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By Buhari B.Jega. The life, legacies and goals of the Holy Prophet (saw) is an epicenter of moral uprightness, tolerance, patience and forgiveness..



The Holy Prophet of Islam (saw): The Legacies of Virtues, Moral Conducts and the Challenges of Our Time I was appointed for the Prophethood so that I may accomplish the important task of moral perfection within human souls – Prophet (saw). Whenever am face with the task of writing and discussing the persona of the Holy Prophet (May the peace and blessing of Allah be Upon him and his progenies), I always have reservation, because, I think this sinful servant of Allah lack the moral and spiritual perfection and the knowledge to discuss the life and time of the greatest human species created by God Almighty. My hesitation is always in line with the prevailing situation and confusion on the various narration of the persona of the Holy Prophet (saw). Such narrations or confusion among Muslims, stem from the issue of celebrating and remembering the day the mercy and guardian of mankind, trees, stones, birds and all creators was born, The Prophet of Allah (saw).


However, after careful examination of all the pros and cons; I decided to take the part that is a common consensus based on the prevailing realities of our time, the legacies, virtues and moral conducts of the Holy Prophet (saw) visa-vie our contemporary challenges. It is a common consensus that the Holy Prophet (saw) was sent to fulfill the moral uprightness of humanity that ensure self purification towards Allah (SWT). No doubt; morality and self purification seem to be lacking among the Muslims Umma in our contemporary realities. Moral uprightness and self purification is the yardstick for our spiritual and physical journey in this worthless world towards Allah (SWt) and the expected rewards in the Hereafter.


The life, legacies and goals of the Holy Prophet (saw) is an epicenter of moral uprightness, tolerance, patience and forgiveness, which ought to be the mirror to all mankind in our contemporary world of uncertainty. The birth of the HolyProphet (saw), was occasioned by the invasion of Mecca by Abraha Al-Ashram, then vice-gerent of Yemen on behalf of the Abyssinian King the Negus, who had built a magnificent cathedral in San’a and order the Arab to go there for pilgrimage instead of Mecca, not only was his order ignore but, he set to raze down the Kaba’a with huge army of Elephant riders, but, Allah prevailed and saved the people of Mecca and Protected his House against the ravaging army of Abraha as discussed in Surat Al-Fil (Q 105: 1-5). This was the first miracle clearing the way for the birth of the Seal and Guardian of mankind Prophet Muhammad (saw) on Friday the 17th of Rabi Al-Awwal 570 A.D or according to some it was Monday 12th of Rabi Al-Awwal 570 A.D, which corresponds to April 28, 570 A.D. The earth received the greatest blessing from Heaven and mankind was exalted by the adverts of its greatest law-giver ever.


But, this great child was destined to be the supporter of the poor, the

helpless and the orphans, could, not enjoy the bliss of his father’s love.

Abd’-Allah (as) his father passed way in the full bloom of youth only a few months before the birth of his son Muhammad. The sadness of the situation is yet further aggravated when we learn that at the age of six he was deprived of his mother’s affection as well.


Anyway, I did not intend to dwell into the history of the Holy Prophet (saw), because doing that requires writing volumes of books, which I don’t have the luxury of doing now, due to limitation in knowledge. But, the essence of this venture is to bring out those silent legacies, virtues, moral conducts and goals of the purest and guardian of mankind visa – vie our contemporary situation today.  


The Holy Prophet (saw) found himself in a terrible community of unbelievers and ignorant people; whose behaviours and actions towards themselves and their community was worst than that of the animals. The Prophet (saw) from his boyhood to youthful age exemplified himself with righteous deeds and moral conduct to the extends that the Meccans had seen and tested the prophet and were so impressed by his honesty and righteousness that they called him “the truthful” and “the trustworthy”. They entrusted cashand precious articles to him with full confidence.


His opinion was eagerly sought in disputed affairs of contending tribes. Which goes in line with the Qur’anic verse where Allah was saying that, “Allah verily hath shown grace to the believers by sending unto them a messenger of their own who reciteth unto them Hs revelations, and causeth them to grow, and teacheth them the scripture and wisdom; although before (he came to them) they were in flagrant error. (Q 3: 164). It is important to say, the subject of human education and training was of such vital important that Almighty God sent Prophet Muhammad (saw) and all prophets (as) before him to strengthen human moral and spiritual perfections towards their Creator Allah (SWT).


