Saturday, January 28, 2023
Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's Closing Speech in B/kebbi PDF Print E-mail

After succinct recap of the events of the conference by Malam Abubakar Nuhu, Sheikh Zakzaky delivered his speech which covered the various topics discussed earlier on by various speakers. Commenting on the topic of Moral virtues and good conduct, Sheikh Zakzaky reiterated that one’s actions personify him. He called upon Muslims generally and especially those in attendance to aspire to put in practice the teachings of Islam with sincerity. On the issue of knowledge, Sheikh emphasized that the purpose of knowledge is to put it into action. He therefore called on the members at the conference to seek knowledge and act accordingly.

While commenting on the issue of Awareness, it was emphasized that a Muslim is supposed to be current with his time, because no matter what level of knowledge one may possess he may not be relevant if he is unaware of his time. Another aspect of the conference touched by Sheikh Zakzaky was the issue of marital life. He lamented on the manner some Muslims conduct their marital affairs, reverting to cultural way of life as against what has been prescribed by Islam. He particularly observed how the Muslim women are at the receiving end when it comes to domestic affairs. The Sheikh therefore called on the participants to adjust and make up.

The last aspect of Sheikh’s speech was on the Islamic Awakening. He noted that oppression as a basic factor that led to the uprisings in the Arab countries is also prevalent here in Nigeria. He therefore called on the participants of the conference to be vigilant and keep an open eye over the awakening that is in the making lest it should be hijacked by the enemies of Islam.