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Hundreds of Thousands Celebrates Maulud in Zaria, Nigeria

Zaria city was full to capacity on Saturday as hundreds of  thousands of Muslims attended Maulud procession in commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (S).

 Men, women, children and aged, mostly in white attires, were seen carrying placards and chanting songs of praise. The procession which started from Gwargwaje, along Kaduna-Zaria road, was terminated in Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Sabon Garia, Zaria.

Speaking at the end of the procession, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Zaria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky said, celebrating Maulud is incumbent on all Muslims as a form of appreciation to Allah for his mercy to mankind, with the birth of the Holy Prophet.

According to him, during the birth of the Holy Prophet all idols crashed down and fires being worshipped were put out, while thrones of kings were turned upside down. He said, with the birth of the Holy Prophet a luminous light enveloped the whole world as a symbol of hope and salvation. The society in which the Prophet was born had no dispute over his good conduct and transparent honesty, that they called him Siddiqul Ameen, meaning, the honest and trustworthy one.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that, the whole world was in total darkness of ignorance, and Prophet Muhammad brought socio-economic development, as well as technological advancement in all aspects of human endeavor through Islam. “The Arabs were in primitive era, and this Prophet brought them into limelight and turned them into torch bearers of learning and leaders of the world”.

He pointed out that, those who boast of being in possession of advanced technology borrowed from Islam, with major and minor modification to justify their possession as innovators.

According to Sheikh Zakzaky, those who called themselves super powers and the most advanced in science and technology looked down on Muslims as primitive and backward. “More painful is the belief by Muslims that these so-called super powers are actually what they call themselves, when they actually borrowed from them”, he said. He said, the Muslims were in deep slumber, as a result made their enemies to steal their knowledge of science and rule over the world.

Sheikh Zakzaky however said, no hope was lost, as the message brought by Prophet Muhammad is still with us, unchanging and undiluted. He therefore called on Muslims to go back to their root, the real teachings of the Prophet. “The slogan ‘Labbayka Rasulullah’ should best be demonstrated in good conduct and character as exemplified the Prophet during his life”.

A reception was also conducted in honour of the birthday of the Holy Prophet hosted by Sheikh Zakzaky (H), where the Sheikh exolts special virtues of the Prophet.

Those in attendance included Sheikh Sayyed Hashem Awadi Al-ifriki from Iraq, Pastor Yohanna Buru from Kaduna, Sheikh Saleh Lazare from Niger Republic, Imam Musa Ladan from Cameroun, Muhammad Ibrahim Musa Gashash, Kaduna and other guests. Highlight of the occasion was march past by ethnic and religious groups, displaying loyalty to the cause and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S).