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If Buhari is not a Tyrant, then what is He?

On 31st of December 2015, i spoke on Channels Television new interview segment about the President Media Chat of president Buhari and raised some of these fundamental questions which pints to the fact that the president of our nation might be a tyrant:

1. Buhari’s response on the Shiites issue proves beyond reasonable doubt that he sanctioned the killings of over 1,000 innocent Nigerians who he felt committed a crime in an extra-judicial manner. This is wrong and barbaric. We are not in the era of jungle justice. Why do we have courts? If people have committed a crime in your own opinion, you don’t take the laws into your hands as the president of a democratic nation and pass death sentences on them. Those who have committed crimes should be arrested and charged to court and not summarily executed on the streets like dogs on the street like the Zaria case. He said he watched a video where small children were pushing a General, when did death sentence become punishment for pushing a General? Only tyrants behave this way.

2. Buhari said he is ready to negotiate with the real Boko Haram on Chibok; how can you negotiate with one of the deadliest terror groups in the world who have killed about 20,000 innocent Nigerian but fumes over Nnamdi Kanu who has not hurt a fly? Why justify the continued detention of Nnamdi against a valid Court Order granting him bail if you are not a tyrant?
3. On Chibok, Buhari was insincere in his response because when he was campaigning, he told Nigerians the previous government were incompetent that was why they couldn’t
‪#‎BringBackOurGirls‬; he assured Nigerians that within few months of being elected president, he would bring the girls back. His comments at the Media Chat contradict his campaign promises on Chibok.

4. You claim to have technically defeated Boko Haram but at the same time said the previous administration didn’t buy arms, with which arms have you then been able to technically defeat Boko Haram with if the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan didn’t buy arms when we all know that you have not bought even an office pin for the military since you took over power on May 29th, 2015. How were you able to defeat Boko Haram without arms?

Finally, I must point out one of the aspects of the Media Chat I would have loved to discuss if time had permitted. How can the president of a democratic nation say on live television that Court Orders will not be respected or obeyed? How can the president of a democratic country like ours say those standing trial for corruption will not be allowed to travel abroad to seek medical attention even when the Court ms have granted them such privileges? How can the president of a democratic nation say his opinions and wishes are superior to the laws of our land and our constitution? How can the president of a democratic nation say he will interfere with the institution of the National Assembly and influence their budgetary allocations? How can the president of a democratic nation justify the killings of 1,000 Shiites in Zaria on national television? How can the president of a democratic nation say holding 2 international passports is treason felony? Only a tyrant can say on national television that Court Orders will not be respected because I his opinion those accused of A crime are already guilty. Why then charge Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu to court? Why not just summarily executed them like the Shiites in Zaria?