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If Iranians are not Muslims, what about the Saudis?

By Abdulmumin Giwa
I was not the least surprised by the declaration made by the Saudi Grand Mufti Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh that Iranians are not Muslims for the simple fact that they are descendants of Zoroastrians prior to the coming of Islam.

There really isn’t any reason for anyone to be surprised about when a dog barks because it is meant to. So when a Wahhabi declares another Muslim a Kafir (infidel) or a Mushrik (polytheist) or if he is lucky a Jahil (ignorant), it is no news at all.
This is because the basic tenet and principle of Wahhabism is that no Muslim is a Muslim unless he is a Wahhabi. Wahhabism is the brand of Islam that is invented with the support of the British to support the atrocities of the Saudi Monarchs called the Ali-Sa’ud.
Since they took over power as a Kingdom after a series of conquests led by Ibn Saud that began in 1902 they named the kingdom after their family in 1932. It moved from being the Hijaz known to the holy Prophet SAWA and the Islamic history to becoming a family ownership when they took over the two holiest Mosques of Ka’bah and that of the Prophet in Madina. They arrogate the custodianship of the holy mosque of Ka’bah to the Arabian family of Saud.
In fact the name they gave to the Kingdom never reflects anything Islam but Arabism and monarchy as the name suggests, Mamalakatul Arabiyyatus Sa’udiyya (The kingdom of Saudi Arabs). Islam to the kingdom is more of a deceptive machinery of ruling over the Arabs and having a global influence through support from Europe and in modern times America and now Israel.
Being in possession of the two holiest sites in Islam the Saudi monarchy is soon to spread its influence in the Muslim world as Mecca and Madina provide them with a great source of income through the annual Hajj (Pilgrimage) in addition to the verse oil deposit in the desert area.
In fact they have turned the holiest places into a tourist attraction that non-Muslims are given visa to enter the holy cities in contradiction of the Qur’anic provisions.
This is a little insight into Wahhabism and the expected mentality of the Saudis concerning the global interest of Islam and Muslims.
There is no surprise whatsoever that the Saudi Grand Mufti declares the Iranians as non-Muslims on the flimsy excuse that they are descendants of Zoroastrians because it is the language in which they understand and interpret Islam. They as Saudis don’t see them as Muslims for that flimsy reason as though Islam is meant for them alone as they wished it would have been.
Maybe when making the declaration, Al-Sheikh forgot that he is also a descendant of those who worshiped idols in the Ka’bah and ignored the Ibrahimic religion. His ancestors worshiped Lat, Manaat, Uzzah, Hubal and others and as individuals they also had their individual idols with some even making idols carved of palm dates and they eat it up when they are hungry. This is how ignorant the ancestors of the Grand Mufti are.
In fact, due to the level of idolatry of his ancestors God Almighty described them in the Quran as “Ashaddu Kufran wa nifaqa” (deep into infidelity and hypocrisy) for they buried their female children alive danced round the Ka’bah naked and offer sacrifices to idols.
What moral right has a descendant of these idolaters got to declare Iranians as non-Muslims under a flimsy pretext that their ancestors were Zoroastrians?
It really isn’t a surprise that Al-Sheikh made this statement because he is not an independent scholar that is working and serving Islam and its interest as a way of seeking God’s bounties but a scholar made and paid to serve the interest of the Saudi monarchs.
His duty is to justify every atrocity to be committed by the monarchy and provide Islamic decrees for them.
In fact the office of the grand mufti was re-established in 1993 when they saw the need for it as they became active in the global club of imperialists. Because many years before then the office was abolished and a Ministry of Justice was established then.
Some of the functions of the office could be seen in the decrees issued by the Grand Mufti since he had been in office.
When the Americans initiated the Saudis into war with Yemen he gave the decree that the Saudi forces don’t have to fast the month of Ramadan as they were out there on a jihad. He also makes decrees justifying the killing of women and children in Bahrain and bombing of hospitals and residences of innocent civilians by the Saudi forces.
This same Grand Mufti with his Wahhabi belief that rejects temporary marriage in Islam describing it as Zinah (Fornication) gave the decree that women can go and practice Misyar (an officially recognized prostitution) with militants and terrorist groups in the war front fighting against the Syrian government.
