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Imam Hussain (as): The Prince and Sunshine of Martyrdom By Buhari Jega.

Imam Hussain (as): The Prince and Sunshine of Martyrdom By Buhari Jega.

Human history may be seen as a record of the eternal struggle between right and wrong, virtue and vice, good and evil, and righteousness and wickedness. This struggle was decreed by God when Adam, an earthly creature, was sent to earth to engage in this eternal battle. It is through this struggle that human beings can earn their eternal bliss in the Gardens of Paradise, or their eternal punishment in the Fire. In the history of nations this struggle often attains universal significance as that moment of the struggle can speak to all subsequent times and situations. Thus the Qur’an urges us over and over again to ponder the end of those who were before us, and how God dealt with them. In every case, moreover, a prophet or messenger of God was rejected by his people and killed or driven out. In this sense, therefore, the struggle is in the end between God and humankind, between truth and falsehood, and between right guidance and manifest error.

Nowhere is this struggle placed in sharper relief than in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, and the lives of the people of his House. The life and witness of the Imam Husayn in particular, has acquired special significance in Muslim piety. This is because he has provided a model for all martyrs in the way of God, for all time. Remember the Prophet was asked: ‘who among men are those afflicted with the greatest calamity?’ He replied: “The prophets, then the pious, everyone according to the degree of his piety. A man is afflicted according to his faith (din); if his faith is durable, his affliction is accordingly increased, and if his faith is weak, his affliction is made lighter. Afflictions continue to oppress the worshipful servant until they leave him walking on the face of the earth without any sin cleaving to him”.

Imam Hussain (a) was born in Madina on Thursday 3rd of Shaban, in 3 A.H. He was the son of Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (a) and Fatima, the daughter of the Holy Prophet (S). The prophet (S) named him Hussain, whisper Azan (call to prayers) in his right ear, Iqamah in his left. On the seventh day, the Prophet got the Child’s head shaved (AQEEQAH) and slaughtered a sheep. Then he told Fatima (a) to weigh the hair and give away equivalent weight of silver in alms. And give the leg part of the sheep to the nurse (20). According to Sheikh Sadooq, a famous shia scholar, reported in his famous work “AMALEE” on the birth of Imam Hussain as under:

The neighbour of Umme Ayman reported to the Prophet of Islam (S) that she has been crying throughout the small hours of the previous night. The prophet sent for her and inquired about the reason for her distress. She said she had seen an upsetting dream. She dreamt that a piece of flesh had fallen apart from the Prophet’s body and had descended in her house. “Do not be unsettled” said the Prophet. “A son will be born of my daughter Fatima (a) and you will be his nurse. No doubt Hussain is my part”

Ibn Sa’ad in his Tabaqat has observed that the names Hassan and Hussain were unknown in the pre-Islamic days. He reports this tradition from the prophet, “The name Hassan and Hussain belong to the people of paradise”. Just like equally the name Muhammad and Ali were also unknown before the advent of Islam. Imam Hussain (a) very much resembled his grandfather, the Holy Prophet, in appearance.  Imam Hussain’s (a) childhood coincides with the heydays of Islam. The period intensifies persecution in Mecca was over, and now Muslims were in full vigour and activity. Imam Hussain (a) observed how his father and grandfather were painstakingly fighting to protect and preserve the world of Allah. He knew of the day when peace treaty was signed, and of the day when finally Mecca was conquered.

The love and affection shower on Imam Hussain (a), reflects unity of purpose between the soul of the Holy Prophet (S) and His sons (Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain (as)). For example, in a related tradition, it was reported that;

