Monday, November 20, 2017
Tuesday, 27 December 2016 21:52

By Abdullahi Babangida Intifada
Salutation and peace of God be upon our master Jesus the son of Mary, the Spirit of God and His great Prophet who used to raise the dead and awaken the sleeping ones. Salutations of the exalted Lord and His mercy be upon his great Mother, the Virgin Mary, the pure and truthful lady who presented, through divine blowing, this type of Child for those who are burning in love of divine mercy.

Greetings to the clergymen and the monk who forsake the sinful self in favor of contentment with the teachings of the messiah.
Greetings to our dear friends, particularly Pastor Yohana Y.D Buru, Pastor Maxwell Sander and the family of Honorable gentle man, our hero Chief Julius Anyawu and  those who has mutual understanding with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader, the symbol of unity and the voice against injustice Sheakh Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky (H). Greeting to the independent Christian Community who get inspiration from the heavenly teaching of our master Jesus Christ.
We congratulate the oppressed nations of the world and our Christian Citizens here in Nigeria on the birth day Celebrations of the great prophet, the messiah who was sent for the protection of the oppressed and for the sake of establishing Justice and Mercy. He had been fighting against the oppressor while supporting the oppressed and weak ones with his heavenly speech and his angelic acts.
O, dear Fathers of the Church and its leaders who follow the path of the messiah! I call upon you the Christians, to pray in your blessed days for our Country Nigeria and also to pray for the leader of the Islamic moment and his followers who were been in persecution and been killing mercilessly or extra-judicial killing by the Nigerian Government in general and Kaduna state Government in particular. Actually, the world has witnessing all that was happened to the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria during Zaria Massacre which ended by demolishing the resident of Sheakh Zakzaky and throughout killing men, women and Children, destroying buildings and even tomb of Sheakh Zakzaky’s mother and his three sons together with other tombs of members of the movement (The Tombs of our heroes the martyrs). We thank God that the truth has been uncovered and the whole world are now witnessing it.
O you Christians, o you followers of Jesus, the Spirit of God! Rise and depend the honour of our Master Jesus of Nazereth by supporting the oppressed and weak ones. We are very grateful for the sympathy and prayers which the Christian offer to us during the tragedy and persecution which was and still occurred to the members of the Islamic movement under the leadership of Sheakh Zakzaky (H).
Therefore, the huge contribution of Christians to the Islam and Muslim can never be denied by any one. We can recall the contribution of the king of Ethiopia Negus a Christian King, who gave a shelter to those who migrated to his county by the order of Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h) in the early Islamic period Also our master Husayn bini Ali the grandson of Prophet (S) was assisted by Christians during his Journey to Karbala Iraq. Christians like John, Waha and his mother and the Roman Ambassador were all assisted the Imam and sacrifice their lives to protect him.
 Nevertheless, Imam Ayatollah Khomein in Iran, Particularly the Christian was giving him support and assisted him in struggle for the establishment of justice and equity. During the Iran- Iraq war the Christians in Iran depended their country and offered a hundred (100 of martyrs) in Iran. In the country of Lebanon a Christian writer by name George Jordac has wrote a book titled “the voice of human justice” which explain and narrated the true history of what happened after the demise of the holy prophet of Islam.
Finally, the leader of the Islamic movement is always thought us about the honor and positions of Christians saying that every person is either your brother in faith or your brother in creation. That was the reason why his resident became a shelter for Christians during Kaduna/Zaria crisis Sheikh Zakzagy use to invite Christians to the programs of   the Islamic movements   and they know about his kindness and honor.
 O you who bear the church bells! Raise your hands in prayer, and ring your bells. Pray unto God the must exulted to bestow justice and equity on leaders of our federation. Blessed are for those who are hungry and thirsty in the cause of justice and those who pray for it.
Abdullahi Babangida Intifada
Of Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria 
25th December, 2016