Saturday, January 28, 2023
Affliction of Prophets, Imams is to Raise Thier Status PDF Print E-mail

Sayyid Zakzaky spoke on wisdom behind the sufferings of Prophets, Imams and righteous servants of Allah. He explained that Prophets are chosen servants of Allah to guide mankind.

To have belief in them will lead person to felicity while disobeying lead to hell. So, they are not given victory in all occasions as they lose some times and the wisdom behind this it to test people. Wisdom is to avoid taking them as gods as every power belongs to God.  This is the case with holy Imams too. 

The prophets (SA) suffered many afflictions from their people; but they displayed highest form of perseverance. Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) said the highest afflictions and difficulties are with the Prophets followed by righteous men-according to their status. They are the best and as such the suffering is the worse as lofty status is relatively in line with difficulties and trial. The suffering and trial under went by the Prophets did not leave room for people to call them gods.

Likewise when it comes to reward it is of two types-the reward for deeds as compensation of works and rewards which God gives to a servant out of His mercy. Another thing is that having a lofty position with God has nothing to do with being wealthy or poor. The works of God are based on highest level of wisdom. So, what happened to Ahlulbayt(AS)  was not for sin they committed , rather it is to raise their status that is why they were inflicted with different hardships and trials.

Yazid in his palace said to Imam Zainul Abidin(AS) ‘ what happened to you is the fruit of your action citing the verse Any disaster that strikes you is through what your own hands have earned (Shura: 30)´ Then the Imam answered him that the verse was not reveal on AhlulBayt (AS)- the verse for Prophets, AhlulBayt and righteous servants reads “No calamity strikes in the earth nor in your selves but that was in a book since before We created it (i.e. the event). That is easy for Allah.] Qur'an 57/22”

So, the afflictions of Prophets (AS) and Imams(AS) are to raise their status. Also the forgiveness they seek from Allah is not because of sins they committed rather, their status is elevated by it. They are infallibles. All the calamities of Prophets and God-chosen servants is with the knowledge of Allah, it is not that the perpetrators overpowered or maneuvered Allah. The Victims could avert it with supplication to God. And if they did they could not reach the lofty positions with God.

Had it been Allah imposed Prophets (AS) on people every one would submit to them, which means everyone would be admitted into paradise including the enemies of the Prophet. However, everyone is allowed to expose his mind and to determine his fate.

Clearly, the enmity of the holy prophet(SAWA) by unbelievers I Makka was transferred to his son Husain(AS). At the beginning of Islam, they enemies felt that Religion was imposed on them; they planned all plots to kill the Prophet, in vain. They even followed him to Madina with war. The mission in the battle of Badr was to kill the Holy Prophet(SAWA). They gathered 1000 troops against the Prophet and his handful followers. They lost.

In the Battle of Uhud they wanted to eliminate the Prophet, Ali and Hamzah. However, their aim was not achieve as they only killed Hamzah. In the battle of Handak there were 10000 men against the prophet and 700 Muslims. The enemies lost too. Likewise in Hunain, where  God dispersed them.

While in the case of battle of Jamal which occurred after the demise of the Prophet(AS), the mission was to kill Ali, Hasan and Husain(AS). These three were their target in the battle of Sifin too, but all in vain. By their action, they deserved the highest position in the hell as their victims deserved the highest status in Paradise.

Killer of Imam Husain is no doubt the killer of the Prophet. In the hellfire there is a ‘lofty’ position which cannot be attained except with this type of crime they committed and as such they deserved it. It is said that the place in the hell where the killers of Imam Husain(AS) will be placed will be a source of punishments and torment to unbelievers; and the people in hell will continue to curse the killers of the Imam for this.

Day of Revenge is coming. Should Imam Husain(AS) raised again he will get killers again, as they are always available.

In conclusion of the lecture Sayyid Zakzaky expressed that Tests and Trials are always scale of attaining to lofty status in the hereafter.

After the leture and sunset prayers, matam was performed where karbala episode is read. Ziyara of Imam Husain(AS) and the Supplication of kumail were recited by Sayyid Zakzaky.