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Re-Ban El Zakzaky Sect-Zaria Residents beg FG

Re-We complied with rules of engagement in Zaria stand-off -GOC

PRESS RELEASE FROM IHRC LONDON: Nigeria: Army looking to frame Islamic Movement

The Federal Question And The Army’s Massacre of Shiites in Zaria, By Adeolu Ademoyo

That El-Rufai’s phony broadcast

Press Conference On Quds Day Massacre 2014 by Sheikh Zakzaky on July 26, 2014. Those in atendance were FRCN, Blue Print, Aminiya, Leadership, Queen FM, Nagarta Radio, Reuters, and Almizan.

List of Quds Martyrs

IMN Sheikh pays Sallah homage to Muslim clerics in Zaria

By Shaheed Abu Muhammad
A prominent Scholar member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello, along with some other members of the Movement paid courtesy visits to leading Muslim clerics in Zaria city on Saturday as part of the traditional Sallah homage.

Free Zakzaky Rally in Jos

Free Zakzaky rally in Jos on 1st of Sept 2017 after Eid prayer.

IMN joins to mark the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has joined the activities marking the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances which was marked worldwide today 30th August, 2017.

Nigerian Army frets and lies following IMN petition to US government

Following the petition written to the US government by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria against the proposed sale of weapons to the current Nigerian government because of the military’s abysmal human rights records, the military through its spokesman has come out in a state of fret and irritation on BBC Hausa service to lie about the matter.

PRESS STATEMENT: Enforced Disappearances: Military must come out clear, not seek to attenuate reports

There were news items in many mainstream media outlets today that seek to cover a press statement issued by Amnesty International as part of activities marking the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

Free Zakzaky protest by students in Abuja on Wednesday/pics

By S. I. Ahmad
Students staged a free Zakzaky protest in Abuja on Wednesday the 30th of August 2017. They issued press statement after the protest.


By Yusuf M. Abdullahi
In the name of Allah who states “We called out to him, O Abraham! Though hast already fulfilled the dream! Thus indeed do We reward those who do right. For this was a clear trial. And we ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice” Q37: 100-104 

The Youths of the IMN Celebrate The Birthday Anniversary of Jesus Christ in Yola

By Auwal Sabati
The youth of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) organized the birthday anniversary of Prophet Isa the son of Maryam (AS) on  25th of Zul Qaada. The program was held at Teachers House (NUT), Yola. 

IMN Writes US Government: Don’t Sell Weapons or Military Hardware to Nigeria

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has written a letter of petition to the government of the United States of America (USA) urging them not to sell weapons or any military hardware to Nigeria.

Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Speaks on Enemies' Plot to Associate IMN with Terrorism:

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Sheikh Yaqoub Yayaha Katsina, Ameer, Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has debunked an old-aged scheme to associate Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) with terrorism.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria writes the President...picks faults with Presidential Investigation Panel into Military violations of Human rights

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has sent letter to the President and Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces stating their observations and expressing concerns pertaining to the recently inaugurated Presidential Investigation Panel to probe human rights abuses by the military in the country.


By Yusuf Magaji Abdullahi
In the name of Allah who states " surely the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah's ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right reckoning; therefore be not unjust to yourselves regarding them, .... " Q9:35 

Monguno's hate speech: Ebenezer Oyetakin wrote:

It is impossible for me to keep quiet ,when I noticed some form of arrant nonsense, in the name of security reports. I had tried frantically, to assist Government successively ,to define the accurate concept of security threat.

NSA Mongono’s hate campaign against IMN exposed

BY Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee
A recent report brought to our attention indicates that the National Security Adviser, Major General BN Mongono (rtd) addressed the National Economic Council last Thursday, 17/08/17 indicating the level of hate burning in his chest and evil scheme against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Gusau 2017: 3 day Zonal Youths conference wraps up

A three day Zone Conference for youths in Sokoto zone organised by the Youths Forum of the Islamic Movement Nigeria ended in Gusau on Sunday the 20th of Aug 2017 and had in attendance youths from far and near. Matters discussed in ethics and charecter building, seeking knowledge, sound ideology among others. The clsoig lecture was delivered by Sheikh Qasim Umar Sokoto

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Free Zakzaky Protests in Kano and Yola

Pictueres of free Zakzaky protests in Kano and Yola on Friday the 18th of August, 2017.

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Osinbajo’s Military Rights Abuse Commission: Dead On Arrival And Red Carded By Nigerians

By: Intersociety Nigeria,  18th August 2017.
The barrage of attacks and condemnations trailing the constitution and inauguration of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s Military Rights Abuse probe panel, which Mr. Acting President called “Independent Judicial Commission of Enquiry”; are not surprising to the leadership of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law.

Protest in Kaduna over Continued Detention Of Sheikh Zakzaky

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Thousands of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) took to the streets today in Kaduna calling for the immediate and unconditional release of their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

There are Numerous lessons from the life of Imam Ridha(AS)- Mansur Gumel

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad
During birth commemoration of Imam Aliy Al Ridha (AS), the 8th Successor of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), held on Monday the 14th August, 2017 at Farawa, Kano the special guest Mal Mansur Gumel highlighted on the exemplary life of Imam Al Ridha (AS).

Nigeria To Probe Armed Forces Abuse Of Human Rights And Violation of Rules Of Engagement

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Following the recent inauguration of Presidential Investigation Panel to review compliance of the Armed forces with human rights obligations and rules of engagement especially in local conflicts and insurgency situations by the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, the Panel has called for memoranda.

