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I Don’t Know What Ulterior Motive Zakzaky Has – Sheikh Zakzaky Replies Nigerian Govt From Delhi

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has reacted to the comments of the Nigerian government through the Ministry of Information and Culture that he has ulterior motive by saying “I don’t know what ulterior motive Zakzaky has!”

Speaking via a video message, the Sheikh further explained his plight since arriving in India for treatment, and said they lost the confidence of the hospital to fairly treat them in a neutral, nonpartisan way.

The Sheikh said that the hospital was recommended to them by the doctors who visited us in Nigeria, but on arrival here in India, what we saw was a completely different thing all together. The doctors who saw us in Nigeria have been made impotent in the matter, with only advisory role only in our case, the Sheikh explained.
“Before we arrived, the government had informed the hospital in India that some “dangerous persons” would be brought for treatment from Nigeria.

“On the issue that an ulterior motive has started, you know how these people talk,” the Sheikh said. He recounted how the matter went, “while in Dubai, there was formal introduction of each other between us and one of the security escorts, in a very cordial manner, because as he said, there was no time for such formal introduction in Abuja. It was after that I said since you are in control of everything and our passports are all with you, on landing at Delhi, I would prefer meeting my doctors before we leave the airport.

“At the airport in Delhi, we met a fresh set of doctors, who introduced themselves as the actual doctors to take care of us. We thus left, explaining to them that all 11 of us are a family, the five of us and the six security escorts. All our 11 passports were taken together before we crossed the immigration check before our luggage was collected in one place.

The Sheikh went on to explain how they were taken in an ambulance while the others were taken in other vehicles. He wondered, “I can’t see anything here that can be misinterpreted as ulterior motive. All our 11 passports were handed over to them. So, I don’t know what ulterior motive has El-Zakzaky done,” he concluded.

Turning to the medical standoff, Sheikh Zakzaky said not only that they weren’t given access to the doctors that initially assessed them in Nigeria and who recommended the hospital, but their was definite attempt by the government to interfere and scuttle the treatment all together instead of to “supervise” as the court had ordered.

Therefore, Sheikh Zakzaky opted to return to Nigeria instead.