The Prophet of Allah (saw) came to the world as a mercy, teacher and guardian of mankind. He (saw) came to teach human being the path of self-building, nourishment and perfection of self, as well as to accompany them as their guide and helper in the vital and determined task. He came to cleansed and sanctified human selves from their indecent moral characteristics and animal instincts, and bestowing upon them superior spiritual virtues. The Prophet (saw) lectures human beings about self building program, acted as helpers and knowledgeable guides in identifying the ugliness in their moral conducts and showed them the ways and means for self-control against their selfish whims and passions.

Basically, the Prophet (saw) came to plant high morals virtues within human souls, nurture and protected it for its eventual blooming, and in doing so acted as guides, friends and helpers of the people by encouraging and pursuing them towards the desired sublime objectives.


To reiterates the importance of the moral uprightness among the community and as a basis of Prophethood, the Holy Prophet (saw) was reported to have said that; “I emphasize the importance of good morals for you because Almighty Allah has sent me especially for this purpose”. He (saw) also said that; “there is nothing better than good moral conduct which could be written on the “letter of Deeds”, on the Day of Resurrection”.


Imam Sadiq (s) was quoted to have said that; “Almighty God appointed the prophets with good morals; therefore, whoever discovers these within himself should be thankful to God for this bounty; and whoever lacks these virtues must pray to Almighty God asking imploringly for such blessing”.


The focal point of the teaching of the Prophet (saw) was to deliver the human race from the clutches of materialism and lift it spiritually to the highest level of moral excellence. He preached the unity of God and the compassion towards His creatures. These were the foundations on which the whole ethical structure stands. In the history of man, he was the first to grant people the firstCharter of Human Rights. Prior to him, nobody preached regarding the basic human rights condemning discrimination on the bass of race, colour, religion, sex or financial status. He set aside all former standards of who is honourable and who is distinguished as the Holy Quar’an stated: “The most honoured among you in the sight of God is he who is most pious (Q49:13) and the Holy Prophet (saw) also said that: “The best is he who performs his duties best”.


This is just an indication to the fact that, the Prophet (saw) placed a great deal of emphasis on moral excellence. His character and conduct, too, reflected his aforesaid objectives. Being the head of state and formidable religious power did not hinder him from associating with the poor and destitute, inviting them to whatever simple food he preferred for himself. During the dead of the night he adored his Maker till his legs swelled. The next morning he was busy meeting with delegation and heads of the tribes who came to see him, solving problems and settling disputes. An English historian, Bosworth Smith, writes: “We don not find in the pages of history a man like Muhammad who performed triple duties at the same time.


He founded a nation, a religion and new a government system. Nowhere else can we find such a reformer”. In spite of all this, the Prophet (saw) never liked to be considered as a king. He despised the mere suggestion. No doubt; the Islam, the Holy Prophet (saw) brought to us, attached special importance to moral ethics, and because of these considerations, the Holy Quar’an contains relatively more verse regarding ethics as compared to verse related to obligation. Inside the books of narrations, one may find thousands of narrations regarding ethics as compared to narrations dealing with other topics; if this number is not regarded greater in quality, certainly it is not smaller either.


Therefore, in Islam and in the legacies of the Holy Prophet (saw), ethics constitutes the basics and should not be treated simply as secondary religious obligations or something related to the beautification and decoration of religion person as the Holy Prophet was quoted to have said that: “Do not Respect only excess of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, righteousness with other and vigil of some people (although they are important in their own turn).


Rather consider their “Honesty” and “Trustworthiness”. Study Islamic literatures, one will come to the realization of this basic fact; as most of us are used to prayers because, we grow up seeing our parents and community doing it. And if we consider the book of Fiqh (jurisprudence) we realized that, the attention and calmness that we are expected in prayers is often absent, due to hardship, worldly pursuance and sinful desires. But, what about, honesty and trustworthiness they are serious lacking in this contemporary life we are living. It is the most difficult treasure even among we Muslims and they are often neglected by we Muslims. 


Interestingly, looking at our contemporary realities as Muslims, can we beat our chest and shout aloud, that,we are adhering to the teachings and guardianship of the Holy Prophet (saw). Do we even know, understand and appreciate the persona of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his teachings beyond when his name is call we says, “May the peace of Allah be upon him and members of his family”; do we even understand the meaning of such words we mentioned when his name is call. Failure to understand and appreciate the life, legacies and moral conducts of the Holy Prophet (saw) is disbelief in itself.