One day, we are told, Hasan and Husayn were lost, and their mother Fatima came to the Prophet greatly alarmed. The angel Gabriel, however, came down and told the Prophet that the two youths were asleep in an animal fold some distance away. God, the angel reassured the anxious family, had charged an angel to keep watch over them. The Prophet went to the spot and found the angel had spread his two wings: one under them and the other over them as cover. The Prophet stooped over the two children and began to kiss them until they awoke. He then carried them on his shoulders back to the city. A large crowd of Muslims followed the Prophet and his two grandsons to the mosque. The Prophet then addressed the assembled people and said: ‘O Muslims, shall I inform you of those who have the best grandfather and grandmother of humankind?’ ‘Yes, O Apostle of God’, they all replied. ‘They are Hasan and Husayn’, he said. ‘Their grandfather is the Apostle of God, the seal of the Messengers, and their grandmother is Khadija, daughter of Khuwaylid, mistress of the women of Paradise.’ The Prophet then declared Hasan and Husayn to have the best maternal uncle and aunt: Jafar and Umm Hani’, son and daughter of Abu Talib. Their maternal uncle and aunt were likewise the best of all uncles and aunts: they were al-Qasim, son of the Messenger of God, and Zaynab, daughter of the Apostle of God. The Prophet concluded: ‘O God, you know that Hasan and Husayn shall be in Paradise, their uncles and aunt shall be in Paradise, and those who love them shall be in Paradise, while those who hate them shall be in the Fire."

Therefore, from the above incident, it is clear that there is a unity between the Prophet and the ahl al-bayt, a unity not simply of blood alone, but also of spirituality and acceptance in the side of Allah (SWT). It is a unity symbolized by the kisa’ event. It is, therefore, a unity of love, as the following statement of the Prophet clearly indicates. He (S) said, as related on the authority of Salman the Persian: ‘Whoever loves Hasan and Husayn, I love him, and whomsoever I love, God also loves, and whomsoever God loves, He shall cause him to enter into the gardens of bliss.’ Likewise he who hates Hasan and Husayn shall be consigned to the Fire, because both God and his Messenger will hate him, ‘and a terrible punishment awaits him’.

The Holy Prophet (S) died on 11 A.H, when Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain had not even completed their first decade of life.  Ninety-five (95) or in some report seventh five (75) days later, they were bereaved of their mother, Fatimah (as). Fate had now entrusted them to the sole care of their father Imam Ali (a), matchless hero of Islam. Imam Hussain (a) was a witnessed to the various upheavals in Madina and how the tide steadily turned against the households of the Holy Prophet (a). He was a witness to the various injustices and humiliation suffered by the households of the Holy Prophet (a); from the usurpation of the right of imamate of his father; the usurped of his mother’s right to inheritance of FADAK. He was a witness to the killing of his mother Fatima (a); the martyr of Imam Ali and Imam Hassan (as) and the various wars instigated by the enemies of Islam. He equally watched in dismay on how the teachings of Islam were been abandoned or ignored, and how its grip was methodically slackened. He was a witnessed to various battled of Jamal, Siffeen, and Naharwan and how the seat of Caliphate was openly converted to that of an earthly kingdom. There was court and a group of bodyguards for the king, was not easily accessible. Pomp and grandeur replaced the Islamic simplicity, and it soon became a far cry to the days of the Holy Prophet (S). 

Imam Hussain (a) was the most knowledgeable and the best worshipper among the people of his time. He would pray one thousand (1000) rak’ats every night like his father, and on many nights he would carry sacks to the needy to the extent that the marks of carry sacks were clearly visible on his back after his death. He was very kind, and had a great and forbearing personality, and was hard on those who disobeyed Allah. Throughout his life the Muslims used to revere and adore him (a) and used to see in him what they see in his grandfather, the messenger of Allah (S). Their adoration for Imam Hussain was not just because he was the grandson of the Prophet (S), but, also because he was the manifestation of the teaching of Islam and the conducts of the massager of Allah (S), no one could fail to see example of the highest moral qualities in his behaviour. 

Chroniclers and historians have individually remarked that Imam Hussain (a) was the manifestation of the best example of noble manners and conduct, as well as his vast knowledge, which he inherited from the Messenger of Allah (S). His action spoke before his words. Imam Hussain (a) was humbly gracious and generous to the poor and those in need. Used to support what is right and fight what was wrong. People always noticed such attributes in his conduct and behaviour as perseverance, forbearance and magnanimity. He was the most pious and God-fearing of all people of his time.    

