Saturday, January 28, 2023
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 DISCLAIMER: The author's views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the Islamic Movement.


 The recent crisis and the rise of terrorist activities, killing, bombing and uprising in Middle East, and in our dear country Nigeria in the name of Boko Haram call for sober reflection on the future direction of the world inhabitants. This is a new paradoxes and challenges towards world inhabitants’ quest to build an everlasting peace and stability, after years of economic down turn and uncertainty. The increasing activities of terrorism and hostilities in crises prone countries; such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and now Nigeria in northern region etc, call for sober reflection on the peace and stability of the global economy to withholds the shockwave of insecurity and terrorism that might engulf the world.

Inherently, the Persia Gulf is a region with large oil and gas deposits. There is no doubt today, petroleum and gas; hold the key, to the survival and continuation of the Western and world civilization; including the hyper technological breakthrough and development that the world seems to be celebrating today. Therefore, whosoever, have control over this vast region, will not only control and dominate the global economy, but, will determine the future direction of nations and economies according to his dictates, imagination and ideology.  


The police man approach in which, the United State of America, had/is carry out the global war against terrorism has being the greatest obstacles towards peaceful co-existence. One began to image a nation (US) that is nothing but an extension of terrorism, could led a world to fight terrorism they created when the going was good.  It may sound very strange and paradoxical that when in the age of cold war America was looking for friends and allies, she found very reliable and trustworthy allies amongst the retrogressive, conservative and fundamentalist elements and outfitsof the world of Islam.


On the other hand, in the post cold war unipolar world when America needs enemy and rival, she co-opted and recruited the same conservative, retrogressive and obscurantist elements from the world of Islam as enemies, under the new label of Islamic fundamentalism, militarism and extremism. They have been assigned a new role of a very strange enemy who is nowhere but exist everywhere. Yesterday these elements served American interests as friends and today they serve American strategic interests as enemies. An ordinary student of strategic studies can very easily understand this evident fact that consciously or unconsciously the Taliban in Afghanistan, Saddam in Iraq and Al-Qaida every where, Chechen and Uzbek in Central Asia and now Boko Haram in Nigeria, have served the cause of American imperialisminstead of Islam and the Islamic world.  They operated as regional catalysts and invited American adventurism under the principle of pre-emptive pro-activism, which resulted in the military occupation of those lands of Islamic world by America where oil and gas reserves and market potentials were predominantly available. This is not far fetch in contemporary Nigerian security challenges.


However, the US misadventure in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, has change the image and developmental aspirations of the people for the worst. Daily people are killed in the name of fighting terrorism in countries like Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Northern Nigeria, as a result of the various injustices and modern day recolonization and balkanization of countries for easier administration, resources expropriation and exploitation engineered and championed by the imperialist quest of the United State of America and her allies to withholds their stronghold on the socio-economic and political domination of the world amidst competition from China and the BRICS countries.

The failure of America to understand and appreciate the fact that, the world especially the Islamic world is tired of her bullying approach, political and economic exploitative tendencies and support for the illegal state of Israel against the good and spirited people of Palestine is what is propelling the development and recruitment of terrorist cells across the globe. This injustice and selective approach to world issues has contributed in no some major in the general hatred of the Muslims world, against the global injustices and insensitivity of the hegemonic centre in the world of uncertainty. 

The contemporary global system is build on the blood and sweat of good and spirited people of the world who are yearning and aspiring for a better living, respects to their religious beliefs and justice to the people of Palestine and minorities whose bodies and souls were daily mutilated, killed and properties  destroyed by the international hegemonic centre like the genocidal and the illegal state of Israel. Interestingly, another twist in the global political and socio-economic conspiracy is the rise of new Islamic doctrines that are sometime confusing to most of us as Muslims.


I really don’t understand thegains of Muslim to blow up himself in a crowded market place killing innocents’ people, who have no direct hands in the policies and programmes of their puppets leaders or what do you make of the current Boko Haram upheaval in northern part of the country. Its annoyed the imagination of the good spirited Muslims all over the world to watch how Islam is been ridiculed and analyzed as a religion that promote violent and intolerant to other diverse religious nationalities.

This is nothing but, a conspiracy and unfortunately  majority of retrogressive, conservative, idle and uninformed Muslims are falling into the traps of the global empire buildersand their selfish interests of suffocating and contained the beauty and solution that Islam has for the belligerent global citizens who are yearning and aspiring for quick solutions to their impoverished condition and confusion they found themselves.    