Today, the Muslims found themselves in a very difficult situation because of the negligence, shortsightedness, and refusal to adhere to the teachings and guardianships of the Holy Prophet (saw) as commander by Allah (Swt). This goes in line with verse of the Holy Qua’ran 20: 124 where Allah was saying that; “He who turns away fromremembering Me, his life will be burdensome”. I think this just the situation we found ourselves as Muslims across the world. I think Allah (SWT) Has left us to ourselves to see if we can survived the global conspiracy and gang up against Muslims.  


This reminds me, about a comparative analysis between the Battle of Badr and Uhud. At the battle of Badr, the companions of the Holy Prophet (saw) were not only small in Number but, were ill prepared to face the biggest armies in the history of warfare. However, their faith and hope in Allah was so strong, that most of them used sticks and rudimentary weapons to defeats the mighty armies. Strong Faith and Hope in Allah as the last saviour and helper were the major catalysts to the victory during that period.


Unfortunately, during the battle of Uhud, some companions felt now with their numbers and a community in Madina, they don’t have to fear and some disobeyed the commands of the Holy Prophet (saw), and the end results was a huge defeat and some of them have to run away from the battle field leaving the Holy Prophet and few companions, which was a great sin in the Islamic standard of warfare. Importantly, the women later came to the rescues and fought a decisive battle and rescues the Holy Prophet (saw); which goes again to shows that, women role and responsibilities is not only for child bearing and sex, but, they can be useful in all ramifications of our daily life, as long as strictly adherence to the teachings of Islam.


So, drawing a lessons, for such historical antecedent, are we not now in the Uhud situation. Lack of unity, ill nature, pessimism, lying, cheating, hypocrisy, envy, conceit, enmity and hatred, breach of promise, treachery, miserliness, greed, fear of death, trust in someone order than on Allah, generosity, altruism, lack of collaboration, avidity, parsimony, malice, arrogance, ostentation, mendacity, tattling, and garrulity etc have become the defining factor of our Islamic life.


We have left Allah (SWT) and He has left us to our predicament. The blood of a Muslims around the world and Nigeria is no longer sacred; as the blood of animals or dog is far better and draw outcry that, the blood of muslims that are daily killed and mutilated in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, etc. We simply left the rope of Allah, and His messenger and follow our whims and caprices.


The unity and universal brotherhood that the Prophet (saw) have strived and suffered to build in Medina which spread around the world and made an everlasting impact on the life of the people is no longer attainable in our contemporary realities. We have failed to appreciate the good tidings Allah (Swt) has given to us in the Glorious Qur’an where Allah was saying “And help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression”.


Today, we are not only helping one anther in sins, but, immorality and silence of majority have made evil to strive. As mentioned early, the ignorant and dark Arab, people during the time of the Holy Prophet (saw) before the advent of Islam, not only respect and cherish honest and good people, but, also see him as an epitomes of beauty; that, is why they refers to the Holy Prophet (as) as the Trustworthiness.


But, today, in our present situation, good people are not only relegated to the background, but, your acceptance and respects in the eyes of the people depend on the material resource at your disposal. Leadership is given to the worst ruffians, idle, immoral and illiterate among us instead of good and passionate people with moral quality, knowledge and the fear of God, which are important ingredients for leadership recruitment and mentoringprocess.  

Interestingly, the society, values system and to some extend the people have all gang up to make sure good and honest people are not only weeded away, but, religious leaders who should knows better create opening and twist Quar’nic verses and created saying of the Holy Prophet (saw) (hadiths) to justify the oppressive and unjust tendencies and practice of leaders and their evil mechanization.


These ill advisers and conspirators by the Islamic clerics (Ulamu Sul), and traditional have now created an army of evil forces and leaders, who often justify their evil acts with religion coronation and justification. This is against the teachings and legacies of the Holy Prophet and the warning of Allah (SWT) when he caution the people that “And say to My servant that they speak that which is best. Surely, the Shaitan sows dissension among them….. And you shall speak to men good words”.


