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In The Nation of Yes-Maniac Bootlickers…

by Mahfuz Mundadu 
When I wrote a rejoinder last week in response to the Tell’s Magazine, of what could most appropriately be described as some tell tales, little did I know that the tell tales of the Tell wasn’t Tell’s

With The Nation Newspaper joining the crowd of the yes-maniac bootlickers of the imperialist West and that appalling enterprise called Zionism, it is crystal clear that the bloodthirsty pseudo-security cum defense industry of… of cause the West,are itching for more innocent blood to continue to feed their insatiable thirstiness and ravenous appetite for more of everything at the expense of all. What else should we expect from a swarm of ego and its altar that is bedeviled with a Trojan horse of imperialist hoax? Nothing,but everything that represent an absurddemeanor.

About a week after the Tell magazine published its piece that was clearly yet desperately bent on portraying the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its revered leadership as a threat to the peaceful co-existence of this nation, The Nation Newspaper followed suit. This time around, not by using its own in-house “resource” persons, but through the lifting of an article originally written by one DarwitGiorgis, a “visiting fellow” with a Foundation for Defense of Democracy. With a P. O. Boxaddress of 33249, Washington D.C. 20033, it is evident that FDD is a “briefcase research institute” created by some armchair “research fellows.” If not, then the foundation must have been most disingenuous and deceitful at least by not measuring up to it’s guiding principles of: 1) providing cutting-edge research 2) Investigative journalism and 3) Public education.


The article titled“Nigerian Hezbollah Problem” written by the said author is a faultlessdemonstrationof my assertion. The piece is neither a product of research, talk less of being cutting edge; nor does it bare any semblance of investigative journalism. With that a stage was set to misinform and misguide the public with some barrage of half-truths, outright falsehood,falsification and mixing-up of facts.

The opening sentence reads: “Nigerian authorities last month arrested four Lebanese nationals in northern Nigeria on suspicion of having ties with Hezbollah.” It is rather ironical that a research fellow could not understand that if all Hezbollah are Lebanese that does not in anyway suggest that all Lebanese are Hezbollah. In any case the accused remain accused and thus presumed innocent, as the litigation is just unfolding. Yet our research fellow apparently has no discipline of a typical researcher that could have waited for the case to be conclusive before making any derivation. If for instance, the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh is a US citizen, and he is; then how would it look like to conclude that because Timothy McVeigh is a terrorist and a US citizen for that matter, all US citizens are terrorist? So the premise of the whole submission in the said article is erroneous, misleading and deceptive.

Any public commentator,talk less of a researchfellow ought to have known that when it comes to security challenges in Nigeria, government’s ineptitude is the singular reason why the good people of this great nation could not sleep with their two eyes closed.

The prominent armed insurgents from the Niger-Delta region of the country are all the familiar faces in the corridors of power under the present administration, yet Darwit sees nothing wrong and threatening about that. The sitting President has confessed that his government is infested with Boko-Haram elements, yet it is becoming a herculean task for same Commander-in-Chief to muster the needed courage and spill the beans. Moreover, anyone that is “good” in giving excuses is seldom good in anything else. When the unfortunate independence day bombing that led to the lost of innocent lives happened, impeccable evidences pointed to the MEND leader Henry Okar, yet our MENDacious President was quick to come to the defense of the indefensible. The person that the President ‘cleared” of all the wrong doings for all the wrong reasons was found guilty and convicted in South Africa. The last time I checked the President is yet to offer an apology to Nigerians for his executive thoughtlessness consequent upon a verbal diarrhea.

On the issues of terrorism on global scale, alqaeda is the biggest culprit of the moment. However, kindly click on this link: see the ugly faces behind the creation of this evil. It may equally interest you to know that the day the sad and unfortunate incidence of September 11 took place ALL the four thousand Jews having offices in either of the twin towers did not report to work. I have nothing against Jews but everything against the gangsters behind the monster called Zionism. Yet this is too good to be a sheer coincidence. Darwit get ready for a bumpy drive because I am about to give you some stunning conclusion. 1500 Engineers and Architects in the US conclude that this was a controlled demolition and not a structural failure as a result of the fire that engulfed the buildings when the jets exploded! Please check this link to see things for yourself: I mentioned this knowing fully well that your foundation came in to existence sequel to the 911 sad and unfortunate incidences.

