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Imam Husain taught us never to surrender to injustice – Sheikh Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman

During the on-going Muharram Majalis at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, Nigeria, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) says, the mission of Imam Imam Husain in Karbala was to sanitize and uphold the religion of his grandfather, expose injustice and rebel against oppressors.

Sheikh Zakzaky who made the statement during the second segment in the third day of the mourning session also said, Imam Husain (AS) knew what was going to happen to him, as it was foretold by the Holy Prophet (S) and decreed by Allah.


Responding to those describing the outing of the holy Imam as politically motivated to acquire leadership, the cleric pointed out that the mission of Imam Husain was to sanitize and defend the sanctity of the Islamic religion brought by grandfather the Holy Prophet, when it was corrupted after him and his prophetic position was taken over and turned to kingship.

According to him, the event of Karbala was a test, where genuine followers be rewarded for their steadfastness and rebels be punished by Allah for their rebellion against the truth.

‘It has been decreed by Allah that Imam Husain will be killed wherever he would have been, but Allah chose Karbala to be the place. He knew quite well what was to befall him and his family, but as it was already decreed by Allah and it was meant to uphold the religion and salvation of the Ummah, there was no avoiding it”, he added.

He further stated that, his brother Imam be  Hasan would have done the same if he had been alive and faced with the same circumstance, and that Imam  Husain would have done the same thing if lived in the of Imam Hasan if faced with similar circumstance.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Ashura mourning is observed to clear misconceptions and the mystery attributed to it, in order to cover atrocities of killers of Husain and family of the Holy Prophet. “They knew that if the remembrance of Ashura tragedy is being outwardly present, people will ask questions and the perpetrators of the sin will be unmasked. Hence their rejection of Ashura remembrance and distortion of history”, he added. 

On the significance of Turbah (sand) of Karbala and visit to Karbala, His Eminence said, though eating sand is discouraged in Islam, eating Turbah of Karbala for blessing is allowed and recommended.

He said, prostration on it is highly recommended as its radiance penetrates and illuminates deep down seven layers of the earth and that of the sky. It is also recommended for Rosary (used for Azkar in Tasbeeh).

He further stated that it is recommended that a new born baby be anointed with the Turbah either on his forehead or a tasted of it on his tongue (Tahneeq).

Sheikh Zakzaky explained a visit to Imam Husain in Karbala attracts a great reward, whereby Allah looks down (with His mercy) on visitors to his tomb before He looks down on those on Arafat.

A visit to Imam Husain (AS) in Karbala especially on Arba’een, he said, is equivalent to 100 Hajj with the Holy Prophet and 1000 Umrah with Qa’im (AS).

He further stated that, a drop of tears for Imam Husain (AS) is capable of extinguishing the hell fire; and when dropped in the hell fire makes the fire more severe to those who rejoice for the killing of Imam Husain.

Sheikh Zakzaky also said, Allah collects drop of tears for Imam Husain and mix it with drinks of people of Paradise (lovers of Husain) to make it more sweeter.

He therefore urged people to remember the thirst Imam Husain while drinking water and say, “Assalamu Alaika Ya Aba Abdallah”.

He said, observing Ashura mourning is highly recommended as it exposes injustice and oppressors. “Imam Husain and the event of Karbala has taught us to expose injustice and rebel against oppression and oppressors. “We will never surrender to injustice now and forever. The commemoration and remembrance of Ashura is part of the step towards establishment of justice. This is what they do not want to hear and see. This is why they feel threatened by Ashura commemoration”, Sheikh Zakzaky stated.