In the history of Ignorant Arab people before Islam, we have never had of people killing people for rituals and other diabolical means for power and prestige; the only story is the burying of female gender, due to the fact that, she is not a productive being in the society, which Islam and the benevolence Prophet (saw) stop, giving women their rights and dignity. But, in our contemporary life as Muslims, we see people killing and mutilating bodies and souls of innocents’ people for rituals and other cultist and fetish rituals. Really man has over step his boundaries by killing God servants. Unfortunately, the Muslims who have a code of conducts have joined in this fetish ritual putting their hopes and aspirations not on Allah, but, on these diabolical and fetish measures for worldly salvations and improvement in their economic and political status.


I most confess and agree to the fact, that, the contemporary global order is not just unjust, but, aimed at wiping Islam from the faces of the earth, if the growing killing and war against Muslims and Islam is anything to go by. This injustice and deliberate provocations have aggrieved millions of Muslims around the world. The emergence of insurgencegroups and suicide bombing a counter revolutionary measures to tackle this growing insensitive and recklessness has widen the scope of insecurity and the way Islam is being perceived and analyze. To my mind, going these directions is an act of cowardice and only shows lack of understanding on the ethos and approach of the Holy Prophet (saw). The contemporary global order as championed and co-ordinate by the international Zionism, is fully entrenched and sophisticated, attempts to fight it with the use of raw power alone, will only repeat the history of Uhud battled.


What Muslims needs is to go back to the basis, of the steps and teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) in his campaign and great jihads. It is interesting to say, Islam is a defensive religion, not offensives as our various defeated brothers have often projected, from the like of Osaman Bin Laden to now our current menace Boko Haram. Lack of adherence to the prophetic teachings has been the stumbling blocks to success of these passionate Muslims, who thought their powers alone can assist them to defeat global hegemonic epicenter of injustice and gang up against Islam.


The Prophet never rose up against the ignorant and unbelievers in Mecca, until they did first did. He concentrated his energy and time, in disseminating, teaching, and guardianship of the people on the Islamic monotheism; while at night continue building solid relationship and hope in Allah as His saviour, helper and sources of victory. Teaching the people Islamic monotheism in theory and practice, building and strengthening the faith of the people towards Allah alone as the source of their victory, saviour, helpers, and guiding and strengthening the moral conducts, unity, brotherhood, solidarity and love among the companion; building a distinctive community in Madina of different races, tribes, and clans living in peace and harmony with each other, never anticipated in the history of the world civilization.


In Madina Nabiyi (the city of the Prophet (saw) the strength of faith and moral conducts was the basis of the spread ofIslam to other part of the world and made its impossible for the city to be conquered by enemies. I think in our contemporary time, Imam Khomeini the teacher and guardian of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was the torchbearer who follows the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (saw) that, is to my mind, why Allah gave him victory unanticipated in the political and historical development of the world revolutionary struggles. To my mind, this is the missing link in all the agitations of the various insurgence groups from Osama Ibn Laden’s Al-Qeada network to Boko Haram. They have failed to understand that in changing the status quo with raw powers and insurgence alone will not achieve the desire results, but, only ended up, in serving as means to fight Islam, and destroyed the sympathy and solidarity among global community by the international Zionism and their agents.


And also, I think, most of the insurgence group including the Boko Haram groups, failed to understand the contemporary global situation. The Prophet (saw) vividly understand his time and its challenges and uses the existing structures and institutions to send his message. Imam Khomeini (RH) also, understood his time and strive to safe Islam from disappearance and humiliation and ignited the Islamic renaissances, we are witnessing today and send fear and discomfort in the hearts and souls of International Zionists, about the resurgence of Islamic consciousness and values in the heart of Muslims. Islamic resurgence and consciousness is the biggest enemies to global hegemonic centre and international Zionism.


Thus, the need for strategic scheming to destabilize and conspire against the exportation of the Islamic revolutionary values, ethics and consciousness with the complicity of the Saud family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab leaders. Unfortunately, their fears and anxieties were short-lived if thecurrent Islamic reawakening taking placing in the Arab world is anything to go by.            