Yes terrorism is bad and all hand must be on deck to fight it to a full stop. Regrettably the US led global fight on terrorism is not meant to stamp the menace but to destabilize other “non-conforming” sovereign nations. In proving this we need not to go far. Just look at the atrocities being perpetrated by the so-called Free Syrian Army and those that support them for you to be convinced that my conspiracy theory isn’t with out validation.

This brings us to the question if Hezbollah. The only “crime” that Hezbollah committed against the world arrogance and their army of puppets on the strings is one and only one “crime”. When the gangsters that usurped the nation of Palestine and renamed it Israel became bold and went ahead to invade Lebanon,countless UN resolutions condemned the act and directed Israel to end the occupation of Lebanon. As expected the gangsters refused. With the emergence of Hezbollah, the agents of coercion realized that not every genuinepeace-loving advocate subscribes to “turning the other cheek”. Not only that Hezbollah refused to turn the other cheek, it also became a master in the art of “speaking the language” that crooks and criminals in tel-aviv well understand. Two decades after the emergence of Hezbollah, Israel was disgraced out Lebanon. If there is any “crime” committed by Hezbollah beside this, our research fellow may wish to come up with his findings and stop talking through his hat.

In Nigeria the present and successive governments have been a colossal failure. Their cumulative ineptitude knows no bound. The recklessness of the leaders as well as their insensitivity to the flight of common man is legendary. While those that ought to have challenged the corrupt system became willing tools in the hands of the fraud called leaders, those with some traces of conscience resign themselves to “fate”. With that a stage was set for the oppressors to do, as they liked. However, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, a first class graduate of economics from one the most respected citadel of learning, AhmaduBello University Zaria, consciouslychooses to be an exception. He refused to remain silence. Mindful that the task before him is not only toughbut also tedious he decided to challenge the status quo.

In so doing he neither sugar-quotes no adulterates the message. He tells it as it is! He leaves nobody in doubt that the only condition for evil to flourish is for the men of conscience to do nothing. He clearly understands what it means to be successful. Success according to SayyedIbrahim Zakzaky does necessarily mean bringing animmediate end to the oppressive regime. Thought that may be well desired but the real success lies in being consistent with the call to freedom and justice. As anticipated the beneficiaries of the corrupt system felt threatened and thus resorted to persecution. To date Sheikh Zakzaky has never take up arms against the state or any individual for that matter. And he has never ever condoned it. When your strategy is geared towards appealing to human conscience and sense of reasoning, tones of arms are as useless as sacks of mosquito wings. Hold up arms people will surely run away from you. Appeal to their sense of reasoning and they will surely listen and identify with your cause.

His ‘weapon” if any, is the truth. Yet you do not expect the truth to be some music to the ears of those that feed fat on falsehood. He is not on a pillow talk mission, so it is understandable if the cheats are having some sleepless nights. Not out of fear of any harm, but knowing fully well that the “party” is about to be over. Two plus two equals four. That is true in Nigeria and so shall it be in the Islamic republic of Iran and any other place. The success of the Iranian revolution gives us a hope that tyranny will always has its limits. And with the coming of an end to the puppet regime of Shah the biggest loser in Iran was and still is Uncle Sam…If the biggest looser in Lebanon are the gangsters therein…and same gangsters have absolute control over the international media, then we shall always expect these frauds to misinform the unsuspecting minds that a victim of their aggression is the aggressor. The lies of WMD regarding Iraq are still fresh in our mind.


Remember, when pressTV“reveals” what the main stream media “covers” in Europe and America, the advocates of freedom of the press shamelessly shutdown pressTV and literarily chased it out of Europe. With that we saw the ugly faces of double standard. We have seen the true colours of the masters in the art of being “conscious of the truth while telling some carefully constructed lies”. Such lies are what Darwit peddled to us as an investigative journalism written by a research fellow. What a fraud! What a shame!!! What a disservice to the noble profession of journalism!!!So when The Nation Newspaper seemed to have metamorphosed in to the nation of bootlickers I can only but feel sorry andsympathetic to the puppet on the string.After all In The Nation of Yes-maniac Bootlickers…Zombie no go think unless you tell am to think!

    Mahfuz Mundadu