Thursday, December 8, 2022
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They need Leadership-  Malama Zeenah Ibraheem 

Malama Zeenah Ibraheem has mentioned that the Arab Revolutions that are in the making require a leadership and that there is one single Leadership which is that of Imam  Khomeini(QS) Under which Sayyid Zakzaky is.


She made the statement while delivering a lecture in Keffi during a joint conference organized by Academic and Sisters For a of the Islamic Movement in Keffi, Nasarawa state.

Malama Zeenah dismissed any idea like joining the current system to establish the Islamic System. It is the path of the Prophet and those that followed.

She also called on the revolutionaries around the globe not to derail by calling themselves moderates to please the West and America that they should say Islam and remain steadfast. They should also avoid their uprising being hijacked by the West and America.


Abdumumin Giwa reports