The contention is that, Islam is spread through moral conducts and strengthening tides with Allah than this cowardice attitude of suicide bombing and killing of innocent people.  Faith and hope must be on all Allah, and conducts ourselves according to his sanctions laws and instructions and see how our enemies will be afraid of us. Allah (SWT) caution the Muslims that: “But do not fear them and fear Me if you are believers…….. That Allah might know who fears Him in Secret”. In another verse, Allah was calling on the people to say, that: “Say: nothing will afflict ussave what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Patron, and on Allah let believers rely”


 Dear brothers and sisters where is our conscience and beliefs on the power and mercy of the Magnificent, All conquering and Omniscient King of King, the Saviour, Helper and owner of Victory and courage Allah (SWT). Are these words of the Holy Qur’an not sufficient for us in this contemporary challenge we found ourselves.

Was it not the Holy Prophet (saw) that informed us that; “Know that if the whole community should make a united effort to benefit you in any matter, they would not benefit you in anything except what Allah (SWT) Has prescribed for you, nor where they make a united effort to harm you in any matter, they would not harm you in anything except what Allah (SWT) Has prescribe for you. The pens have been lifted and the pages are dry”   


I must say, without fear of contradictions that, the biggest enemies of Muslims today are the Muslims themselves; not par say Zionism or American or Israel as Imam Khomeini will say, “That Muslims are not scared of the hollow commotion from the oppressive media, the castles, military, and political wings of the arrogant powers of the world; they are like spider webs: weak and falling.

The biggest challenge facing the Muslims is unity among adherence. The lack of universal unity, brotherhood, solidarity, collaboration, consensus, compromise and direction, has often been the tools the enemies of Islam uses to divide and conquer the Muslims nations along sectarian and economic and state lines.


This crisis eminent from the issues of egotism and self loves from the various leaders and followers in the Muslims world. These leaders and their cronies among the Muslim clerics not only caged their people from understanding, appreciating and interacting within themselves on the really ethos of Islamic through dialogue and discussion, but, unfortunately, some of these so called Islamic leaders find comfortable to rather aligned themselves with the enemies of Islam to destroyed another Islamic country than to come to the aid of such nation.


The dynamics and geo-political alignment against the Islamic Republic of Iran by mostly, Arab Gulf state underscore the reality and hypocrisy of our Islamic ethos and the universal brotherhood the Holy Prophet (saw) have often admonished us to hold unto. This is unIslamic and will definitely, further polarize and destroy the ethos and unity and solidarity of the Muslims and Islam.


Ironically, the Islamic world was blessed with all the essential resources to control the world economies. God in his effective mercy situated the most vital mineral resources that the whole world depends on for its continuing existence on the shores of the Muslims world. And also, gave the Muslims world the major water ways (The Persian Gulf, The Nile, Horn of Africa, Mediterranean Sea, The Gulf of Aden, The straits of Homuz etc) that, global resources, good and services navigate for economic development and maintenance of the global lifestyle and environment. But, unfortunately, the Muslims leaders could not or refuse to utilize these resources for their own advantage, development and protect their religions against ruffians and bandits that are armed bent on destroying Allah’s religion. This reminds me about the observations and the counseling of Imam Hafiz Saphie of Sarajero

(Bosnia) who was quoted to have said “if the Muslims countries that are dealing with oil stopped their tankers just for one day, the West will start acting in different way”.  This is the powers Allah (SWT) Has given to us as Muslims. Was it not the Qur’an that informs us that “have you no considered how Your Lord dealt with the possessors of the Elephant? Did He not cause their war to end in confusion” Q105:1-2.


It seem our sinful and worldly indulgence have made most of us to forget about the teachings and promise of Allah and His Message (saw) as defined and narrated in the Holy Quran> Allah (SWT) has promise His pious servants that;”Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that they will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as he made rulers those before them.

And that he will most certainly establish for them their religion, which he has chosen for them. And that he will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me, and whoever is ungrateful after this, these it is who are the transgressors”. And Allah has also told us, that: “Allah does not change the condition of any people until they first change what is in their hearts” (Surah Al-Ra’ad 13:11).                        


That is why the Islamic Reawakening in the Muslims words is the direct answers to the appeal of Imam Ruhullah Khomeini the leader and guardian of Islamic revolution in Iran, when he admonished the Muslims around the worldthat “Muslims must think about training, controlling, and correcting the leaders of some countries. They must use advice or warnings to wake them up from their expensive sleep which is killing them and the interests of the Islamic nations. They must not be unaware of the danger of the hypocrites and those who work for the arrogant powers of the world.


They should not sit on their hands and watch the destruction of Islam and the usurpation of their capitol, interest, and Islamic women.’’ The fall of various Pharaohs from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and other places shows the dexterity and victory that awaits Muslims if we adhered to strictly toIslamic principles as taught and practices by the Prophet (saw) and members of his family.

