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Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky: Security and Public Interest or Assassination Plan PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 January 2017 10:18

By Saminu Azare
Every right thinking and God fearing Nigerians can easily judge the atrocities of Nigerian Army in Zaria massacre in December 2015 as a plan by the President Buhari’s administration to crush peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky with support of foreign masters especially S/Araba and USA.

The time has come which Nigerian Government should stop deceiving herself as the perpetrators of these heinous acts against its own citizens and named it Army/Shi’ite clash. Nigerian are wondering why the President Buhari’s government refused to obey the court judgement of Justice Gabriel Kolawale of Federal high court Abuja. On 2- December-2016 the Court in a Suit NO. FHC/ABJ/CS/281/2016 declared that the detention of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky as illegal and unconstitutional and should be released within 45 days with compensation of N 50,000,000 for the Sheikh and his wife Malama Zenatudden.
The reliable sources from Presidency as published by several National Dailies disclosed that the government will not release Sheikh Zakzaky for Security Reason and Public Interest . Mr. Garba Shehu has to explain to Nigerians the meaning of security and public interest. Has Islamic Movement taken up arms against the State? How many innocent Nigerians they kill since the inception of the movement over 3 decades in this country.?!!
Why the Nigerian Government did not tell Federal High Court that they were keeping Sheikh for security and Public interest, they claimed he is in protective custody to save his life from Gyallesu residents in Zaria.
The body language of Presidency meant the attack on followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in December 2015 in Zaria which resulted to the death of over 1000 innocent Shia Muslims including women children and aged ones, some were burnt alive and buried in mass grave secretly in the night was for security and public interest!
Frankly speaking no responsible democratic government could justify the atrocities of Zaria massacre on the issue of security and public interest since arms and ammunitions had never been found in any of theIslamic centres of the Movement including in Katsina State the country home of President Buhari.
The Presidency also said the wife of Sheikh Zakzaky was not in detention but when did she appoint Presidency as her mouthpiece why can’t them allow her to speak to the world that she is not in detention. Reliable sources disclosed that on several occasions the DSS operatives denied her access to medical doctors despite the fact that she was in need of medical attention from various gun injuries she sustained during Army attacked at her matrimonial home.
The presidency should have told Nigerians that the attacked on followers of Islamic Movement at Funtua in Katsina State, Jos in Plateau State, Sokoto, Kano and Kaduna during Ashura commemoration in which resulted to the deaths of hundreds innocent Nigerians while performingtheir religious gathering was because of Security and public interest. It is shameful for government that were duly elected to protect their lives and properties irrespective of religion, tribes, gender or political affiliation to be killing its own citizens
Nigerians should know the mission of Sheikh Zakzaky incarceration is to assassinate him and crush the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria which has over 20 million followers across Nigeria, they should have prosecuted him before any court of competent jurisdiction if they have strong evidence of committing any criminal offences instead of detaining him and his wife over 13 months.
The President Buhari must know that Nigerian is not under military rule and he has sworn with the holy Qur’an as a Muslim to obey the rule of law of Nigerian constitution.
Section 24 of the 1999 constitution provides: It shall be the duty of every citizen to:
Abide by this constitution; respect its ideas and its institution, the National Flag, National anthem, the National pledge and legitimate authorities

Only enemy of Nigeria can think of assassinating a great Islamic scholar like Sheikh Zakzaky could be an easy for the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria as a multi-religious country

The human right activist are not surprise with the violation of human right of former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari because his stand, it could be recalled on seizing power, he enacted the following Decree No. 1 of 1984, Decree No. 2 of 1084, Decree No. 3 of 1984, Decree No. 4 of 1984. Others include Decree 7, 8, 9,16,17,20 and the total draconian Decrees had negative effect on human right rating at the International plain as they either suspended or modified the right. The enactment were not limited to the military reign of Buhari alone; other successive military regimes follow the same procedure by enacting draconian laws without following due process
He should not leave bad legacy for himself in the history of Nigeria which his offspring sang grand children will deny associating themselves with him unlike Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto, mal Aminu Kano and Gen. Murtala Muhammad that the prestige of their names are proud to the society

Saminu Azare