I organized the #SayNoToXenophia attacks under GEJ. I called for the sack and prosecution of Deizani over corruption, etc.

25. I told him but let us assume I didn’t organize any protests then, does that mean I should not organize now? What rule says I can’t now?

26. Then he said: Deji you have a promising future in this country. Some of us are just concerned about you.

27. We don’t want anything to happen to you. Some of these your rallies, hoodlums can take advantage of it & something bad will just happen

28. I replied and said: “If you people want to disrupts our rallies with hoodlums, say it. Then he started talking about security concerns

29. He said there were security concerns etc. That just recently in FCT, some criminals killed policemen and took their arms

30. That such criminals can come to use such arms on innocent people at our rallies, etc. I laughed and said is that the security concern

31. Then they started talking about Nnamdi Kanu. That they have not disturbed me since I started these rallies. That why Nnamdi Kanu

32. I explained to them that what they are doing to Nnamdi Kanu is unfair & unjust saying we condemn secret trial & will oppose it.

33. At that point the Commissioner of Police interrupted me saying: “There are so many things to fight for. Not people like Nnamdi Kanu.”

34. He said if I take the anti corruption war alone & start fighting in that direction, I will become a hero. Love

35. At that point I was already angry. I said point blank the rallies will all take place except if they attack us at the venue.

36. They said they wanted me to shift the rally indefinitely. I declined & that was the end of the meeting.

37. It is important to note that there were comments made by the Brigade Commander about the Shiites which I intentionally left out.

38. Those comments were not only deregulatory against the Shiites but also form the basis of the continuous attacks on the Shiites.

39. If a man who is suppose to protect all Nigerians irrespective of their religious believes concludes that some are not muslims, then ….

40. Who are we to decide who a true believer in God is? When did we become God?