When the Saudis decided to murder Sheikh Nimr an Nimr along with other prisoners of conscience in about 12 locations across the kingdom on concocted more politically inclined charges, the Grand Mufti was the one that issued a decree that killing the prisoners was a mercy to them because it will stop them from further committing the crime.
Due to the Saudi double position and extremism, there are even decrees the grand mufti had issued on non-Muslims especially Christians in the Arabian Peninsula where he said all churches in the peninsula must be demolished.
Although he denied it, there was also a decree attributed to him that in times of famine a man can eat up his wife or some parts of her to survive.
The kingdom infringes on the rights of women to the extent that they hold too extreme views forbidding women from driving cars.
As a result of these, Saudi Arabia has the largest records of executions and capital punishments for the years 2015 and 2016 where they have beheaded hundreds of people.
This is the type of scholar he is and from this, one could understand his type of disposition, mentality and composition as well. He is not that scholar that could challenge the wrong-doings of the monarchs or instructs them on the interests of Islam and Muslims as it would tantamount to disrespect to the monarchy which would in turn lead to him losing his office. His job is simply to legalize what the monarchy wants by issuing decrees for them in the name of Islam.
He had been the one delivering sermons and leading prayers on every day of Arafat for the past twenty-three years and all that time he had not noticed that Iranians were not Muslims until of recent.
The crime committed by Iran to deserve the decree signing it out of Islam is that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyid Ayatollah Khamenei has called on the Muslim nations to take charge of the two holy mosques of Kabah in Makka and the prophet’s mosque in Madina as the Saudi authorities are incompetent to the extent of causing deliberate death of pilgrims.
He exposed the weaknesses of the Saudis in that regard that angered the Saudi authorities leading to instructing their puppet Mufti to de-Islamize Iranians. This has even exposed him the more.
The Saudi authority holds the global imperialism with reverence that it takes pride in being addressed as Saudi America and so is only ally to the nations that are allies with America. It is even as a result of this that despite its atrocities on the Palestinians Israel is in a diplomatic romance with Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi regime is now a weapon in the hands of global imperialism used in fighting Islam and Muslims. They fund all the terrorist groups founded by the Americans and Israelis, like ISIS, DAESH, AL-QAEDA and others to defame Islam, blackmail it and constitute a phobia on Muslims across the globe.
Everyone was astonished that Saudi Arabia bought arms worth $16 billion from the US during President George W Bush. It has worsened after America had engaged the Saudis in killing Muslims in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain such that the Saudis have purchased arms worth $63 billion so far from the US.
In all these atrocities they need the Muftis to clean their image in the eyes of the gullible Muslim masses across the globe. Even in Nigeria, it is the same Saudis that sponsored the Muhammadu Buhari regime to kill over 1000 Shiah Muslims along with technical contributions of America and Israel. That was why the Saudis were quick at congratulating the president for killing what they termed as terrorists. At least no one is deceived that there is no single Shia terrorist organization as all the existing terrorist organizations on the globe are offshoots of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.
No wonder, very recently, the highest Islamic body in the world in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, who are also Sunnis, gathered to issue the position of Muslims that Salafists and Wahhabis are not Ahl-Sunna. They are some sort of Muslims on their own but not the Sunni and this could clearly be seen in their activities across the globe, romancing the arch-enemies of Islam and perpetrating terrorism.
But in the submissions of the same Sunni body in Al-Azhar University, it declared that Shi’ah Imamiyya is a 5th school of thought in Islam that could also be practiced by any Muslim.
Well, we know from the Prophet of Islam SAWA and from the Sunni sources that Prophet Muhammad said that were Iman (faith) to disappear from the earth to Surayya (Twinkling star) one of the men of Furs (Iran) would go there and bring it back to the world and into the hearts of men. The Prophet said this knowing fully well that those in Furs were Zoroastrians. But here is a descendant of idol worshipers saying Iranians are not Muslims because their ancestors were Zoroastrians in total contradiction of what the Prophet said.
If ancestry is the determinant of who a Muslim is today, then who is a Muslim today? If this qualifies Iran to be signed out of Islam even after the good admonition they received from the Prophet SAWA, then what would be the position of the Saudis that God described as “Al a’rabu ashaddu kufran wanifaqa”?