Thursday, November 23, 2017
Scores killed in Funtua, Kaduna, Jos and Centers burnt to ashes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 12:31

Plain cloth security personals, their agents and Hoodlums under military and police protection burn down the IMN markaz in Kaduna. The hoodlums have been instructed by police to kill any IMN member they see. 

As the Kaduna state gov El-Riufai is deliberately brewing crisis in his state, the IMN members have refused to be provoked into mayhem or violence. The Ashura procession took place peacefully in the state but the violence was started by the security who were joined by hoodlums and some Izala youths. So far three IMN members have been killed in Kaduna. the incident took place today the 12th of Oct. 2016. The Security persoanals and paid hoodlums also destroyed the IMN Fudiyyah Primary school at layin kosai in Kaduna after they stole sbuilding materials while the police and other security agents look the other side.

In Funtua Katsina state scores have been killed by Security forces who opened fire on the peaceful Ashura Procession. Among those killed is man of advance age and some youths.

The Center of the Islamic Movement in Jos also came under attack by the Securty forces. The center was burnt to ashes, while the lives of those trapped inside could not be ascertained.