I really want to say, if the Muslims world stayed aloof and watch the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the current debacles and global gang-up, due to their inclination to Shiasism that we disperse so much; this will seriously have negative consequences on the future of Islam just like it happens with the Ottoman Empire. The current geopolitical strategy and gang up against the good and spirited people of Islamic Republic of Iran reminiscent the strategies of the old order against Muslims during the now rested and collapsed of the Ottoman Empire. We should remember Allah has promised to raise people that will fight for His religion and protect it whether we like it or not. Allah was saying: “O ye who believe! If any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will loves as they will love him, lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, which   He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and he knoweth all things Q5:54.    

Therefore, there are a lot of lesson to learn from the legacies and teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) and reshape our contemporary challenges as Muslims and sincere humanity. Once a person began to shudder at the Prophet’s majestic dignity upon approaching him, he sees the elegance of beauty, moral conduct, simplicity, patient, forgiven heart, sincerity, tolerance, understanding, optimism. Endurance, composure, modesty, pardon and condonation, courage, strong will power, chastity, conscientious guidance, Fear and hope on Allah alone as His helper, saviour and friend.


The apostle (saw) appeased him and us by comparing his own life with that of the poorest among the poor. He was quite a simple man in his manners and norms of living. While building his house, he worked side by side with the labourers. He shopped for his family and for his neighbours as well.

Forgiveness was the salient feature of his character; fortitude. Determination, sacrifice and compassion were his conspicuous virtues. His action agreed with  what he taught and his teachings are reflected in his deeds. His speech was comprehensive. His short sentences contained such principles and suggestions as could guide humanity in very phase of life.


I think whatever, we say about the Holy Prophet (saw) it will be a tip of the iceberg, as our  knowledge are limited to understand and rational and the secret between him and his creation.  The reality is that, we cannot finish writing and discussing his virtues, attributes and manners and morality. I think the only thing we cannot call the Holy Prophet (saw) is to either call him God or the Son of God, but, any good attribute and exceptional wisdoms and wonders he created and exhibited was a classical example of his sight and position in the side of Allah (SWT). He still remain the best and the most honour creation in the sight of Allah (SWT).


Not only Allah Adored, and preserved him as his last messenger and his people the best of all community; but, all the known Prophets have prayed to Allah (SWT) to make them among his followers; that is why the Prophet of Islam is the seal of all messengers from Adam to Jesus Christ (as).       


Although, we cannot questioned God for taking you away on Monday, the 28th of Safar of the year 11 A.H, but, your everlasting legacies, teachings, guardianship, characters, and mercy will be the shining light till eternity. Islam is a complete religion, we don’t need to follow the cowardice steps of Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram to fight for the rejuvenation of our religion, because it is unIslamic to killed innocent people who are also suffering from the hardship and frustration of their existence, but, to show them moral virtues and different perspective of Prophetic teachings, guardianship, and manners to showcase the beauty of Islam.


 We must rediscover and seeks the Beauty, Magnificent, Help and Hope in Allah as our Saviour and owner of Victory against global vampires and bandits.  No doubt; these various unIslamic tactics will only further the antics and strong holds of the enemies of Islam to portrait the Islamic religion and Muslims in bad light.


Brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity let return to the creed of Islam and the teachings, guardianship, and legacies of Allah’s apostle (saw) and the community he built. We must rediscover our voices of unity, brotherhood, collaboration, solidarity and charity that Islam is known for.

Sectarianism, egotism, self love, insults and blackmails of each other will not take us anywhere but, only further and strengthened the hands and evil mechanism of our enemies to divide and destroy us the more.  


Inherently, we have nothing to pay and thank Allah for such a mercy and benevolence by given us the Holy Prophet (saw) and making us Muslims than to continue to adhere to legacies, virtues, moral conduct and teachings and holds on to the rope you have left for us, (theQuran, Your teachings and that of your family) till we attain the level of perfection and spiritual purifications. As for most of us, we feel there is need to celebrate such an important day, in other to reminds, nurture and internalized these teachings in our life and that of our family members. Allah Has told in various verses of the Holy Qur’an to rejoice for the favour of given us the Holy Prophet (saw) as a mercy and blessing to humanity. Allah says: “O for mankind!


