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heikh Zakzaky, uncovered the plot to ban Islamic Movement since 2014

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria plot to ban islamic Movement two years ago. In one lecture sessions the  leader says"...they said, they will ban the Islamic Movement, since it’s said; Islamic Movement will be banned the plan is not local, it’s foreign plan. 

Because here they didn’t use to call us Islamic Movement, both the security and Journalists they usually call us ‘Shi’ites’ or ‘Shi’a sect’ while CIA use to call us ‘Islamic movement in Nigeria they culled it as (IMN)’. We are using Islamic Movement, for us it’s not a Sect it’s a Concept. Movement, awakening, is the meaning of ‘Movement’ (Haraka). If you ban Movement, you mean everybody should shut his mouth up, and he shouldn’t move. Hmm! Our move is the Islamic Movement. If we organized a gathering it’s Islamic Movement, this Our gathering is a ‘Movement’, even the Salat we use to perform is all Movement, Islamic awakening means to practice Islam. Even though we are saying Islamic Movement, it is not a sect.

By  ‘Movement’ (Harka) or awakening we mean, the Islamic awakening. If you outlawed this, you mean everything should stop. Even Salat , since you ban it, government want to ban it. They’re expecting to ban it And you know if they banned it, Journalist will put it like this ‘Shiite sect is banned’ right? The sect is banned. While it is there in their own law, that everyone is entitled to freedom of any religion of his choice. Banning means no any movement is allowed, not only Quds procession which they opened fire on people, even Ashura, Maulud is not allowed. All gatherings are not allowed, even in your house, you can’t even read, it’s banned. Like this Salat we are emphasizing, its all not allowed, because it’s also a movement, all those things I mention are movement. Our Movement is a ‘Concept’ for us not Sect. From their imaginations, they will Ban ‘Islamic Movement’ they will tag us as ‘terrorist organization’ from then on they will launch what they called ‘All out war’ that will wipe us before Arbaeen Symbolic trek. And we are seeing their moves on that. Anyway let them walk their own way, we will walk our own too, are we to stop what we are doing? No never, it’s up to them, to do it or not, Insha Allah, The only option for them is one, what’s that? Gun, that’s all they have. They will shot us that’s all, that’s all their planning, they have ‘Gun’ that’s all nothing else".