Monday, October 23, 2017
A Sauna Jack and the Rule of Law - Katako Quusa PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 07:58

By Mahfuz Mundadu
nce a dictator always a dictator. Expecting an incurable sadist who duped the citizens of this great nation in to casting their votes in favour of a change of which he dubiously represents, to respect the rule of law, is to look for a needle in a haystack.

The law of the land had spoken. Justice Gabriel Kolawole has passed his judgement. Continued detention of Zakzakys under the pretext of protective custody is a breach of the fundamental human rights of these Nigerian bona-fide and innocents citizens. Not only that, the gansterism unleashed by the hunting dogs of that "real estate mogul" with the Nigerian army regalia receives a had knock and a resounding thump down. A befitting house in a location of Sayyid's choice is to be provided by the federal government as a compensation to his own destroyed when the uniformed agents of coercion and destruction came calling. 45 days after this landmark judgement that belied the false and the baseless allegations labelled against the Islamic Movement under the able leadership of Abush-Shuhadaa, the dracular is yet to swallow his pride and do the right thing. Did he complied with the judgement? No he did not. Not because he could not but because he would not. Instead he would rather be preaching to another dictator, a gospel he was incapable of living up to. With this we came to a sad conclusion that it takes more than a monkey in the cockpit to be a pilot. Put differently, there is a world of difference between a leader and a fraud occupying a position of leadership. But it takes more than a blind followership for the majority of the citizens to realised that they have been duped- big time. Huh!

He rode on the quasi credentials of integrity. Yet the grass cutters that adore the seat of power are still the ones calling the shots. And you can even forgive the grass cutters when and if you should have even a cursory look at the 2017 budget as submitted by Dan Adamu MaiAgwagwa. Included therein is a provision for paying the rent of the seat of power own by the very entity that wants to pay the rent. Mr. President is being paid salary and Nigerians must be the ones to feed him and pay for what he discharges after each sumptuous meal. Compare what was provision for his private clinic and what was allocated to the entire nation’s teaching hospitals, then you will be asking if Nigerians’ lives matter to him. In spite of all the noise on agriculture less than 2% is allocated to such a strategic sector.

At the beginning of last year, inflation hovers around 9%. As I am scribbling this piece inflations stands at 18.55%. Exchange rate is about 500 Naira to a dollar. Remember, Nigeria is import dependent. By the time you aggregate the effect of such a double edged sword and contrast it with the fact that not a “Qwandala” is added to the salary and wages of a civil servant, you would come to a sad conclusion that the pitch and hype about fighting corruption is simply public relation hullabaloo and balderdash.

He claimed to have made huge savings by weeding off ghost workers, yet not a soul is prosecuted for such a brigandage. We were told that a lot has been recovered from the old school kleptomaniacs, yet we are yet to witness a conviction. How you eat an omelette without breaking the egg must have been a miracle of the century. For his spouse to have escaped from “za oza room” and came out to the open and spilled the beans goes to show us that he who can not manage his home, or is it just a house, can hardly manage a nation successfully. Particularly so that simply because he has only a hammer in his hand, he sees all and every problem as a nail that ought to be knocked at, and knocked at, hard and often times fast.

A President that in this time and age, still referred to Germany as West Germany and its currency as still Dutch Mark goes to tell those that really care that we have been presented with a morbid anatomist as a Surgeon General.

Indeed his incompetence can only be surpassed by his body language. All what he cares about is killing and maiming innocent lives. It takes a critical thinking to be a great leader. To expect such from a “glorified samanja or kurfau”, is to look for a virgin in a maternity ward.  He falsely accused members of the Islamic movement of being lawless, yet with his refusal to comply with a federal high court ruling, the world is coming to a sad conclusion that even gangsters do indeed appear in “Malum-Malum and Kufta”.

Instead of directing his attention to the real business of taking Nigeria out of the woods, the tyranny of which his body language plunged us in to, he will rather globe trot, searching  for the Nigerian version of Vietnam in Gambia and Gambians. One need to remind this Dracular that it takes more than being a wicked soul to be a truly elder Statesman.

The sad reality is that Nigerians have been duped one more time. We have boarded a “one chance bus” in the name of change. While leaking our wounds let’s pray: May ALL the wicked souls responsible for the sorry state Nigeria and its citizens find themselves in be “handsomely” rewarded like PolPot, Pinochet and Saddam. Ameen! Ilahy Àjeeb!!