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Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Speech on Arba’een 1437

By Khalid Isa
The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered speech during Arba’een Commemoration in Zaria on Thursday the 20
th of Safar 1437 (3/12/15) to Million of people who converged, after trekking long distances, at Polo Ground.

Arbaeen Commemoration

In his speech Sheikh Zakzaky described the gathering as a global affair, though, not known in this part of the world. He said the gathering in Karbala for Arbaeen has become the biggest gathering in the world as only estimated number of people going to Karbala can be given. This year alone, he said,  people trekked a distance of 1700 km from Mashhad, Iran to Karbala for Arbaeen;  while here in Nigeria we also show the world that there are people who commemorate the Arbaeen, with hope to be among those who trek to Karbala for Arbaeen.

Reacting to what people say regarding Arbaeen symbolic trekking in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky said, trekkers know what they are doing and therefore are not in need for perspective views of individuals or groups. Every one of the trekkers, when asked, about why he/she treks, the answer will be same.  

As of those, who said the calling of ‘ya Husain’ is a form of shirk , the Sheikh said it the shorter form of ‘labbayka ya Husain”, which means ‘ we answer your call  Oh Husain’ – the Call  he made alone as all his helpers  and family members were killed. He called out for help when he fell off his horse in the plain of Karbala due to attack from his enemies using stones, arrows etc..  It was  the call he made which is being answered as it did not fall on deep ears.

Clearing of Misconceptions regarding Arbaeen

As for those who asked why Christians took part in the trek, the Sheikh explained that Imam Husain (alaihis salam) fought against injustice and oppression and this is humanity which affect everyone in respective of color, religion or anything else.

He added that Support of Christians to Imam Husain originated since the time of the Imam. Along his way to Karbala from Madina, Imam Husain while in search of water in the desert came across a house occupied by a Christian woman. He asked her to give him water. The woman said no water as her children had gone out to search for water, which they used to do on weekly basis. Then Imam Husain stroke an area in the house, then water kept gushing out. Upon the return of her son, he saw water in abundance, and he asked whether it was Jesus. The mother described everything to him and informed him that it was one Imam Husain the grandson of the holy Prophet of Islam. They decided to follow Imam after he had already left.

In Karbala the young Christian sacrificed in  defending Imam Husain.

Another incident, as explained by Sheikh Zakzaky, happened along the way to Damascus when the killers of Imam Husain were carrying his head passing towns and villages.  Some Christians set bells in respect to the holy Imam. Another incident was when a Christian devotee paid money to have the head of the Imam to stay with him for a night. He paid the money and had the head with him for night during which he put nicely scent and perform on it for its blessings and even asked God’s intercession through the Imam.

To some of Christians Imam Husain resembles Jesus Christ; while Some compared Imam Husain with John the Baptist (Yahaya bn Zakariyyah)  for similarity in what happened to both of them, the sheikh explained.

The leader of the Islamic Movement further noted that any one with feeling of humanity, Arbaeen commemoration of Imam Husain (alaihis salam) affects him.

On Attack on Arbaeen Trekking along Kano–Zaria road

On the issue of Arba’een trekking Sheikh Zakzaky explained that this year the number of participants in the trek to Zaria tripled as the figure of those who trekked from Kano alone is about 5.4 million. Speaking on the incident of bomb blast along Kano-Zaria road, Sheikh Zakzaky said explosives were wrapped around two people. One of them detonated his bomb where by 16 people died on the spot, the bomber inclusive. The figure rose to 23 as more died later.

The other one, who later removed his explosive, spoke on the planned attack. He said before he was kidnapped from his hometown Mubi, the town was ransacked during the last attack. So, his father and other family members took refuge in the bush. While in the bush his father sent him to their house in Mubi to take money and some clothes for them. On his way back to the bush he was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location in Kano close to Airport. Much later they attached explosives and bomb around his body and asked him to go and kill shia.

Upon his apprehension, he was questioned during the trek though in an unprofessional manner. However, he explained all what happened to him in detail later when kept safely.

Upon hearing his story, he was released to go but refused saying if he goes back, he will be killed by those who sent him; the young boy said  ‘ he prefers to stay with  us’.  He is now kept in safe place and will be allowed to go any time he wishes to go. The sheikh noted that ‘ we cannot be deceived by the book Haram tag as all the killings are carried out by those who are killing innocents in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere’.

He said there was a report which says America wants to control the world under the pretext of fighting terrorism. It is the same group who attacked Kano Mosque and handsets Market there.  Market place is for everybody Muslims and Christians alike.

 Anybody who kills or promoting killing of others is not in any way practicing religion.

So, when they attacked the Arbaeen Trek, it only promotes it, as more people joined the trek. Although they hide under the pretext Boko Haram, one can only hear the word  Boko Haram in  Western Media in America, British and elsewhere.

Having carried out the attack on Arabeen Trek, they planned to attack again when the trekkers were about entering Zaria city; they said they will attack during the gathering and on way back too.

Of recent the DSS warned of attack in Abuja by girls. How did they know about this?!! This announcement shows that they are the one s who plants the bombs; they are responsible.

Similarly, the attack on World Trade Center was by them as non of the Zionist Jews who work there was affected! They are just playing with religion.

On the crises in Syria Sheikh Zakzaky said the presence of Russia has nothing to do protecting Shia and neither America to protect Sunni. All protect own interest.

In every colonized country the colonizers ensure that they use religion, ethnic groups or region to create chaos in order to control natural resources there.

In the end Sheikh Zakzaky prayed for the soul of the martyrs and quick recovery of the injured. He led funeral prayer for the 23 martyrs including 3 babies who died along the road.