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By Yusuf Abdullahi
….Therefore, man must rise against these fetters and chains of bondage and to challenge those who invite us to servitude, and to liberate ourselves and the community so that we may all be servants of Allah and submit ourselves to Him. It is for this reason that our social rules and regulations begin with OPPOSITION TO DESPOTIC AND COLONIAL POWERS……

In the name of Allah who states "O soul that art rest! Return to your Lord, well-pleased (with him), well-pleasing (Him), So enter among My servants, And enter into My garden" Q89:27-30
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His chosen servant, our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.
Let me start by extending a heart – felt condolence to the entire families of themultinational victims of Ukrainian airline mistakenly downed by the Iranian Air force amidst adventurism. A joint investigative machinery was already in action for a full investigation on the cause of the calamity and related issues. The incident was really unfortunate that we pray not to witness any such a tragedy anywhere in future. This article was circulated at the eve of 29th commemoration of Imam Khomeini’s demise, 3rd June, 1989. No doubt, hewas a great man of Allah who demonstrated his love and obedience to Him. He exceptionally succeeded in the struggle against the enemies of Islam, their local and international stooges at the era of advancement in science and technology. But for his Islamic revolution, no one could tell the destiny of Islam and Muslims especially in the Middle-east!Looking at the life, struggle and success of his uncircumstancial revolution, Allah says “….if ye turn back (from the path), He will substitute in your stead Another people; then they would not be like you” Q47:37. Abu Hurairah narrated as recorded by Imam al-Tabari, the companions asked the messenger; with whom should we be substituted if we turn back? He touched the shoulder of Salman saying this and his people! Imam Jaafar al-Saadiq (as recorded in volume two of Bihar al-Anwar, pages 445 and 446) said “A great man of Qom will invite people towards truth and freedom, and they will accept his call resolutely and with an iron will gather round him. They are individuals who fear no calamities and unpleasant happenings and never tire of combat and endeavor. Their only hope and refuse is Allah. Ultimate victory and success belong to chaste and virtuous people and those who follow the way of Allah” Of all the social changes, revolution as a popular uprising for a complete change in political power and fundamental dominatory values is the most important.Historically, only six such significant revolutions were successful; the French 1789, the Russian 1917, the Chinese 1949, the Cuban 1959 and Iranian and Nicaraguan 1979. The change occurs in stages with a lot of multifaceted implications but positive result.
Like the Arab world, we could evidently remember how Iran was completely subservient to America in the days of the deposed Shah killing all sectors of its economy, especially farming through the treacherous MoU termed white revolution. With the success of Islamic revolution, the West is scared of the strategy, indefatigability and ever-developing trend of the Islamic republic. In remembrance of the blessed life of the Imam, a number of basic points should be highlighted.
In the light of a lengthy quote in the historic response to a London Times correspondent on what kind of Muslim was the Imam? The leader of Islamic revolution and founder of the Islamic republic stated "My belief and that of other Muslims are the same; issues that the Qur’an contains or those that have been uttered by the prophet of Islam (PBUH) and by the rightful authorities after him. The root and essence of all those beliefs which are our dearest and most valuable belief is MONOTHEISM. According to this principle, we believe that the creator of the world and of all beings in the universe, including mankind is the ONE AND ONLY EXALTED, Allah Who knows all and is capable of all things, and to Him belongs all things and objects. This principle teaches us to be submissive only before the power of Allah and to obey no man unless obeying him is tantamount to obeying Allah. On the basis of this principle, NO INDIVIDUAL HAS THE RIGHT TO FORCE ANY OTHER MAN TO SUBMIT TO HIM. Furthermore, this principle of faith teaches us the principle of human freedom, that is NO MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DEPRIVE AN INDIVIDUAL OR COMMUNITY OF LIBERTY, to legislate for them, to regulate their conduct according to his own understanding of it, which is generally defective, or regulate the conduct of others according to his wishes or desires. Still more, from this principle, we came to believe that legislation for man’s progress is with Allah alone, just as the laws of creation and being are willed by Him. Man’s happiness and perfection and those of the communities are dependent on obedience to divine laws of which mankind is informed through the prophets (PBUT). Man’s degradation and fall is due to deprivation of his rights and his submission to other human beings. Therefore, man must rise against these fetters and chains of bondage and to challenge those who invite us to servitude, and to liberate ourselves and the community so that we may all be servants of Allah and submit ourselves to Him. It is for this reason that our social rules and regulations begin with OPPOSITION TO DESPOTIC AND COLONIAL POWERS.
