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Hizbullah: US, “Israel” behind Project to Destroy Syria

The Head of Hizbullah’s Political Bureau, His Eminence Sayyed Ibrahim Amin as-Sayyed slammed the US and "Israel" for standing behind the project of destroying Syria.

During a memorial in the Bekaa Village of al-Ain, as-Sayyed highlighted that "those standing behind the project of destroying Syria are the US and "Israel". The ongoing bloodshed in Syria serves this project."

He further called to insight what is going on the scene, wondering: "Who has the interest in destroying Syria? Here are the leaders of the "Israeli" enemy saying that the fall of the Syrian president and regime serves the absolute interest of the Zionist entity and any alternative for it is better for "Israel"."

In parallel, His Eminence stated that there regional tools that are looking for a place in the future map of the region.

"Inside Syria, there are groups that agreed to be tools for the project of destroying Syria. Some agreed to be more like interfaces to be than tools as was the case of Lebanese interfaces at the US Embassy in Lebanon during the July 2006 war ," he added.

The Hizbullah top official also mentioned: "As for us, we consider Syria , the state and people, to be the strategic depth of the nation."

"Because the people of Syria are distinguished in terms of their support for the resistance, there are plans to attack and destroy this strategic depth," he said.
As-Sayyed appealed to the Syrians to unite to protect their country and stop the bleeding of blood for the sake of Syria, not the US.