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Kano Zone of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held its second Annual anniversary of the birthday of Muhammad (SAWA) on Sunday 18th Rabi’utthaniy, 1433 H/11th March 2012. 

The occasion was  conducted inside the Sa’adu Zungur Auditorium at Mambayya House. Professor Dahiru Yahaya of Bayero University Kano delivered a thought provoking speech on the topic: Methodology of Transformation set by Prophet Muhammad is the way forward.

In his introductory remarks the speaker noted that Islam, since after the time of the Prophet (S) has undergone transformation. Islam is the real thing. All other things are material. He drew the attention of the audience that in Nigeria, there was an Islamic Movement 200 years ago. There was a ‘Malam’ (Shehu bn Fodio). There were his students.
The Movement succeeded. So the current Movement (under the revered Leadership of Sayyeed Zakzaky) would also succeed.


He was quick to mention that ‘Malam’ stood up to transform the society amidst opposition from colleagues and Government. So the Resource persons in the Movement are expected to make their utmost contribution to this noble course. Professor cited the example of resource persons
from Kano who helped the Movement of Fodio to counter the allegation of ignorance of the Bauchi (Jama’are/ Katagum) axis by the rival El-Kanemis of Bornu.

He asserted that a resource person must be educated and intelligent. Intelligence, observed Prof, is education nurtured by truth as contrasted to cleverness, which is education marred by dishonesty. He employed the resource persons to possess the ability to change themselves and subsequently change others. The Islamic Movement is an intellectual Revolution. At fruition, it becomes a general Revolution.
Muhammad (SAWA) brought the first authentic Revolution in the World. However it was betrayed by his people. His family (Progeny) sustained the Revolution up to today. Similarly Fodio Revolution was betrayed by his resource persons. Abdullahi Fodio, his junior brother, has explained this in detail in his Tazyinil Waraqat. 200 years now, the descendants of those who sacrificed their lives in the jihad of Fodio, are still enjoying the fruits of the tree planted by their forefathers.

Therefore, the speaker observes that we should strive hard in this course. There is no loss. Ofcourse one may suffer but stands to lose nothing. We should never give up the struggle under whatever pressure.


On the methodology, Professor asserted that Muhammad (S) left two things for the Ummah: the Qur’an and his Progeny. We should have the ability to understand the teachings of the Quran with insight. We should do it according to our ability and intelligently. Arabs abandoned the Ahlul Bayt (Progeny of the Prophet). They loved the World. The Ahlul Bayt, on the other hand, despite persecution through history, keep on holding the flag of the Deen (Islam).

Professor Yahaya then cited the 20 diseases of the human soul which drive him to follow whims and caprices and later mentioned the attributes exhibited by Ahlul Bayt to counter the ills. Among these diseases were envy, arrogance, greed, slander, self esteem, character assassination, anger and lot others. He noted that by the 21st Century, all the theories (Capitalism/Marxism in Economics, Darwinism in creation/evolution, Sigmund Feud in psychology etc) are broken down. Islam only remains as the viable theory to govern humanity. This is why it is being hated by all the proponents of the broken downideologies. Their failure was primarily due to the fact that they did not consider those diseases of the human soul.


The Ahlul Bayt exhibit the attributes/values that neutralize those ills. These include, among others, Taqwa (God consciousness), ilm (education with action), hilm (endurance), modesty, karam (generosity), truthfulness, Adl (being just), ihsan (goodness), humbleness, fulfillment of promise, zuhd (living according to means), tranquility, mercifulness, perseverance, being thankful,steadfastness/ resoluteness.
In conclusion Professor urged us not to allow Shaytan (devil) to employ his instruments of whims and caprices to ruin us. Let us contemplate and shun doing the wrong. Ultimately we attain a peaceful and high status with our Lord.
The chairman of the occasion was Malam Muhammad Isa Ahmad from Abubakar Tabawa Balewa University(ATBU) Bauchi. Malam Husain Farawa of the Department of Chemistry, Kano University of Technology, KUST, was the master of ceremony. The occasion was attended by many guests from within and outside the Movement.

Dauda Nalado

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