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Imam Hasan (AS) grossly misrepresented- Sheikh Zakzaky

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab
“Not only that little on the real life of Imam Hasan was known people, he was grossly misrepresented. The life of Imam Hasan (AS) is unknown to even followers of the Ahlul Bayt; he has not been placed on his due platform, as his brother Imam Hussani was widely known”.


His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky made the statement at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, while speaking on the Maulud of Imam Hasan Mujtaba (AS) shortly after the daily Tafsir on 15th Ramadan.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, among the representations attributed to Imam Hasan (AS) and his brother Imam Husain (AS) is that Imam Hasan was a lover of peace for his accord with Mu’awiyyah, while his brother has penchant for war, as he fought Yazid. “Each of them did what was expected of him during their individual time. Were Imam Hasan to be at the time of Yazid, he would have fought Yazid; were Imam Husain to be at the time of Mu’awiyyah, he would have entered into accord with Mu’awiyyah”, he further explained.

He said, the fact that Imam Husain (AS) fought a battle he became more famous than his brother that people believed he is more in honour and prestige than his brother Imam Hasan (AS). “This is not so, Imam Hassan has more honour than his brother Imam Hassan. Imam Hasan took over from Imam Ali, followed by Imam Husain. Imam Husain had himself confessed the superiority of his brother at the battle of Karbala”, he added.

Commenting on the hardship faced by Imam Hasan (AS), Sheikh Zakzaky said history has recorded the severe and intense difficulties faced by the Imam, adding that the difficulties faced by Imam Hassan (AS) superceded the one faced by his brother Imam Husain (AS).

He narrated how the disciples of Imam Hasan deserted him and camped with Mu’awiyyah, just they did to his father Imam Ali (AS). He also stated how Mu’awiyyah ordered the poisoning of Imam Hasan (AS) with a special poison, mixed with honey, which was secured from the King of the Roman Empire, at the time he broke his fast.

Brief on the accord between Imam Hasan (AS) and Mu’awiyyah

Situation warranted that Imam Hasan (AS) had to reach an accord with Mu’awiyyah, who was then the self-appointed governor of Syria (Sham). Part of the agreement reached, as demanded by Imam Hasan (AS) are:

-That, Mu’awiyyah should ensure that prayers were strictly observed, Zakat (alms) paid and all other acts of worship (ibadat) were observed.

-That, strict Islamic law (shari’a) should be observed

-That, he (Imam Hasan) would not refer to Mu’awiyyah as Ameerul Mu’mineen

-That, the daily abuse of his father, Imam Ali, during prayers on pulpits be stopped

-That, Mu’awiyah should not further oppress the Prophet’s Progeny and their followers

 –That, in the event Mu’awiyyah dies, leadership of the Muslim Ummah be transferred to Imam Hasan (AS)

-That, in the event Imam Hasan dies, leadership of the Muslim Ummah be transferred to his brother Imam Husain (AS).

All the segments of the agreements were approved by Mu’awiyyah, documented and signed, with Allah as the overall Witness. When Mu’awiyyah went back to Syria, he gathered the people and said: “I did not fight you so that you observe prayers or give out zakat. I fought you in order to control you, and you are now under my control. Therefore, I placed all the agreements reached between me and Hasan under my foot!”

Imam Hasan (AS) – “Sibdi Nabiy”

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Imam Hasan (AS) was born on 15th Ramadan, 3 years after Hijra in Madinah, describing him as the heir apparent to his father, Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS). His nicknames (al-kunya), he said, include, Al-Mujtaba (most popular), As-Sayyid, Al-Amin, Al-Hujjah, Al-Asir, Al-Taqiy, Al-Zakiy, Az-Zahid, Al- Barr, Al- Naqiy, ect.

He also said, an international conference on Imam Hasan titled, “Sibt” was organized in Iran, just before Ramada, of which he was an invitee but could not attend for some reasons. “Sibt means grandson, but we know that there are two grandchildren- Hasan and Husain. This conference was particular on Imam Hasan (AS) as the “Sibt Nabiy.”

Imam Hasan in the like of his grandmother

Sheikh Zakzaky expounded a Hadith from Imam Hasan (AS) that explains the Qur’anic verse on human creation (Qur’an Chapter 82, verse 8), “…in whatever form He willed has He assembled you.”: “Allah the Almighty has structure Ali Bin Abi TAlib from the lineage of Abu Talib in the like of Muhammad (SAWA). Therefore, Ali Bin Abi Talib (AS) resembles the Prophet the most, Imam Husain (AS) resembles Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra (AS) the most and I resemble Khadijah al-Kubra the most”.

Imam Hasan (AS) citadel of knowledge and piety

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Imam Hasan (AS) possessed in-depth knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, as illustrated in ziyarat (visitation prayer) to him. Part of his other nicknames attributed to this virture is Al-Zahid, for his great devotion in prayer. Imam Hasan (AS) was to have performed hajj on foot 25 times. He was reported to have said that, he fears meeting Allah, when he will be questioned on the number of times he performed hajj on foot.

The Imam (AS) used to recite the whole Qur’an 60 times during the month of Ramadan; three time a day. Other associated exemplary virtues of Imam

Hasan (AS) enumerated by Sheikh Zakzaky included the Imam’s assistance to the needy, perseverance and forgiveness.

The ever-flowing lineage of Imam Hasan (AS)

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, a person from the lineage of Imam Hasan (AS) attended and fought the battle of Karbala alongside his brother, Imam Husain (AS). 


 He had son called Hasan Bin Hasan. There was another of his sons called Hasan Bin Hasan Bin Hasan (Hasan Muthanna), who attend the battle of Karbala. He was married to Fatima (most replica of Sayyidah Fatima al-Zahra in features) on the battlefield. During the battle, he was mistaken killed, but was later found alive among the dead. The enemies debated on killing him, but he was spared and taken alive by Umar Bin Sa’ad. Even his family members, including his wife, thought he was killed. He later re-united with his family in Madinah and had sons, through whom the lineage of Imam Hasan (AS) also spread.

  “The fact that the A’imma descended from the lineage of Imam Husain (AS) is a special privilege bestowed on his brother. This is how Allah wants it to be, and none can dispute or challenge it”, said Sheikh Zakzaky.