Also, from this principle of faith and belief in monotheism, we get the inspiration that ALL MEN ARE EQUAL BEFORE ALLAH, who created them all and all are His creatures and servants. This is the principle of equality of men and that man’s only distinction and preference to one another rests in their VIRTUE AND FREEDOM FROMDISTORTION AND GUILT. Therefore, all the things that upset this equality and institute, vain and nonsense distinctions in the community must be fought against". With firm and sincere faith in Allah and his messenger, Imam led the most successful revolution in history saying "the revolution owes nothing to any group, I have often declared that I have entered in no brotherhood pact with anyone, regardless of their position or status. The framework for my friendship lies in the honesty and veracity of each individual"
The woeful failure of the war imposed on Iran (1980-1988) by the Saddam’s administration with full support of the West and Arab countries has beyond doubt demonstrated the help of Allah to the Imam. With the overwhelming support of America and petrodollars Arab nations, Saddam and his masters confidently miscalculated defeat of the overstretched Islamic republic within short period promising a global press conference at the capital Tehran. The Iranian armed forces wereobviously incapacitated, lacking spare parts and necessary military equipment for combat along with highly scorned revolutionaryguards instructed by religious authority with very little military experience that could in no way be compared with Saddam’s multifaceted and sophisticated supported military buildup. The warimmediately imposed after the success of Islamic revolution was meant to destroy it. However, Allah the omnipotent proved the enemies wrong with embarrassing defeat after eight years. Phebe Marr, a renowned analyst in the Middle-east stated "the war was more immediately the result of poor political judgment and miscalculation on the part of Saddam Husain," and "the decision to invade, taken at a moment of Iranian weakness". The presumed border dispute and ordinary rupture of diplomatic ties linked to the war were obviously baseless. It was intentionally created to destabilize the Islamic republic, leading to massacre of 1.5m estimated innocent souls!
With the fall of the Shah government under his stooge Baktiar, Imam said “Islam and the Islamic republic were a trust given to us by Allah, the Most Exalted and Most High” He ordered for the historic referendum of the 1st April, 1979 for the establishment of Islamic republic where more than 98% voted in support, hence, the republic was established after decades of struggle and sacrifice against injustice. Evidently, the Islamic system guaranteed freedom and justice in the country, and has encouraged other people to free themselves from Western domination and enslavement. After the success of the revolution, the enemies used counter revolutionaryinfluences through the MKO,Saddam, CIA and SAVAK sufficiently funded to frustrate the efforts of the Imam but all proved abortive.Of the strategic lessons taught by the Imam were the unity week, the international Quds day, international women’s day and the Muslim awakening campaigns among others in favour of the Muslim Ummah. Most interestingly, the Imam led a very simple life setting good example not to his successors alone but all political and working classes in the republic. I shed tears during my visit to his Northern Tehran rented apartment over the simplest life he led despite all powers and influences at his disposal!
While the kingdoms, sheikhdoms and sultanates of the Arab that traditionally or partially comply with the Shari’ah, its application in Iran is total in the light of the concept of Wilayatulfaqih which replaced the Shah’s monarchy with absolute Islamic system under a spiritual leaderwho is the custodian of Islamic rules and values. The tremendous development of the Islamic republic in all endeavors of human life no doubt owes its credit to the revolution in place.

As part of his farewell message, the Imam stated, "…with a heart that is calm and confident; with a joyous soul and a conscience hopeful of Allah’s graces, I take my leave from brothers and sisters, and journey to the eternal abode, and I very much need your good prayers. I ask Allah, the Benevolent to accept my excuses for inadequate services, and I ask the nation to accept my excuses for my shortages and inadequacies and to move forward with force, determination and will"
To export or import the Islamic revolution is not the issue, most important fact is the revolutionary change for goodness “… verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves with their own souls” Q13:11
While praying for Allah’s bountiful mercy on the great Imam, safety of the Islamic revolution, l reiterate the need for Sheikh el-Zakzaky’s unconditional release.