There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (i.e Qur’an enjoining all that is good and forbidding all that is evil and who brought the Qur’an (the Holy Prophet (saw) of course)) and a healing that (disease of ignorance. Doubt, hypocrisy and differences) which is in your breasts – a guidance and mercy (Messenger explaining lawful and unlawful things) for the believers…. Say: “In the Bounty of Allah and in His Mercy (i.e Messenger (saw) which he brought Islam and the Quran to mankind); therein let them “rejoice” that is better than what (the wealth) they amass” Qur’an 10:57-58. And Allah also, calls the attention of His servants “And proclaim the Grace (The Holy Prophet (saw) of You Lord Q93:11”.  


Therefore, we do not know any Grace of our Lord and how to rejoice on the mercy and blessing of Allah (SWT) than being in the community and adherence of the religion of the seal of the prophet (saw); that, is why in line with the command of Allah (SWT) we rejoice on this day and forever remain grateful for the Birth of the Holy Prophet (saw).

We believe it is through celebrating your birth day, with fiestas and elaborates gathering to discuss your legacies and teachings that will continue to remind us and strengthen our faith and hope about your legacies, teachings, and guardianship. We will not allow this great day to pass by like a whisper without showing to the whole world that once upon a time a light and a mercy of mankind was raise in the desert of the Arabia peninsula. He came, saw, thoughts, guide, and conquered the heart and souls of humanity not necessarily with the swords as the enemies of Islam will want us to believe, but, by his moral conducts and pure religious teachings; thereby heralding the world and humanity with his sunshine, beauty, forbearance, teachings, guardians that shows humanity the way to be at peace and harmony with each others.


Happy Birthday Oh Prophet of Allah; Happy Birthday Oh confidant of Allah, Happy Birthday oh the Intercession of sinners on the Day of Judgment; Happy Birthday Oh He whom Allah has Glorified; Happy Birthday Oh the Quencher at that Fountain (al-thauthar) where the thirsty are gathered; Happy Birthday Oh the most Generous among the First and the Last; may my life and that of family be sacrifice for you. Oh Allah Bless upon our Chief, our Beloved, and our intercessor Muhammad, the “ha” of rahmah, the “Meem” of Mulk, the “dal” of dawan, (that constitute mercy, kingdom, and continuity).


Bless him, the perfect, the Victorious, the Final Chief. Whenever those who remember, remember You, they remember him to. And whenever the negligent forgot to remember You, they forget to remember him too. May these blessing be continuous in Your continuity, permanent in Your permanency. May they not end, and in like manner send your blessing upon his progeny, and his companions. Verily, You are powerful over every thing and most worthy to answer.


Congratulation to all Muslims and mankind around the world for witnessing this great day and month of mercy, and blessing to all mankind. May Allah make the legacies and teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) a guiding light for us in this turbulent time for all Muslims and humanity, who are been killed, mutilated and destroyed through the evil mechanization of the evil forces who spread hates, mistrust, confusion, poverty, hopelessness, conflicts and war among God created servants for their selfish interests.


I will like to say, without fear of contradictions that, in the life, legacies, teachings, and moral conducts of the Holy Prophet (saw) lies the solution to our contemporary global challenges for both Muslims and humanity. Happy Birthday Oh Imam of the Pious and Seal of all prophets (as), may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you, progeny and your righteous and spirited companions and congratulation to all mankind once again.


 Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

Writes from Wuse Zone 4,



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Note:This is just few lines from me the wretched and sinful servant of Allah as my insignificant contribution to our  understanding of Islam and the persona of the Holy Prophet (saw), that, I feel my generation really have not digested nor understand and appreciate as it is supposed to. I accept all mistake in this writing up, as a direct representation  of my limited knowledge, please, feel free to really criticize this works so that, I can tap from the reservoir of knowledge among my brothers and sisters in humanity via my email address or Facebook page. May Allah strengthen our faith through the love, compassion, tolerance, moral uprightness and faith in Allah alone as exemplify by the Seal of all Prophets (saw) and make us among the inheritance of His wisdom, knowledge and the blissful paradise as captured in the Glorious Qura’an Suratul Al-Fajr 89:28-30, where Allah was saying “Come back to your Lord – well pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing (unto Him)….. Enter you then among My (Honoured)slaves … And enter you My Paradise!” Amin