That is why one can situate his jihad against injustice, oppression, immorality and tyranny, when leadership felt in the hand of the most immoral and corrupt individual Yazid Ibn Mu’awiyya. This is because, upon the death of Muawiyya, Yazid ascended his father’s throne. Yazid was proclaimed an absolute monarch in Damascus in 60 A.H. Yazid was known for his indulgence and corrupt practices. He was a drunkard, committing adultery, and making mockery of shariat. He was reported to have declared, “The family of Hasham has staged a play to acquire kingdom. Actually, there was never an angel nor was there a revelation”. Upon his ascending the throne, everyone knew leadership had fallen into the hands of wrong and misguided person to lead the Muslim ummah. Ironically no one had the courage and tenacity to challenge this social misdemeanor on the ummah. And Yazid out of mischief demanded the Governor of Medina to seek allegiances of Imam Hussein (as) and Abdullahi ibn Az-Zubayr the Umayyad arch-enemy. 

Inherently, Imam Hussein (as) declined such impunity. And gave Yazid a reply that was recorded by history: “A person like me, (a member of household of the prophet (S) purified and glorified by Allah and his Messenger (S)) would never give allegiance to a person like him (The grandson of liver eater and the son of gluttonous and immoral man)”.  Imam equally declared that; “if everyone were to pay allegiance to Yazid say goodbye to Islam”. This is a testimony of the fact that, purity never gets mixed with impurity. Imam Hussein (as) represented the purified households of the Holy Prophet (saw), the house of revelations; the house of purity; the house  of morality and righteousness; while Yazid represented the house of ignorance, immorality, unbelief and bloodshed. The decline and rejection of Imam Hussein (a) to give his holy hands as allegiance to the corrupt and immoral grandson of Hindi (the liver eater of Sayyidana Hamza) shows to all that Yazid was the most unfit and unqualified person to led the Muslim umma. 

Fear, cowardice, weakness and total loss of faith had weakened the Muslims to rise against impunity.  If anybody is to watch the religion of Allah as revealed, though and practice by the Holy Prophet (s) to be destroy by a lunatic and psycho pathetic bastard, no doubt not, Imam Hussain (a), the Imam of his time and torchbearer and guardian of Muslims. Imam Hussein not only revolted against the tyranny of Yazid, but, undertook the historic journey to Kufa after receiving 120,000 letters from the people of the city who promised to support and fight against the tyrannical rule of Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah. Imam departed Madina to Mecca to seek alliance against Yazid; but, unfortunately the people were all afraid of dying for the purification of their religion and the tradition of the Holy Prophet (saw) except some few group of people that sacrifice this idles world for a better and prosperous world to follow him in this historic journey that change the destiny and purified and sacrifice all for the sake of lifting Islam from the humiliation of that epoch.  

Therefore, Imam Hussein made this declaration while at Mecca that; “In the name of God, All Praises to God…. Death is written on the children of Adam as a necklace designed for the neck. I see myself to be torn by beasts between Karbala and Nawains. Whatever God likes, we will do, and we are patient with his test. We are not going to deviate from the teaching of the message of God. Whoever wishes to come with us he may? I am going to leave tomorrow.” Torn by the beast between Karbala and Nawains indeed, because, the imam, family and companions meet their martyrdom at Karbala on the 10th Muharrawa 61 A.H.

Even though we are in the mood for celebration of the birth of Imam Hussain (a), one will not like to go into details of the battle and sacrifice of self, family and companions for the continuation of Islam; but, one thing one will not failed to say, is that, Ashoura day and Martyrdom of Imam Hussein (Ali), remind us, about bravery, courage, determination, sacrifice and steadfastness of Imam Hussein (as) on the course of Islam and its purifications from the hands of ruffians and illegal and immoral leadership of Yazid ibn Muawuya. In the midst of societal cowardice, fear, compromised, treachery, greed, leniency, injustice, tyranny, corruption, immorality and destruction of Islamic religion and principles; the Prince of Martyrdom with the purity, bravery, and courage he inherited from their households, rise and inspire few family members and companions to sacrifice their lives to safeguard the religion of Allah (SWT) from the hands of enemies and psychopath from destruction.  No doubt; Islam is kept alive by the month of Muharram and Safar; the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein revived the ideology; for the Shi’ite religion, Muharram is a month in which victory was achieved with blood and sacrifice so said Imam Khomeini.

