Thursday, November 23, 2017
Islamic Movement in Nigeria to Commemorate Int'l Day of Babies PDF Print E-mail

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab
On the day 4 of Ashura mourning gathering, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello reminded the gathering on International Day of babies which is mark in memory of Abdullahi Radhi bn Husain(AS)- a suckling child, who was matryed in karbala.

The day is marked in cities in Iran and arround the world in solidarity with Abdullahi Radhi, who was shot do death with arrow, while in the hands of his father, Imam Husain in Karbala.

Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello assured that; the programme will commence on Sunday 7th day of Muharram, 1438. He call on mothers to make sure to bring their infants.

The program will be held in Zaria at Fudiyya Primary and secondary school, Babban Dodo, coincidence in other part of the country respectively.

It is celebrated, on the first Friday of Muharram, to commemorate with the child. Nursing mothers can experience the bad feeling experienced by Mother of sucking child. Mothers shoud see themeslves in the foot of Imam Husain when the suckling baby, who was suffering from hunger and thirsty, as his mother could not feed him due to lack of breast. So, Imam pleaded for water while holding the Child only to be shot by an arrow from Harmala. Abdullahi was buried by the holy hands of Imam Husain in the plain of karbala. Not satisfied by their attrocites, after beheading Imam Husain and his companions, the enemies searched for the body of the child to behead. They could not see the baby. When Qaim(AJ) reappeared he will unearth the oppressed baby.