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Hizbullah, Qum Branch condoles S Zakzaky + Copy

hizbullahHizbullah, Qom branch, also sent their condolence message to the great leader of the Islamic movement, Sheik Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky (H) through the ‘International Students’ Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria-Iran.

Part of the letter expresses  “ Great is our reward and your reward from Allah for our this great calamity ,we pray to Allah to reward you the reward of those who remained steadfast on path of Allah,and may He raised the martyrs in the company of Muhammad(SAWA)  and Ahlulbayt(AS)"

"On this day (Intl Quds Day) the hand of aggression was laid on the dedicated  and sincere servants of Allah- a day where true believers are differentiated from the hypocrites;  a day for differentiating  the right path from a wrong one; this aggressive hand was laid on true servants  on  a day in which all hands of Muslims ought to be raised above ( against enemies) …”

The letter further says "Indeed this battle  does not differentiate between one group to another, neither does it differentiate a School of Thought one belongs to, because the issue of Quds is issue for all humanity; it is the issue of standing against transgression and arrogance."

The letter concluded by saying "…. Your calamity is ours too and as such we pray to Allah to give you  the fortitude to bear and raise the martyrs along with the martyrs of Karbala"

The Copy of the letter is shown below