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Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Hussain Must Be Released! – Says Zakzaky

Ibrahim Usman
At this year’s, annual Yaum Shuhada (Martyrs’ Day) commemoration, Sheikh Zakzaky says, Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Hussain detained by Nigerian security operatives over a year ago must be released!

He explained that, they committed no offence and were unjustifiably detained without trial for over a year now, adding that no law or constitutional provision allows for such a lengthy detention without trial, and without visitation by families and friends, especially in a democratic government Nigeria is claiming to operate.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that, last year when he said they must be released Nigerian security operatives waited to see the Movement’s reaction, and later dismissed it as an empty threat.

He said, “they thought we were going to put on a fight. No, this is not an empty threat, it is the truth. Haruna Abbas and Hussain Ibrahim must be released! Yes, they must be released because their detention contravened all international laws, and even the constitutional provision they operate. They are unjustifiably detained without trial, without allowing anyone to visit them. There is no law that says detainees or the imprisoned cannot be visited, even military regimes allows for that. Surprisingly, they boast of operating a democratic rule in this country”.

He said, they accuse the two of receiving training on terrorism abroad. “If that is true”, he argued, “Allow them to commit terrorism before you arrest them. One cannot be arrested and detained this long in anticipation that he may commit a crime. They have not committed any crime yet. We therefore challenge them to present them before court. ased on this, they cannot present them before any court, for they have no justification of keeping them. They are protecting U.S and Israeli interest, waiting for orders from them. Therefore, Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Hussain must be released!”