However, on a broader reflections, research and consultation with my school of conspirators across the globe, we came to the conclusion that, this is a new global conspiracy against the Islamic faith. We came to the conclusion that, thisis a new conspiracy by the Zionist state of Israel and agents to discredit the Islamic faith and disrupt the peace and stability of the Islamic states, in other to give her more time to prepare for the final unslot against any countries that will question her territorial hegemony, as we are witnessing in countries like Syria, Yemen and now the gathering war mongering against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


This new conspiracy is been facilitated by the rise of uneducated (in the Islamic sense) groups of people, who could not understand, appreciate and realize the traps been set for them by the same people they claimed to be fighting; some of whom are paid Zionist agents who are posing as leaders of radical Islamic groups to challenge the injustices of the global system. These groups of people are using the general hopelessness, frustrations, poverty and injustice to conscientise, galvanize and mobilize the people towards carryout terrorist activities against their own people in the name of martyrdom.


Ironically for the retrogressive, conservative and extremists’ classes of Muslims, whose action and inaction are only playing the scripts of the international Zionists to discredits the Islamic creeds that recently seem to be gaining acceptance among various classes of people around the world including the heart of International Zionism United State of America and Europe. Today Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world; because of the way God Almighty have perfected His religion through his Prophets and members of His Households. Idare say Islam is the only religion that has answers to the various political, economic and social crises that are endemic in most Western countries and around the world. Islam abhours all forms of bloodshed and killing of the innocents civilians who have nothing to do with the policies and activities of their home government.


The Al-Qaida network (a US creation, meaning “BASE”) is not an Islamic movement with Islamic ideology rather is a network of people that felt aggrieved with the hopelessness and injustice of the global arrangement championed by the United State of America. It is well known fact that the word Al-Qieda is a file name which was open for the Mujaheedus fighters during the Afghan-Soviet Union war in 1980s and early 1990s? The Name was used as covert name to assist the fighters during war that led to the collapsed of the Soviet Union in 1990.


Since then the name has gained prominent especially after the September 11, 2001 attacked of the World Trade Center. I don’t believe and swallowed the fact, the various suicide attacks in cities in various countries including

Nigeria are the products of the activities of good and spirited Muslims; but rather the International gatekeepers, and agents who brainwashed ignorant and idle Muslims who lack the intellectual and strategic acumen to confront the new global unclog against their religion. Their activities are not only injurious to the religion of Islam, but, have created discomfort against we Muslims all over the globe.


Interestingly, the agonies of the recent Boko Haram insurgence, occasioned by bombing, killing, destructions of properties and suicide mission have brought us closer to the happening around the Muslims world that we often watch or listen on radio and televisions satellite.  The experience so far, is not only unpalatable, but, the dynamics of the whole issues portent a grand conspiracy against Muslims and the Nigerian state in this land of lost opportunity. The question begging for answers is who are the Boko Haram guys? Where is there mosque located? What branch of Islamic

jurisprudence did they eminent from? Who is their leader and is within the

circle of Islamic clerics? Do they have the capacity to bombard Kano,

Maiduguri, and other places with such a huge explosive? Who are there sponsors?


Why is President Goodluck Jonathan afraid to name the Boko Haram members in his cabinets and security circle as confessed by him? Why is he afraid to release the white paper on Ambassador Usman Galtimari report? What happen to all the Christians that were arrested for attempting to bomb churches? Why are the Boko Haram guys killing only innocent civilians instead of the hopeless leaders they accused of injustice and corruption? Could the incident or happening with the Boko Haram insurgence meant to counter the growing Islamic consciousness among Muslims? Is the global empire builders afraid of the growing Islamic awakening in North Africa and the Middle East visa vie inspiring the Nigerian Muslims?


Could this be against the growing influence of China and resources competition? Could this be about the establishment of African Command (Africom)? These are questions we are currently examining at the highest level of international conspiracy school of international politics and dynamics.


It is now clear, that, the various bombing and killing of the people in market, mosques (Imagine) and weeding receptions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Nigeria are not only the handwork of disgruntle and brainwashed Muslims alone, but, a combination of Zionists inspire and their agents (e.g Blackwater, Patrick Williams and other security outfit known for providing support for country’s destabilization, assassination, overthrew of government). I believe it is these countries or groups that can create such unwholesome murder, wickedness and hatred to ridicule and blacklisted the purest religion of Islam and it general expansion. The crisis in Waziristan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Nigeria and the destabilization of the Islamic solidarity, willpower, and peacefulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the last disputed June 12, election and the various killing of prominent scientists inside Iran, are all direct products of the activities of the international Zionism and their agents in Islamic countries to contain the growing influence and determination of the Islamic Republic’s survival and development  against all odds. Interestingly, a new, but, old approach has also been lunched in connivance with imperialist induce clerics to create sectarian crisis between the Sunnis and Shias, in other to divide and rule the Muslim world.


