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Hussainiyyah gets additional flag on Imam Ridha (AS)’s birthday

By Ibrahim Usman
Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, centre of activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky situated in Zaria, Nigeria, has on Friday (05/09/2014) gets additional on its dome at a grand ceremony held attended by thousands of people.

Red and black flags from the dome of Imam Hussain (AS) Karbala were also hoisted on the Hussainiyyah dome in the recent past as a gift of honour for the Islamic Movement through Sheikh Zakzaky.

The flag brought from the tomb of Ridha (AS) in Mashad by four guests from the tomb of Imam Ridha (AS) Sayyed Jawad Musawi, Hajj Hassan Muhammadi, Hajj Hussain Zade Maliki was presented to Sheikh Zakzaky at the occasion with joy from the teeming crowd.

The green flag with golden inscription was paraded round the arena by the Khurras (Guards) in a grand ceremonial outfit before it was finally mounted to replace the red flag from Karbala and that of Abul Fadhl Abbas.

Speaking thereafter, Sheikh Zakzaky said the birthday of Imam Ridha (AS) which coincided with that of the Sister of the Imam, Sayyedah Fatimah Ma’soomah (AS), was celebrated by the Islamic Movement in grand style with the special gift of the flag.

He said, the Hussainiyyah can now be regarded as a symbolic extension of the Imam’s tomb in Mashad in terms of blessings, and urge people to seek blessings and intercession of the sincererity of purpose.

He enumerated the real life miraculous healing experiences of people, Muslims and non-Muslims, who sought intercession and blessings from the Imam Ridha’s tomb.

The Leader expressed gratitude to Allah for the special blessings bestowed on the Movement, and prayed for more.

During the second segment of the celebration, Sheikh Zakzaky narrated historical perspectives of Imam Ridha (AS), as well as the associated virtues of his holy tomb.



Sayyed Jawad Musawi also spoke on the life and times of Imam Ridha (AS).


Highlight of the occasion was recitation of the Holy Qur’an and Ziyarat (Visitation). Gifts and souvenirs brought by the guests were also distributed some arms of the Movement and people in attendance.