Saturday, October 21, 2017
IMN, Iran and Nigerian sovereignty PDF Print E-mail

By Haroun Elbinawi
Nigerian President Buhari last December 12th sent the Nigerian army to Zaria where they killed close to one thousand Nigerian civilians and in the middle of the night dumped their dead bodies in mass graves. Exactly on 18th December the king of Saudi Arabia called President Buhari to congratulate him for the inhuman massacre of Nigerians and called for more. This clearly point to the role the Saudi regime is playing in the imperialist agenda that President Buhari and his gang are executing in Nigeria.

The target of the massacre was the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The Nigerian army attacked his house, killed hundreds of his followers, burnt down the house, killed his 3 children and burnt his sister alive. Nigerians and human rights organization condemned the inhuman massacre and called for full investigation.
The Nigerian government gave many conflicting reasons of the massacre but Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai recently gave a new reason. Since the massacre has Saudi connection and the Saudi-supported regime in Bahrain is striping opposition figures of citizenship, Gov Elrufai stripped Sheikh Zakzaky and his millions of Nigerian followers of their citizenship by claiming "they do not accept Nigerian sovereignty".
Families of the victims of the brutal massacre reported the issue to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague since it is impossible for them to get justice in Nigeria. From recent ICC news report the court have begin investigation of the ZariaMassacre and this have trigger the drunken tirade of Gov Elrufai on IMN and Sheikh Zakzaky. Elrufai and his murderous cabal who executed the ZariaMassacre have realized that the initial reason they gave of attempted assassination of the army Chief Buratai was not accepted by Nigerians and the global community, they now fabricated a new reason that "Sheikh Zakzaky is raising an army" and that was why they mass-murdered close to one thousand Nigerian civilians to prevent that from happening!
Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers are citizens of Nigeria whether Elrufai and his murderous cabal like it or not. Sheikh Zakzaky have African Caftans he wears on occasions designed with green and white which are Nigerian colours. IMN recently sent high-powered delegation to the recently concluded Arbaeen in Iraq that attracted more than 30 million pilgrims and IMN delegates all proudly displayed the Nigerian flag. All IMN run schools have Nigerian flags and the National Anthem and Pledge are recited daily on school sessions. After the ZariaMassacre IMN through its legal counsels wrote one letter to the Nigerian government and three letters to the Kaduna state government. How can the pathological liar Elrufai claimed that such people do not accept Nigerian sovereignty!
The Saudi king was the first foreign leader to call President Buhari on the ZariaMassacre but nobody accused Saudi Arabia of interference in Nigerian internal affairs but when the Iranian President called the hirelings of the mass-murderers all screamed "interference!". When the US government recently condemned the Arbaeen massacre by Nigerian security forces by writing a letter to the Nigerian government and publishing the letter, the hirelings of the mass-murderers were silent but if it was Iran they would have screamed " interference!".
President Buhari, Elrufai and their gang of mass-murderers had plunged the Nigerian economy into deep recession where Nigerians are suffering and some dying of hunger. The value of the Nigerian Naira have depreciated by 85% since the inception of Buhari's presidency yet the emphasis of the Nigerian government is killing Shia civilians. To Savage Wahhabis the achievement of the Buhari government is killing Shiites while to the vast majority of Nigerians the government have no single achievement.
On a last note, Nigerians should disregard the rantings of Elrufai as before now they know his reputation. IMN does not have a military wing and have no plans of establishing one. The methodology of Sheikh Zakzaky on propagation remained the same. Nigerian need peace to make progress and develop and these should be the indices that should occupy the mind of President Buhari and not killing Nigerians and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves. Buhari's Wahhabi BokoHaram brothers are already killing Nigerians and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves.
Harun Elbinawi
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