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Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria 7th Annual Conference held at Baqiyyatullahi Husainiyya, Zaria, between 14 -16th October, 2011.


Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria 7th Annual Conference held at Baqiyyatullahi Husainiyya, Zaria, between 14 -16th October, 2011.

1. Delegates attended the 7th Annual conference of the Islamic Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held between 14 – 16th October, 2011 to deliberate on the theme of this year’s conference: “The Conspiracy Against Nigeria”.

2. At this year’s conference topics exhaustively discussed included: “Understanding the current crisis in the country: A historical perspective”; “The North Africa and the Middle East uprisings: Lessons for Nigerians” and “The Boko Haram phenomenon”.

3. Paper presenters and discussants at the conference included Dr. Kabir Tsafe, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq, Prof. Dahiru Yahya and Mal. Muhammad Mahmud Turi. The closing speech was given by Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky.

4. We recognized that the country is in deep crises and faces a wide range of threats from within and without. These odds against Nigeria, in many regards are of such magnitude and extent that predicting its future is difficult to many. We further recognized that from the outset Nigeria has been a product of series of historical mistakes and accidents, which has hindered its emergence into a nation. This we further observed was made worse through series of inept administrations from colonial through military and civilian misrule.

5. We identified that the current crises faced by the country is as a result of socio-economic injustice prevalent in the society. We observed for instance that whereas governments across the globe are conceding to the demands of their respective citizens following uprisings and revolts in some other parts of the world, in Nigeria there appears to be an open display of insensitivity to the feelings of the populace manifested by considerations to increase the pump price of petroleum products in the country.

6. We further recognized that the emergence of “Boko Haram” in the country, like many other groups before it that use violence as a means of seeking redress, is a result of this misgovernance and social injustice. We further identified that but for the meaning given to life by the Islamic movement in Nigeria, most of the youths in the country would have been engulfed in the “Boko Haram” trend.

7. We identified that there were lessons to be learnt from the events in the Middle East and North Africa. We observed that it is possible for the masses to change repressive regimes no matter how powerful and entrenched they seem. However, any such popular uprisings must have a principled root and guided leadership  to be meaningful and beneficial to the masses.

8. We fully identify with the struggle of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, which we believe solely has the key to solving the myriads of problems facing the country. We reiterate our commitment to this struggle as guided by Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky for the complete overhaul of the repressive systems in the country that are leading us to wretchedness and hopelessness as a country.

9. We reaffirm our determination to proffering solution to these innumerable crises in the country, which clearly only the Islamic Movement has. This because, we strongly believe that it is possible for Nigerians, irrespective of our differences, to work together towards building a country that would be the pride of all.