The sacrifice of Prince and sunshine of martyrdom Imam Hussain (a) has become a symbol of struggles against tyranny and oppression. The history, name and sacrifice of Imam Hussain (a) has awakens the giant two and half billion-strong Islamic Community, pumping fresh blood into their veins and arteries. Thereby creating two distinctive antagonist groups of people – you are either a Hussainawas or Yarzidawa, no neutrality. We can see this confrontation in every country, city and states across the globe. The disciple of Yazid and Zionism are seriously working hard to crush humanity and misdirected their energy and believes to corruption; while we are grateful for Allah’s mercies for not living us without the strong followers and disciple of Imam Hussain (a), who are mobilizing, motivating, teaching, guerdoning, energizing, conscientizing, reviving the social, religious and spiritually uplifting the lives of the people towards Allah. This is a major blow to the international followers of Lucifer, Yazid and various agents around the world. As we celebrate and remind ourselves about the birth of the Prince and sunshine of Martyrdom Imam Hussain (a), it is equally important to remind ourselves that we are in the Yazid era, so, where is our Imam Hussain (a)? For me Salutation to Allah, His messenger (a) and members of his households (a) that he didn’t leave us alone, without various disciples of Imam Hussain (a) around the world. Our leaders are championing, guiding and directing us to the right path. No doubt the grandchildren of Imam Hussain (a) have kept and are still keeping the flag of Islam flying high to the chagrins of the evil machinery and forces of international Zionism and their agents across the globe.

Today, the true reflection of Islam and the Islamic Flag stating "There is no god but Allah" is flying high over the skies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it awakens the giant two and the half billion-strong Islamic Community, pumping fresh blood into their veins and arteries. The existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the present situation could be compared to the motor of an automobile, which is currently providing the required energy for the motion of the Islamic World. The Hezbollah of Lebanon is another reflection and legacy of sacrifice and beautiful sunshine of the prince of martyrdom Imam Hussain (a). The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership and guardianship of Sayyed Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky (H) is equally a reflection and legacy of sacrifice and beautiful sunshine of the prince of martyrdom Imam Hussain (a). No doubt, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has not only change the narrative of docility of Islam in Nigeria, but, have presented Nigerians, Africans and the world with a unique community of faithful, all thanks to the teaching, leadership and guardianship of Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).  The members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria have become a beautiful fortress, a formidable force and the conscience of the Africa people, especially against the backdrop of the conspiracy and insurgency going on across the world.

Unfortunate Muslims have been jinxed except the followers of Imam Hussain (a). The modern and civilized world cries for the rights of dogs, cats, fish, bears, and other animals all over the world, but for crimes committed against Muslims, there is no crying, no tears, and no rights are considered to have been violated. Nevertheless, this present state of the world awakens and tests Muslims. The sun of hope is slowly rising on the Islamic World, and there is absolutely no doubt that if we could become united and preserve our steadfastness, the future belongs to Islam. The followers of the households of the Holy Prophet (s) sincerely aspire for unity and our hearts bleed for all of our brothers and sisters as the Prophet (may peace be upon him and his holy progeny) said: "Truly the believers in their acts of co-operation and mutual aid are like the head to the body; should it complain, the rest of the body rallies to it in vigilant defense." The lesson here for us is to strive in our daily life to purify our hearts and confront injustice and oppressive leaders in wherever we are, because, Imam Hussein (a) was saying that, “I don’t see anything in death but happiness and living with the tyranny except humiliation”.

In conclusion, distinguish brothers and sisters in Islam I just want to remind us, that, we are living in a circumstance akin to Yazid era, where Imam Hussain (a) found himself facing a situation where he had to choose between cowardice or rising up against tyranny and destruction of Islam. No doubt, we have no choice of neutrality here: you are either HUSSAINAWAS or YAZIDAWAS, the choice is ours. On behalf of myself and family i felicitate with the Prophet (S), members of his Households (a); Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and the entire Muslims on the birthday of leader, prince and sunshine of Martyrdom Imam Hussain (a).  

Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega