Saturday, October 21, 2017
Thursday, 15 December 2016 07:43

Peace and protection of Allah be upon you and all the rightly guided people.

I deemed it important to start by identifying myself considering the fact that I was never in a position for you to know me throughout in the Islamic movement in Nigeria, but you were in a position for me to know you by virtue of your dignified personality. I first saw you at Kaduna polytechnic central mosque some time in 1992 when you accompannied sheikh Ibraheem E­­l-zazaky to deliver a lecture on the event of imam khumein’s week. I actually got an opportunity to know and be conversant with you when you returned from Iran in 1996, because you happened to reside in my area, kawo. Unfortunately, through out that duration I was out of Nigeria. Anyway, I had always been hinted about your religious undertakings. 

My name is Nasir hashim an indigene of Kaduna state. I joined IMN in 1991 while still in primary school (P5). My followership into IMN was facilitated by Malam Abdulwahab Idris, now chairman Rasulul-A’azam foundation Kaduna branch. Ever since I joined the movement the love for sheikh Zakzaky has never ceized to linger in my heart. I came to love him the most for the role his wise and cogent speeches played in keeping me within the milieu of Islamic faith.

Sometime last year, I got an audio of your qur’anic exegeses on suratul furqan- a very wonderful and factual analysis. This served as an additional logical evidence of moral persuasion. In fact, I reserved in my heart a place for you in cognizance of your contribution in making the disciplined me. At this point in time, I wish to acknowledge that you, sheikh Hamza Lawal, are a brilliant Muslim scholar, Shiite spiritual guide to many people and an intellectual in modern politics.

Decided to take to social media, which I consider wrong for this kind of issue,after all efforts to communicate to you on private basis failed woefully.I was told you said that you would not take a message from somebody you didn't know.Again,I was told that you denied your followers giving your email address to anybody.Finally,I went to your house and knocked several times to no avail

I really commend your courage for doing the work counselling to members of Islamic movement despite foul comments on your pieces of advice. May I please remind you that IMN consists of human members-not angels? I believe you don’t forget the popular saying “to err is human and to forget is divine”. I believe you are aware that IMN is a mixed bag as a human organization. Again, I believe that you are a human person with weaknesses and strengths. Although as far as I know, your strengths outweigh the weaknesses, however, I want to draw your attention here. In your public speech which you delivered in a kind of fight back style to retaliate some unwarranted criticisms and comments over your advice against this year’s Arba’in symbolic track to Zaria, I came to outline the following:

1-      You seem to boast of high level of knowledge and the modern civilization with nobody parallel to you.

2-      You seem to indicate that you have monopoly of knowledge and wisdom and that everyone has to consult you before taking any action or else one fumbles.

3-      It appears to me that it has already become something of your habit to always impress on people your power of English expression, and the possession of general knowledge.

4-      Again and again in your speech, you tried to impress your audience the high position you occupy on socio-political ladder by virtue of having relatives at the nucleus of Nigerian public and political environments.

5-      It appears to me you so much derive pleasure in taunting and mocking peoples’ weaknesses regardless of the suitability of time and space.

6-      As you know, the purpose of every public or private speech is to communicate a comprehensive and comprehensible message to audience, however, you seem to say people rarely understand the exact intent of your speeches, (perhaps due to your super intellect). Why don’t you speak a simple language so that everyone can be carried along?

7-      I came to understand that you followed the event of Zaria massacre of 12-14 Dec, 2015, from the beginning to the end, but I was surprised that you failed to understand that IMN’s decision to absent itself from JCI was advised by experienced legal practitioners, Falana (SAN) etc.

8-      You seem to say you have so many panaceas to solve IMN’s problems (probably because of your moral and socio-political attachments), but you will only offer to solve the problems if IMN is ready to listen to your advice.

9-      When you realized that some steps had to be taken to avoid the unfortunate incident, I was actually surprised that you only had to speak to characters that played minor roles in IMN system. I expected you to communicate to Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Mallam Yakubu Yahaya, Mallam Mahmood Turi etc. I don’t think Muhammad Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Haruna EL-Binayi, Ibrahim Muhammad can stop anything.

10-      I wish you will ponder on the fact that virtually all the people that criticized you for your good advice were not in any position to issue command and receive compliance within the hierarchy of Islamic movement.

11-      In my opinion any national or international connection that is only there to be mentioned during speech in public space has no importance unless its impact is felt in practical terms.

12-      I was surprised to hear you brag of your ability to facilitate the rescue of about 500 members of IMN while at that same time Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and children were still in their house set ablaze.

              With my sincere respect to you, sheikh, I actually expected from you exemplary speech and action. I expected from you a life full of patience and consideration for human nature. Fighting back in the manner you did is out of place socially, morally and what have you. Remember, none of those people can equal him to you in any ramification. I expected you again to act and interact as somebody who learned some lessons from the humble nature of Sheikh Zakzaky. You can very much remember that Sheikh Zakzaky had always been proud to say that his father was a poor farmer, and that throughout his childhood, he was always available to help his father on his farm land. Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers were attracted by moral wealth- not by socio-economic influence. However, you know better than me that many of his followers, if not themselves, their parents have more connections than you nationally and internationally.

Please in case you come across some elements of what you may regard as disdain or contempt, it’s not in my intention, thus, regret it beforehand.