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Imam’s Week: Malam Ahmad Bello speaks on “Terrorism and Conspiracies against Islam”

By Shu’aibu I. Ahmad
In his speech at the annual Imam Khomeini’s week , Malam Ahmad Bello Who gave a lecture on ‘Terrorism and conspiracies against Islam’ said that part of the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam was the creation of barriers to distort the existing link and understanding that united the Muslim Ummah for a very long time.

Malam Ahmad Bello explained in detail how enemies of Islam and humanity associated Islam with terrorism in order to non-Muslims from understanding of the true teachings of Islam, citing examples of present state of affairs of the Muslim world.

He furthermore explained how Western imperialist terror cells are targeting the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by way of creating anarchy and chaos across the country to blackmail the Islamic Movement.

He however said, Allah has protected the Movement and its leadership, saying, “abiding by the teaching of the spiritual leader is the outmost priority because you will never fall into the trap of the conspirators”.  

Malam Ahmad Bello said, the strategies of the enemies to infiltrate the Islamic Movement in order to destroy it is impossible, as the Movement is an open association of people with no secret to hide.

So desperate the enemies under the government of Ebele Jonathan were to destroy the Islamic Movement and having failed in all strategies, he further explained, the enemies came out in their full identity on July 24, 2014, where they killed 34 members of the Movement, including 3 of the Sheikh Zakzaky’s sons.

He conclude that, “no matter how they conspire against the Movement,  Allah will always be there to protect it and frustrate their effort”.