Saturday, January 28, 2023
CIA Sponsoring Killings in Syria -Sheikh Zakzaky Print E-mail

by Ibrahim Usman.   In an interview granted to Almizan newspaper shortly after a trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria,

 Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky says, the current killings and arson being perpetrated in Syria is the handiwork of CIA agents, who want to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assa’ad.

Sheikh Zakzaky who was responding to question on the current situation in Syria told the team of Almizan reporters that, what is happening in Syria is clearly an open dislike of the Syrian government by the Obama administration. He pointed out that, the situation in Syria is more like the scenario planned by AmerIca and its allies in Libya. “Having ousted and killed Gaddafi, they now want to do the same in Syria”.

According to him, the resolve for the Obama administration to ouster Syrian government under Basahar Assa’ad was because of his strong support to the Palestinian struggle and Hizbullah. “By ousting him, they feel they will break or cripple the Palestinian struggle”, he said.

Sheikh Zakzaky added that, the people of Syria are in support of their government, but the U.S. view it as a threat to its existence and that of Israel. He further stated that, the double standard of U.S. was so obvious by its silence and complete blackout on happenings in Bahrain and Yemen, where complete regime change is being demanded by the entire people of the two conutries. He said, an unprecedented demonstration took place in Yemen and Baharain, where all the citizens irrespective of creed, came out demanding for regime change. “This was not heard of, and the Western controlled media gave the event total blackout. They are however using their stooges in Syria to give a global picture that it is a popular demand for regime change, which is not”.

 Commenting on the planned sanction on Iran by the United Nations over its alleged nuclear activity, Sheikh Zakzaky argued that Iran is truly independent. “They are instead imposing sanction on themselves as they need Iran more than Iran needs them. If they won’t buy oil from Iran, other countries will. Iran has friends who will buy”.  Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, they have planned to implement the sanction in June, but Iran has already set the ball rolling. He assured that, there might be hitches here and there, but by the time the equillibrium settles, Iran will wax even stronger that it is now.

 On the recent assembly election in Iran criticized by the western media, Sheikh Zakzaky who was in Iran during the election described it as perfect. He said, people turned out enmass and voted, “even patients from hospitals were taken to polling stations to vote”.

 He stated that, about 80 percent of eligible voters in the country registered and voted, arguing that in the United States less than 35 percent citizens vote during elections. “Voting period had to be extended by 10 hours to allow people to vote”.