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How hit-and-run police car stepped on Ashura mourners in Sokoto, Nigeria

By Ibrahim Usman
After the Ashura procession in Sokoto, a combination of police and State Security Service operatives in a brand 406 salon car from nowhere emerged and hit 2 members of the Islamic Movement on a motorcycle, who were trying to avoid some hooligans on rampage.


Narrating the incident, one of the victim, Hassan. S. Kanwa said, after the procession he and two others noticed one of the hooligan who infiltrated the procession and cashed him on a motorcycle.

The hooligan, according to him, abandoned his motorcycle and ran into a building for cover. ”As we caught up with, we questioned and warned him never to come close to any procession again, we were also informed that the hooligans were planning to lay siege on the Markaz”.

Hassan Kanwa further said, as they were trying to mobilize some brothers, they met a combination of police, SSS and furious hooligans with dangerous weapons at the turn waiting. “We did not notice the car, at the first instance, but suddenly were hit from behind and we fell off the bike. The hooligans surrounded and hitting us with crude weapons, while they security operatives watched”.

As a result, Hassan Kanwa sustained a knee cap injury, while his other colleague, Ibrahim, was severely axed. Some brothers came to the rescue, and on seeing them the security operatives and the hooligans took to their heels and moved to the Bye-pass.

Hassan S. Kanwa was among members of the Islamic Movement jailed by the Alu Wammako government in Sokoto, and subsequently gained freedom.

The two Brothers are currently receiving treatment.