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Hooligans Attacked AShura Procession With Police Assistance in Sokoto, Nigeria

By Ibrahim UsmanThis year’s Ashura procession was carried out peacefully without external interference in major cities of Nigeria by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Zakzaky, expect in Sokoto where governor Alu Wammako’s terrorist group attacked the procession with dangerous weapons and official backing of the state security operatives.

It would be recalled that the Sokoto state governor, Alu Magatakarda Wammako, had constituted a terror group of hooligans that had been killing, maiming and demolishing residences and shops of members of the Islamic Movement, in what he referred to as fulfilling his campaign promise to rid the state of Shi’a influence. Presently, about 120 members of the Islamic Movement are illegally serving jail terms in various prisons across the country since 2007, while many were expelled from the city.

This year’s Ashura morning procession started from the Sultan Maccido mosque, along Unguwar Yelwa Gardin around 5pm, with many people in attendance. There was prior information of the plan to stop the procession, and therefore members of the Islamic Movement employed tactical preventive measures and  defence strategy and took safe routes so that the Ashura message could be disseminated without disruption.

Unable to stop the procession, as it took to the terminal point along Bauch Road, the terror group started throwing stones and dagerous objects at the tail end of the procession, but was tactifully repelled by the guards (Khurras). The hooligans were evetually forced to retreat in defeat, but later reinforced just when the procession was terminated and people were dispersing to their various destinations.

Our reporter witnessed how the hooligans, armed with matchets, swords and many dagerous arms, attacked the the dispersing mourners while the police looked on. Instead of providing security to the innocent people, the police arrested the injured and detained them at the police station charging them with offences.

An official of the Islamic Movement medical team who was on his way home after the procession, was reported to have been attacked and severely beaten by the hooligans. They confiscated his motorcycle, phones and all that he had on him. The hooligans later burnt the motorcycle in front of his residence, before the eyes of people in the neighbourhood.

our reporter observed that, people in the city could not offer assistance to members of the Islamic Movement for fear of intimidation and molestation by the hooligans, who are officially and directly funded  by governor Wammako through government agencies to carry out various attrocities in the city unhindered. This is why the terror group (Alu Bad Boys), have been having a field day in the state over the years.