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Sayyid Zakzaky Speaks on the Significance of Sound 'Thought' PDF Print E-mail

Lecture of Sayyid Zakzaky at the closing ceremony of the 3 day conference organized by Sisters and Academic Forums of the Islamic Movement held in Keffi , Nasarawa state.

The closing lecture was delivered on Sunday the 20ht of Nov. 2011 at Keffi State University Auditorium. During the 3-day conference, scholars  delivered speeches  on various aspect of the Islamic Movement.

After normal Salutation, the Leader of the Islamic Movement, Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky started his speech on the significance and importance of ‘Thought’.  He described  ‘Thought’  and ‘ Intellect’ as best scale given to human by God adding that the Holy Qur’an implore people to apply reason in many verses. Reasoning plays great role in human actions as it controls them; it directs human action in accordance with his level of knowledge and understanding. Mischief makes always try to corrupt human Thought and intellect in order to misled him and perpetuate their agenda. Sound ideology is very important, without which people can be misled, sheikh added.

To have sound Thought and Intellectual capacity one must fully understand his era and time. The Unbelievers of Makka fully comprehend the mission of the Prophet but rejected him because they fully understood its implications. According to the Quraish, the Prophet would lead People thereby leaving them without power.

Intellectual war against Islam.

Sayyid Zakzaky further said there is intellectual and physiological war waged against Islam in many ways. The notion that religion is personal or individual affair has been described By Sayyid as one of the wars waged against Islam. They did this to separate politics from religion. The enemies now waged war against Islam  by equating it to terrorism, he noted.

Another problem is that people are misinformed. Their brain is full of misinformation even among the so called intellectuals; some of them have nothing but intellectual rubbish. The only remedy to this is to clean their brain of all the rubbish and prepare them for fresh knowledge. Sound ideology, Thought and Intellect are areas where Members of the Movement differ from the rest.

Another issue explained by the Sayyid is lack of reasoning on the part of people, to the extent that they don’t even understand the System running their affairs. A System is something invisible, so people just look at the Leader; and to make people comprehend this becomes a difficult task. People in other countries understand the System but here it is not understood, he expressed.

 The task of the Islamic Movement is to educate people to differentiate a System from a Leader; to also explain to people the Islamic system of government which is all encompassing as Islam is an ocean which cannot be confined. Nothing is left without been explained because it is God’s system which is independent.

The enemies of Islamic now waged another form of Intellectual war on Islam by calling it Terrorism. In Nigeria they even said there is a group of Islamists which plant bombs. This kind of announcement shows that they are the ones planting the bombs. If someone announced possible bombs attacks, it shows that he is the one who will plant the bombs. The aim is to cast fear in some people to hate Islam and to make Muslims feel inferior.

Islamic Thought

Lack of sound Thought and high intellectual capacity is bad. People need sound Thought as human body needs food, water, rest and exercise to nourish. Human needs to be fed with Fikra (Thought)  constantly as it moves with time.

The aim of the gathering and conferences we do is to impart Sound knowledge, ideology and Thought to people. This is the way to counter intellectual wars waged against Islam. Our enemies even produced Sheikhs and Scholars in laboratories who can even give verdicts on Islamic issues but are working against Islam. The enemies, at one time, even produced these Shaykhs for different countries like a Shaykh for Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan etc.. So, we have to know how the enemies’ work before we ca n counter them.

The task of Members is raising the intellectual level of people. Gatherings such as this will continue in order to keep souls alive and not to remain stagnant.

The programme was attended by Students, teachers and  lecturers from different institutions.