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How Members of Ahlulbayt fought in Karbala/ Pictures of Mourning gathering

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in NIgeria Sheikh Zakzak(H) further spoke on how the children of Imam Hasan(AS) and the children of the Commander of the Faithfuls,

 Imam Ali Bn Ali (AS) fought the infidels and attained matryrdom, when all the companions of Imam Husain were killed. Those who remained were chidren of Aqeel, Jafar, Muslim and the children of Imam Hasan , Imam ALi and Imam Husain(AS). Abdullahi bn Muslim bn Aqeel fought the first battle and attained martyrdom after killing scores among the rank of the infidels.  Muhammmad bn Muslim also faught. Infact all children of Aqeel, Jafar Muslim were killed. Among the children of Imam Hassan(AS) who fought for the defence of Islam and Imam Husain(AS) include Qasim. All of them were killed one after the other.

Then the children of Imam Ali came forward each fighting a fierce battle against the army of Ibn Ziyad killing scores of them. Among the children of Ali who fought in Karbala  include Ubaidullah bn Ali ( known as Abubakar, for his high haste in obedience to God). Abubakr is not a namesake to anybody, rather he is named Abubkar for his Azma. The remaining children of Ali (AS) include Umar bn ALi, Usman Bn Ali, Jafar Bn Ali and Abdullahi bn Ali.

Sheikh Zakzaky noted that the names of Ali’s Children are not after any of those who hated him. Ummayds did not name any of their children as Fatimah or ALi. The Sheikh noted.

Then came the turn of Abbas bn Ali , the Flag Bearer of Imam Husain (AS), also known as Abul Fadl; he was the last to be killed among his brothers. He was the Water Provider of Ahlulbayt in Karbala; he fetched water after crossing the armies of Ibn Ziyad; he crossed the enemies and reached the Euphorate river after killing 80 from among the 4000 soldiers who were guarding the water against Husain(AS) and his companions.

On returning after fetching the water he was attacked from all directions. He lost his both arms in the fight. After faliing on ground he called out for the help of Imam Husain addressing him ‘my Brother’. Imam Husain came to him. He attained matrydom before the eyes of his master Imam Husain(AS).

Next, Imam Husain(AS) and his children were the last without helper at the plain of Karbala. Then Qasim bn Husain came forward for the encounter while reciting poetry, according to a report.

Aliyul Bn Husain also faced the Kuffar for another encounter, his age was between 18 or 25, according to varrying reports. Aliyul bn Husain resembled the holy Prophet in all aspects;  despite his weakness due to thirsty, he killed 120 in the first enounter. In the second encounter he killed 80 more among the infidels. The enemies mutilated him into pieces. Before hismartrydom, he said at the top of his voice ‘my grandfather has given a drink from water which I will never have the pang of thirsty again for ever’. He was matryred too.

What remained was Imam Husain (AS) himself in the plain of karbala after all his children, brothers and nephews were killed. The encounter of Imma Husain came last.