Saturday, January 28, 2023
The Role and Contribution of Press in the Islamic Movement PDF Print E-mail

Sheik Muhammad Turi started by saying a special prayer  for the soul of Alhaji Hamid Danlami the Managing Director of Almizan Newspaper who passed away last year. Sheikh Turi delivered a closing lecture at the Annual Conference organized by Almizan Newspaper

at Fudiyyah Islamic Center, (F.I.C), Zaria on Sunday the 4th of March 2012.

Speaking on the role and contribution of press in the Islamic Movement, sheikh Turi, expressed that Journalism is of utmost importance which affects lives of everyone politically, socially and in the governance; It serves as means of communication between people and government and as such if a  journalist is corrupt or incompetent  it will affect  many things too.

So, the most vital issue is to have sincere journalists who can report correctly and objectively. A journalist must have courage; he must have fear of Allah which will allow him perform his duty for His sake. This, will judge him on any things he says or writes. Understanding this will make a journalist do the right thing, he noted, adding that there are two issues which are very important, they are: understanding Journalism and having the right people to do with required qualities.

On the issue of Islamic Movement, Sheikh Turi expressed that Journalists have the great responsibilities being a means of communication between people and the Movement.  . In the modern term journalism, he said, it is very important for Almizan and Pointer Newspapers to double effort towards enlighten people. Sheikh pointed out some corrections in the newspaper and websites of the Islamic Movement with view of improvement adding that the sites and the paper serves as medium to reach people across the globe.

Sheikh Turi cited an example from the history of Islam especially the contribution of Hussan, the great poet of the Prophet, who save Islam through poets which serves as a journalism at that time.

All this is needed to ensure correct dissemination of information at the right time, he said. He also encouraged organizing seminars and workshops geared towards human resource development which will bring about improvement and progress. Evaluation from time to time is also very important in order to know level of progress and ways to improve, he expressed.

Sacrifice and performing duty for the sake of Allah has been re-iterated by Sheikh turi as it involves tabligh (passing Islamic message to people).  Through journalist message of Ahlulbayt (AS) to people is passed.