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IN MEMORY OF OUR MARTYRS: Shaheed Muhammad Turi

Shaheed Muhammad Turi was born in a decent and wealthy family on 7th July 1963 (15/2/1383A.H) in Zaria, Kaduna State of Nigeria. His father was the Chairperson of Vitafoam and Liason Company and was the manager of New Nigeria newspaper.He had a wife and six children.

Shaheed Muhammad Turi attended his primary school in Kaduna and obtained his secondary School certificate at FGC Sokoto. He then started his undergraduate program at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, but before his graduation, he and other brothers were indefinitely expelled from the school due to their participation in the Islamic activities in the school. However, he got another admission at University of Maiduguri and obtained a degree in accounting. He also studied Shari’a at International University of Africa, Khartoum. He attended some courses on Islamic studies and jurisprudence in Lebanon and Iran.
He was the representative of the brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Kano. He was among the outstanding active members of the movement. He has a distinctive, admirable and praiseworthy character worthy of emulation. He is a great example of sacrifice and devotion in the path of Allah.
He was martyred by the Nigerian army at the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in Zaria on 13th December 2015.
May Allah accept his martyrdom. Amin Yaa Allah ????