Saturday, October 21, 2017
On banning IMN PDF Print E-mail

By Gimba Kakanda
They were aware of what Islamic Movement of Nigeria was, and knew how it operated, going by its antecedents as registered in Sokoto State. And of course they knew the politics of its serially arrested spiritual leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

Yet they identified with him, even visited him to empathise with him over the loss of his children. They didn't regard him as head of a threatening parallel state. He was just the head of a sectarian group to be tolerated, and befriended. Now we've realised that they did this to boost their political capitals.

El-Zakzaky's Shiite movement had been in existence for over three decades, so are Buhari and el-Rufai telling us they didn't know it's a "criminal organisation" in their days of romancing with them? I find this hypocrisy disturbing.

Kaduna State's announcement of IMN ban, instead of apologising for the extrajudicial killings of its members and abduction of its leader, further highlighted these politicians' moral irresponsibility.

There's no justice in the handling of Shiites - Army clash, as findings of the judicial commission of inquiry haven't even been adopted to guide reconciliation and prosecution of all indicted in the creation and explosion of this manageable national crisis.

The Shiites are the most organised sect of all that identify with Islam, worldwide, and for a country that is yet to get rid of a joke like Boko Haram, this dictatorial ban of the group is a frightening miscalculation.