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How Hoodlums attack Ashura mourners in Jos

For over a decade, a Jos-based Wahabi cleric and a member of  a Nigerian popular Sunni group, Jama’atul Izalatil Bidi’ah wa Iqamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS), Ustaz Aliyu Aliyu and his in law named Ustaz Kabiru Cidawa have launched a campaign of calumny against the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
The genesis of the attack as traced was when Kabiru Cidawa posted a write-up on his Social media  platform, Facebook, insulting Sheikh Zakzaky while Yahya Abdulmumin, an undergraduate at a Nigerian University engaged Kabiru in intellectual discourse but unfortunately Mr. Cidawa mobilize his biological brothers, Sani and Salisu Cidawa attacking the residence of Yahya Abdulmumin. After beating him up, they took him to a nearby Police station. They were asked who gave them the permission to arrest a fellow civilian but no answer was given.
On that Wednesday night Ustaz Aliyu Aliyu met a brother, Nuhu Idris and started insulting him; that entice Mr. Nuhu to retaliate. The disciples of Sheikh Aliyu also joined, but passersby intervened and settle the dispute.                                                                               Friday  23rd October, 2015, while members of the Islamic movement were embarking on a daily Ashura symbolic trek to the centre of the movement in Jos (Markaz), some hired hoodlums under the order of Ustaz Aliyu Aliyu attacked the mourners. The attack left about 34 people injured including women and children.                                                                    
The same night, the hooligans attacked the residence of Alhaji Sa’idu Almizan, chased his wives out of the house, threw all the valuables into a well. They tried to set the house ablaze but his neighbors stopped them.
They further move to Mr. Sani’s (Uncle Sani) house, stealing their belongings and destroying some. They set the residence of Malam Idris Muhammad Gangare ablaze. Malam Idris is the head of the movement in the Gangare community.                                                                             
In the aftermath, on Sunday, the hired thugs went to the Alhaji Sabo Mai Goro’s house, stealing some valuables from the mosque in the house, which brothers use for their Ta’alimat, daily prayers and other programs.               
The hoodlums set the room of Malam Ali Afghanistan the  caretaker of the mosque ablaze but the fire was quenched. 

Mahdi Garba 
For: Islamic movement in Nigeria, Jos