This strategies is now been pursuits religiously. Unity of the Muslims has been the greatest misdoing and challenges facing the Muslims around the world. The inability to develop coherence strategies to confront the new global conspiracy against the purest religion of Allah was exacerbated by the disunity, lack of willpower, solidarity, and among themselves. But, one will said, with fear of contradictions that, I will be more comfortable with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s approach to world political system and fighting the course of Islam; than rather allied myself with the approach of these various groups and countries whose strategies are rather weak, lack coherence or are out of cowardice and fear of the so called powers.


 The successes recorded by the Hamas and Hezbollah fighters few years ago, offer us a new direction towards a new outlook on Islamic renaissances and confronting global injustice and insensitivity and enslavement by the new empire builders. The tenacity, determination and courage in which the Islamic Republic of Iran is showing in confronting the Global empires builders, defying all odds against her to build a nation only portent a nation on the side of God and is been protected by His mercy against the mechanization of the evil forces both within and outside thecountry. The courage of the leadership not to derail from the pure Islamic principles and standing firm against global propaganda and economic strangulations, only reminds one of the promised of Allah (SWT) in the Glorious Qur’an where He was saying that, “O ye who believe! If any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him, - humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the Way of Allah, and never fear the blame of the blamers.

That is the Grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower (Q5:54). I have no doubt; Islamic Republic of Iran can be classified based on the contemporary realities as a nation befitting this honour according to the verse of the Holy Qur’an quoted above. This is a nation that has hold strong to the rope of Allah; and she has been protected and blessed by Him. Whatever is been said against the doctrine of the Shia; what is important is on whose side is Allah with; I believe Almighty Allah is with the Islamic Republic of Iran than any country in the Persian Gulf today if the growing gang up and intimidation is anything to by.

Unfortunately, the custodian of the two Holy Mosques (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has chicken out, too afraid to assist their brothers; that are in dear needs of their benevolences. As the highest producers of crude oil in the world and it attendance large revenue in dollars that is been accrued over the years, just a day embargo on oil supply to the global market will force most of these enemies of humanity to change their behaviour towards Muslims, Islam and humanity in general.


 Unfortunately, the Kings and Princes of the Qibla and city of Prophet and the spiritual capital of Muslims, are the major shareholders in companies that are assisting and producing weapons that are killing their brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan etc. The suppose eyes and mouth pieces of the Islamic nations and Muslims have becomes the greatest problems of the Islamic nations and Muslims in general. I believe the only time the voices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are had, is when it come to issues of sectarians divisions among Muslims; which they championed with vigor and money.

The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques have expanded and spend billions of dollars to promote their Wahhabian and Salafia Islamic extremism and religion intolerance to anybody that has contrary opinion to their brand of Islamic point of views, which have led to death of millions of around the world and disunity among Muslims.

Today, Yemen is in crisis, because the custodians of the two Holy mosques believe, a stable Yemen will not go down well with their internal and regional hegemony, because Yemen exemplified Gamel Nasser Islamic socialist ideology. So, for over three decades Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has destabilized the peaceful and development process in Yemen without fear of God. The kingdom and her unproductive rulers are expanding counter revolutionary strategies to containing the growing Islamic reawakening around the Muslims world in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirate, buying weapons and training mercenaries and funding destabilization against Iran and Syria, all for the legitimacy of the illegal Saud Family and imperialist friends in United State of America, Europe and other allies  instead of Islam. 

Here lies a nation that supposes to champion the course of her Muslim brothers and sisters all over the globe; unfortunately, the suppose custodian of Islamic heritage and spirituality (the two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Madina) has decided to go head in coalition with international Zionists and Western nations to disintegrate and destroy the tentacle of Islamic brotherhood, solidarity, collaboration and unity. Why must they promote division? Is it because they fear the Islamic resurgence and Awakening as exemplified by the guardianship and teaching of Imam Khomeini (R) across the Islamic world? Between Islamic unity and the stability of the illegitimate Kingship where lies the future for Islam? Did they real understand that there activities is seriously creating disunity and hatred among Muslims instead of love and compassion amidst Western and Zionist collaboration to destroy Islam in all ramification?


