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Hizbullah commiserates with Sheikh Zakzaky

nasrallahThe Hizbullah  Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah sent a condolence message to Sheikh in a letter he wrote on 26th of July 2014. Sayyid Nasrallah’s message was the fisrt condolence received by Sheikh Zakzaky among many.

The message is as follows: "Indeed last night I heard sad news  that  in one of the International Quds Day Processions  in your city,  the army opened fire on the procession which led to the killing and injuring tenths of people in the procession among them are your three sons- Sayyid Ahmad, Sayyid Hameed and Sayyid Mahmud , may Allah cover them with mercy.

Im sending to you, your honourable family and the entire members of the Islamic Movement my pure and sincere condolence and consolation,  and at the same time I congratulate you over the martyrdom  of those honourable people who were killed on the Right Path;  depending the Quds and in promoting the unity of the Islamic Ummah.

 For introducing a d seeing your children in the marching and having them among the martyrs is a thing of pride and honour  to the leader and his family . May this be the beginning of the flowing of blessings and honour which Allah has reserved for this type of martyrdom to you, your family and your town.

We consider this as an aggression and whoever is behind it must be prosecuted. The case must be pursued with authority until such bloody crime is never repeated again.

 Again on behalf of  myself and my brothers and sisters in Hizbullah in Lebanon we condoled all of you  over the martyrdom and we pray to Allah to accept them among the highest lovely servants. And May He hasten the recovery of the injured and  give you and your family the patience and solace to bear( the pain)"