Sunday, October 22, 2017
Sheikh Zakzaky Needs Urgent Medical Attentoin- Malama Maimunah Sister to Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks PDF Print E-mail

My Brothers and Sisters as you are already aware that Mallam is given a phone to call us twice a week, so, today Tuesday (7th of Feb., 2017) he was given a Phone and we spoke. Malam explained his eye’s condition where he said he was taken to a hospital on Thursday. 

The Doctor examined the eye and said there is something in it which can cause total loss of sight if untreated and the thing begins to develop in the eye of Mallam.
As you already know Mallam lost one of his eyes during the brutal attack of the cruel Nigerian soldiers on him and the remaining one with which he slightly sees and reads has undergone medical operation nine months ago, that is, before Ramadan period last year.
Mallam was then  taken to a hospital in Lagos for an operation in the eye, and since the operation Mallam hardly sees as his vision was not clear at all.
Whenever I asked Mallam about the condition of his eye, he would answer me with assurance that he cannot see clearly with the eye to the extent that he cannot read.
For this, out of fear, I don’t want to ask Mallam about his eye condition as the answer I get from him every time makes me restless and confused; it is the same answer weather I ask him about the eye condition or not. My state has been Restlessness and confusion ever since concerning Mallam’s eye condition.
So Mallam is in dare need of personal physician or medical attention and from all indications, the people who put him in this condition are indifferent and have no concern whatsoever because it is not their body.
We pray to Allah to hasten release of Mallam and the remaining brothers and sisters in detention.
Maimuna El-Yaqoub