Saturday, January 28, 2023
Sayyid Speaks on Life, Struggle and Martyrdom of Imam Hassan(AS) PDF Print E-mail

The gathering was attended by thousands of people. In His speech the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria spoke on life, struggle and martyrdom of Imam Hassan(AS), the great Imam whose life was full of troubles, yet unknown to many.


The lecture covers his treaty with Mu’awiayh, his Will to Imam Husain(AS), his sublime qualities and his martyrdom which was on 7th of Safar 49 AH, according to some sources.


Peace Treaty with Mu’awiyyah.


Sayyid Zakzaky spoke on peace treaty of Imam Hasan(AS) and Mu’awiyyah which he said the role played by Imam Hassan(AS) would have been the same role to be played by Imam Hussain had it even he was in the same situation as his brother adding that Imam Hasan made a treaty with Mu’awiiyah in the interest of Islam and to avoid bloodshed as Mu’awiyah had sworn that even if all lives of Muslims would be lost he would not leave the affair to Imam Hasan(AS). Some of the conditions of the Peace Treaty between Imam Hasan and Mu'awiya reads thus: "Hasan bin Ali makes Peace on the condition that he will not be under an obligation to call Mu'awiya, the Commander of the Faithful; that Imam Ali and members of Ahlul Bayt(AS) will henceforth not be cursed;  that regular prayers, zakat and Hajj will be established and other religious obligations; That Mu’awiyyah will hand over the Leadership to Imam Hasan(AS) and or Imam Husain in case Imam Hasan died before Mu’awiyyah ". Mu’awiyyah accepted all the conditions.

However, after Mu’awiyyah got what he wanted, he violated all the conditions set. He ordered for the continuation of insult and curse against Imam Ali(AS) in towns and cities. He later imposed his son Yazid on Muslims against the conditions set in the treaty. However, people continued to visit Imam Hassan all the time to the extent their number kept increasing. Upon hearing how people go to Imam Hasan’s house, Mu’awiyyah saw this as a threat and therefore ordered for a poison from the king of Rome.

Imam Hasan(AS) was poisoned not only ones. However, Mu’awiyyah ordered for a special poison which kills instantly from the King of Rome.  Though the king of Rome opined that ‘ we don’t wage a war against he who doesn’t wage war against war”  Mu’awiyyah  persuaded the King through false allegation against the holy Imam(AS).

 Mu’waiiyah then told the wife of Imam Hasan Ja’adah ‘feed him with poison I will arrange for you to marry my son Yazid ’. She accepted the offer; though, Mu’awiyah refused after she succeeded. The woman prepared a drink with the Poison to break his fast with. He started vomiting immediately after breaking the fast. Imam didn’t die immediately as he lived 40 days afterwards.

In another part of his speech Sayyid Zakzaky cleared the misconception about Imam Hasan(AS) in which some his lofy status were covered, not only that, some fabrications were made against the holy Imam. Example of such fabrications include his being described as midlaq ( a constant divorcer of wives)- a fabrication which lacks logic in all ramification.

Imam Hassan’s Will and burial.


When Imam Hassan’s days in the world drew closer as result of the effect of the poison, he left a Will to his brother Imam Husain(AS) telling him to, among other things,  prepare him and face his body towards the holy Prophet(SAWA), and then he should take him to Sayyidah Fatimah(SA). He also told Imam Husain(AS) that no blood should be spill because of me concerning my burial.

Imam Husain(AS) wanted to burry Imam Hasan(AS) near the Prophet(SAWA). Marwan went to Humairah and said to her your father will be forgotten if you allow that burial of Hassan near the Prophet(SAWA). She then asked on what to do. Marwan advised her  go and stop them from doing so. She rode on  ass and Umayyads followed her. Then she declared “by God, the body of a person I don’t like will never be buried in my room”. So, Imam Hassan was taken to Baqi cemetery as reported by Ibn Abbas(RA). Ibn Abbas already warned her, as she rode on ass, against causing another event similar to battle of Jamal. She replied to him to mind his way.

When Imam Hassan was being taken to Masjid for funeral prayer, Aisha came out riding an Ass, with her were fighters who were ready to shed blood. She even said that she won’t allow the body of a person she hates to be buried in her room. 70 arrows were removed from the body of Imam Hasan which they shoot. Upon seeing this Imam Husain(AS) declared that his brother has left a will that no single scratch or blood should spilled because of him. Therefore, his body was then taken to Baqi where he was buried.

On the mourning of Imam Hassan(AS), Sayyid Zakzaky while citing ahadeeth of the Ai’mmah(AS), said whoever weeps for  the martyrdom  of Imam Hasan(AS) his eyes shall never go blind; whoever expresses sorrow for him his heart shall never be in sorrow of the Day of Judgment; who ever cries for the Imam his legs shall not stumble on Sirat .

After the lecture matam for Imam Hassan(AS) was read by Brother Mustafa. Ziyara of the Imam was recited by Sayyid Zakzaky followed by closing prayer.