Badamasi Speaks on Sheikh Zakzaky's health

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Sayyid Sheikh Badamasi Yaqoub Zakzaky, a biological close-knit (younger brother) to his eminence leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky(H) discloses this in Kaduna on Sunday, 13th of August, 2017, during a spectacular event in memory of 2014 International Qudus Day martyrs held at Miyatti Allah, H/Rigasa Kaduna 

Highlight of 2014 Int. Quds Day Martyrs Remembrance in Kaduna

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
On Sunday, 13th of August, 2017, Kaduna zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) remembered the 33 Martyrs killed in cold blood, by former President Good Luck Administration on 25th July, 2014, in Zaria among which include the 3 paternal sons of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky(H).

AFIMN Conference in Bauchi wraps up on Sunday

By Khalid Idris
The confrence organised by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria closed on Sunday the 13th of Aug 2017. The closing lecture was Prof Dahiry Yahaya of Bayero University Kano. Pictues below:

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AFIMN Conference in Bauchi on the second day

The conference organised by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Bauchi on Saturday the 12th of Aug 2017. The speakers include Pastor Methosola Ndoma and Zainab Al-Ameen Dabo

Birth of Commemoration of Imam Ridha (AS) in Bauchi by Poet Group

By Khalid idris
The Poet Group of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria marked birth of Imam Ali ar-Ridah (alaihis salam) in Bauchi on Thursday thes 10th of Aug 2017 by reciting songs of praises of the holy Imam and his teachings.

AFIMN organises conference on Unity and interfaith dialogue

On Friday the 11th of Aug 2017 The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement (AFIMN )organised its annual August Conference on unity and interfaith dialogue. It began with a remakable lecture by Dr. Aliyu Tilde on 'How hate preaching is destroying the fabrics of unity in Nigeria'. 

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Daily Sit Out Demanding An End To The Killing Of Brothers And Zazaky's Release Commences In Abuja Today Wed the 17th of Jan 2018.


 SUPPORT A CHILD AND FAMILY OF MARTYRS. Donate now Please no amount is too small. Pay Direct,  Account Name: Shuhada Foundation, Acc. No: 1004801776, United Bank of Africa (UBA).

No Human Power Can Suppress the Will of the People. Oppressors shall get nothing but disappoitmnet, disgrace and shame. On Allah we Depend for Protection.


IMN Drags Army/ FG to ICC click here to download the 83-page  document

Press Conference on the Stand of the Islamic Movement on ElRufa'i So called Commission of Inquiry and the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and Followers

Professor Dahiru Yahya Writes to Justice Mohammed Lawal Garba Judicial Commission of Inquiry

“Our weapon is positive reasoning, truth and good conduct. Guns are for the reckless and foolhardy. We have been conducting our affairs peacefully, calling people to the truth for the last 36 years. So you cannot come overnight and attribute violence to us, that we now resort to killing people. This is impossible. We save lives, not kill them." -Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (h).




Attack on Husainiyyah

Nigerian Military First Attack Triggered Road Blockade 



Sheikh Zakzaky Interview with AlManar TV

On 25 July 2014 Nigerian soldiers attacked the annual al-Quds Day procession in support of Palestine in Zaria, a city in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. The following day, soldiers drove to the Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah and opened fire on supporters of the Islamic Movement within the precinct of the main building.
IHRC remembers the tragic event with the release of the new documentary: 'The Zaria Massacres'
Last year a fact-finding mission was sent by IHRC and led by chair Massoud Shadjareh. Complete with interviews, expert testimony and more; we attempt to unearth the reasons behind the horrific killings.




 Quds Day Killing by Nigerian Soldiers making headlines around the world

Placards displayed at Nigerian High Commission London on 28 July against Quds Day killings by Military.





Zaria Massacre

zakzaky needs treatment

"12 - 15 /12/2015 will ever be in my memory till I will be martyred too. On such Day Buhari sent a an Army general by name TANKO Burutai (the accused) to Gyallesu, Zaria where our leader lives, Husainiyyah, Darul-Rahma, Fodiya Islamic center Zaria and did what has never happened in world history. Our leader Syed Alzakzaky (H) was their target but God defeated their evil plans. Over thousand of his students were killed, his eldest sister Syedah Fateema YAQOUB Alzakzaky burnt alive, 3 more biological son of our leader killed, his properties destroyed, our brothers and sisters buried alive. Oh! God rewards Allamah Zakzaky (H) with Best of your rewards. May your tribulations befall those who took part in massacre. It happened just to pleased foreign interest. May your oppressive government collapse" H. Abdullahi


"During my brief encounters with Sheik Zakzaky at various times, I must confessed that, I'm yet to see any Nigerian that can claim to being more patriotic than him. He is a man of outstanding knowledge, sublime patient and excellent in sound mind and thought. Many see him from the point of religious leader and engage him in unwarranted and myopic rivalries out of jealousy. However, in him is much more than being a religious leader .He is a great organiser of people, who earned people's respect and adoration. His types can effectively lead a Nation. He is indeed a factor of national unity in Nigeria. I will never stop calling for His unconditional release. He should also be allowed to have access to best medical attention immediately. Someone certainly is deliberately mis-informing The President and Presidency on the truth about this National Asset called Sheikh Zakzaky."
Hon Ebenezer M Oyetakin

 “As far as I am concerned, the Zaria killing is a National disaster. I expected the President to have declared a national mourning, especially because of the number of people that lost their lives.“There is no way the President would not be held responsible because the buck stops at his table,” Bishop Kukah.

Interview with eyewitness on Army attack

Nigeria Report: Zaria Quds Day Massacres And The Role of the Military-download

Short Documentary on Sheikh Zakzaky

.....On Youtube

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