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Ideology of Imam Husaini’s Revolution is to Revive True Islam

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky continued with lecture on Ashura Tragedy.

On the 9th day he started by narrating that the news of the killings of Muslim Bn Aqeel, Hani bn Urwa and Qais reached Imam Husain(AS). He therefore addressed his companions that the same fate awaits anyone who remained with him. Thus, he said everyone is given choice to remain with him or go.  Most of them left except few companions and members of his family.


On the distortion of history by some section of people, the leader leveled as false the version of history which said Ubaydullah killed Imam Husain without order from Yazid. He said that Yazid had already ordered his men to kill the Imam anywhere they could find him even if spotted in Ka’aba.

The Leader continued to explain that when the news of Imam heading to Kufah reached Yazid, he ordered army under Hur to stop him not to allow him move to anywhere. The Imam was stopped at a plain desert, he enquired about its name, he was told the various names of the place, when he enquired further, he was told other name the place was used to be called-Karbala.

Umar Bn and Sa’ad and governorship appointment.

Yazid appointed Umar Bn Sa’ad as governor of Ray and Esfahan but letter of appointment was not given to him yet, it was with Ibn Ziyad. The Letter would be given to him only if he takes allegiance from Imam Husain for Yazid. Ibn Sa’ad knew for sure that Imam Husain will never pay allegiance to Yazid, he therefore contemplated weather to fight the Imam in order to get Governorship or fight alongside with Imam to get to paradise. However, ibn Ziayd chose to fight Imam despite Imam’s counseling to him.

On the 6th of Muharram ibn Sa’ad took flag with 6000 – 9000 fighters to face Imam Husain(AS). A large of Army of over 70000 men were formed to fight a small group of  Imam Husain who were less than 100 in number and among them were women and children. On the 7th of Muharram Imam Husain wanted to preach to Ibn Sa’ad.  Ibn Sa’ad rejected  Imam’s  advice to be with him despite the Imam’s promise to pay ibn Sa’ad  his wealth, houses and farmland. He chose not be with Imam Husain(AS).

 Imam Husain had earlier gave two options to Yazid men: either to allow him enter Kufa or go to any other area. They all refused.  Still on the 7th of Muharram Ibn Ziyad sent to Ibn  Sa’ad not allow Imam Husain’s camp access to Furat river to get water. Thus, ibn Sa’ad put 7, 500 men between Imam’s  camp and the river. The situation became tense for Imam Husain and his followers. Ibn Sa’ad told him that he either pay allegiance to Yazid or died with thirst. He was denied water for three consecutive days.


The leader of the Islamic then explained the ideology and philosophy of Imam Husain’s revolution which he said  was base on reviving the true religion of the Prophet, not for injustice, destruction  or any other things. Imam’s revolution is to reform the religion of the Prophet and Imam Ali. The frame of reference of reforming the Ummah is Prophet and Imam Ali. The true Islam was distorted as did the religion of Musa and Isa(AS). Islam was revived although they killed Imam Husain(AS). They wanted to kill even the Prophet at  Badr, Uhud, Ahzab etc but Allah saved him. In Nahrawan and Siffin etc., they wanted to kill Imam Ali(AS).

What they did in Karbala was something they could not do at Badr, Uhud and Ahzab. In Karbala the enmity of unbelievers was completely exposed. And, when the last Imam (AJ) appeared he will take vengeance on the killing of Imam Husain(AS), though, he will not spared too, but Allah will give him victory.

Secret of Ashura.

Imam Khomeini was once said the achievement and success of Islamic revolution was because of Ashura.  There is lesson in the 6- day Arab-Israel war, where Arabs fought in the name of being Arab with Israel and lost. But Hizbullah defeated Israel badly in 2006- a historic war which they don’t want to remember,  because they suffered humiliation.  Hizbullah succeed because they copied from the revolution of Imam Husain(AS).

Sayyid Zakzky stopped at this juncture and promised to continue the next day with happenings on the 10th of Ashura. Matam was performed, followed by Ziyara of Imam Husain and closing dua’s.

Blood donation at Husainiyyah                                                                                                Matam