I believe time is running out for these faceless individuals and groups; because Muslims and people of humanity are becoming wiser in confronting this global injustice and conspiracy against themselves and Islam. The Islamic reawakening currently taking places around the Muslims world have finally crippled all evils of the Muslims leaders, as people are not only taking their destinies in their very hands, but, there is general death of fear among Muslims and the call for Islamic Renaissances and consciousness. This is the Islamic spirit and consciousness that Islam have instills in the Muslims. I dare say, it is only Islamic values that can held the people on different squares for days to challenges the global and domestics slavery and confusion among the people.


Islam created unity of purpose, understanding and energizes the people to fight for their future hoping on the Blessing, Mercy and promise of Allah for victory against oppressive and unproductive elements. A promise indeed fulfils by Allah with the collapsed of the three powerful Zionists inspired and Supported leaders of Tunisia Ben Ali Zayyanul Abeedina, Egypt Hosni Mubarak, Libya Muammar Ghadafi, Abdullahi Saleh of Yemen and other still to fall in Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.      


On a positive note however, the activities and the conspiracy of the enemies is also assisting the expansion of  religion of Allah (SWT), because today, people are researching and trouping into Islam, as result of curiosity, research and coming face to face with the true ethos of the religion, Muslims and it solutions to their various social and economic crises; that is bedeviling them. This is a testimony to the promised Allah (SWT) and His Noble Massager (saw) have made to the Muslims once we hold unto the rope

and commandment of Allah as thought and practice by the Holy Prophet (saw), we shall never derail and get conquer by the enemies. We are seeing the promise of Allah coming to realities that the religion of Islam will fulfils it righteousness and guide mankind to completeness weather the enemies like it or not. The promise of Allah will come to pass and Islam will regain it prominentand take the rightful place of redirecting the world’s hopelessness, confusion, bloodshed and mistrust; with peace, justice, happiness, equality and development.

It is imperative to say, that, we Muslims must rededicate and redirect our thinking and energies towards our commitment to Allah (SWT) by adhering to His commandment as explained by the Holy Prophet; in other to attains the heightsof Allah mercy and blessings to make the appearances of the awaiting saviours Imam Mahdi (AS); who will full the world with justice and equality. We must redouble our efforts and commitment to our religious’ obligations and our contracts with Our Creator, His Massager; so that we can turn our hopelessness, confusion, instability, hardship, bloodshed; into peace, universal brotherhood, happiness, spirituality, courage, determination and dedications to our Creator and be among the helpers and soldiers of the awaiting saviours (may Allah hasten his re-appearance) when he arrive.


 We must tackle our fears; fear of Allah instead of fear of man or nations, hope  of Allah’s mercy instead of hopelessness, holding unto the rope of Allah instead of the Rope of man, build courage amidst hopelessness; good manners amidst immorality; Unity amidst disunity of the Ummah; sacrifice and integrity amidst selfishness and confusion. These are our duties as Muslims because Allah(SWT) Has admonished us that He can only change a situation for us only if we change what is in our hearts. He said in the Glorious Quar’an “Allah does not change the condition of any people until they first change what is in their hearts” (Surah Al-Ra’ad 13:11).


The new conspiracy against Islam will not withstand the test of time; because darkness and light will never withstand each other. No matter how long it takes the truth shall prevail against falsehood. We only pray for our leaders that are seriously conscientising, mobilizing and energies us to leave up to our religious obligations and commitment to Allah (SWT), His Prophet towards reinventing this religion of prosperity. Felicitation to all the leader of Islamic movements across the world; the leading light towards Islamic rejuvenation, we can only pray for them for Allah’s mercy and protection to continuo the good work they are doing in consceintising, energizing, motivating and mobilizing Muslims towards unity of purpose and waking us from our deep sleep to rise up to our religious obligations and challenge our shortcoming and the hopelessness we found ourselves as people and Muslims. There activities have pitched them against the oppressors and vampires that are head bent on shedding the blood of the innocents’ people; irrespective of their religious persuasions. 

Oh God we call on you as the last resolute of our predicament; touch the hearts of these Muslims leaders and clerics to do the right thing and provide leadership that will propels and unite us to greatness. And touch the hearts of Muslims to change their attitudes and their sinful ways, so that Your mercy (through Imam Mahdi (AS)) will descend on this ummah. Change our hopelessness and despairs into hopefulness, happiness and tranquility. Change our wickedness, greed and corrupt hearts into pity, compassions, dedication and tolerance.  

 Reawake the minds of Muslims to realize it is their destiny and their religion that is been destroys; so that we can galvanize and mobilize ourselves into a vanguard of change without any sentiment or rancour. So help us oh Almighty One, because with Your Command I believe all things are possible Amin.             


Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

Wrote from Wuse Zone

4, Abuja

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